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Lisa Greenwood is a British actress notable for her appearances as series regular 'Sissy Cooper' alongside Ben Whishaw and Dominic West in two series of the BBC and BBCAmerica drama The Hour, and also seven[1] Doctor Who audio plays alongside Colin Baker, including The Crimes of Thomas Brewster On 12 November, she went on Channel Five's The Wright Stuff (topical debate show). She revealed that she has not gone to Stage school however when she was young her mum enrolled her at a Youth Drama Club on Saturdays to make friends as she was a shy child. From this she took part in a youth onstage production of Chicago and got spotted to be in an TV advert. Greenwood got her first agent somewhat by accident, She had applied to work in an agency as an agents assistant, she is quoted as saying "I didn't get offered the job as the assistant but they gave me an audition and I managed to get it" from there Lisa Greenwood has gone on to be in such shows as "The Hour" BBC, "Hacks" channel4 and Eastenders BBC1 [2]


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