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Lisa Grunwald Adler (born 1959) is an American author.[1]


She is the author of five well-received novels and one children's book.[2] With her husband, Stephen J. Adler, she has edited three popular anthologies: The Marriage Book (Simon & Schuster), Letters of the Century (The Dial Press), and Women's Letters (The Dial Press).[3] Grunwald has also been a full-time editor and writer at the magazines Esquire, Avenue, and Life, and has freelanced for many others.

Grunwald and Adler have two children named Elizabeth and Jonathan, and live in New York City. She is the daughter of the Beverly Suser and Henry Grunwald, the magazine editor. She grew up in Manhattan, where she graduated from the Nightingale Bamford School and then from Harvard College. [4] Her sister is Mandy Grunwald, a political consultant, and her brother is Peter Grunwald, a movie producer.[5]


  • The Marriage Book, Simon & Schuster
  • The Irresistible Henry House, Random House[6]
  • Whatever Makes You Happy, Random House
  • New Year's Eve, Crown
  • The Theory of Everything, Knopf
  • Summer, Knopf
  • Now, Soon, Later, for children, Morrow
  • Letters of the Century, Dial Press
  • Women's Letters, Dial Press


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