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Lisa M
Birth nameMarlisa Marrero Vázquez
Born (1974-01-16) January 16, 1974 (age 46)
San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Rapper
  • singer
  • songwriter
  • dancer
  • record producer
Years active1980s–present
Associated actsVico C

Marlisa Marrero Vázquez (born January 17, 1974) better known by her stage name Lisa M, is a Puerto Rican rapper, singer, composer, dancer and record producer. She is known as the first female rapper artist to debut in Latin America.

Early life[edit]

Mary lisa Marrero Vázquez was born on January 16, 1974 in Puerta de Tierra, a neighborhood of San Juan, Puerto Rico[1] she starring,[1] hip-hop dancing at the age of 11 years old, going on to work later as a dancer for rapper Vico C.[2]


1989 Trampa[edit]

Lisa M recorded her first album Trampa in 1989 at the age of 14 with the record label Prime Records. The first songs she recorded in this album "Trampa" was "La Segunda Cita" (with Puerto Rican rapper star and Pioneer Vico C) were the starting point to her successful career making her the first female Spanish Rapper in Puerto Rico and Latin America. She grew more and more popular becoming the most successful artist in her genre for her interpretative strength, diversity, skill, and sensuality of her performance. In a short time, she captivated her audience as she throughout her performances in Central, South America, the Caribbean, and the United States. The success of this album achieved its first gold record.

1990 No Lo Derrumbes[edit]

Lisa M recorded her second album in 1990 titled No Lo Derrumbes which obtained Platinum surpassing the 100,000 copies sold in Puerto Rico and the United States with the hits "No Lo Derrumbes", "Tu Pum-Pum" and "Menealo "Ja- Rican Jive feat. Pesos", "Cuerpo Y Alma" "Rico En Amor" "Album produced by Miguel Correa, Jorge Oquendo (Prime Records) Dj Playero, Baron Lopez y Eduardo Reyes All the songs written by Vico C and Lisa M.

Sony Music[edit]

In 1991 Lisa M sign to the multinational record label Sony Music and begins her crossover being recognized by fans as the "Queen of Rap". She launched her third album with Sony Music titled Flavor of the Latin which had overwhelming success in Puerto Rico and throughout Latin America acquiring a Platinum record. She sold out tours in Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, Panama, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras and United States , in which she performed concerts sharing and collaborating with celebrities like Celia Cruz, Juan Gabriel, Gloria Estefan, Ricky Martin, Selena and Tito Puente.

The greatest hits of this album "Tiempo De Amar", "Everybody Dancing Now", "Ingrato" and "Flavor of the Latin" won her an award for Best International Artist on "TVyNovelas", and Premio Lo Nuestro. Her next album Ahora Vengo Alborota came out in 1992 adding to Lisa M's platinum status in her career.

Lisa M returns in 1996 with her sixth album titled "Soy Atrevida", which was equally successful, her seventh Album "Y Sobreviví" in 1998. Lisa M working with prestigious artists such as Ricky Martin and India. Her extraordinary success has been awarded gold and platinum for sales in the United States.

In 2001 she continues her success story with the launching of her calendar "Lisa M" 2001. She hosted Internationally known "Jamz" mun2 TV show program on Telemundo which achieved ratings internationally opening the doors for reggaetón and urban music artists in the United States and South America.


In 2005 White Lion Records, recognized as one of the best labels of the urban genre at that time, signed Lisa M to her album titled Respect including the songs "Fuego", "Hey Ladies", "Encendio" and collaborating with Tego Calderon in the song "Quitate" which was recorded with the best producers of the urban genre. This album was another success positioning Pioneer Lisa M one more time in the charts as one of the best-selling albums. "Hey, Ladies" was presented as a soundtrack in the movie Feel the Noise produced by Jennifer Lopez (2007) starring Omarion Grandberry, Giancarlo Esposito, and Melanie Diaz. In 2008 SonyBMG launches Respect Delux which is a compilation of hits premixed, and a duet with La India who is well known international salsa star known by her fans as "La Princesa De La Salsa".

Lisa M DJ[edit]

In 2005, Lisa M started exploring another side of her artistic talent as she is well known in the music industry as Rap Artist, Record Producer, and Dancer for more than 25 years now. She pleasantly surprised her fans working as a Professional DJ, known as "DJ Miss M" "Lisa M" again revolutionizing the world of electronic music with her unique style. As the product of years of experience in the music industry, Lisa M launched her career as a DJ in Miami playing after hours marathon sessions.

As a DJ, she has performed at clubs and events being one of the most respected DJs in cities like Miami, Detroit, New York, Las Vegas, LA, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Spain, Greece, Monaco, Morocco, Granada, Sweden and Ibiza mixing a variety of musical styles from House, Techno, Tech House, Tribal Tech and Deep House; strengthening her position and artistry in the world of DJs, Lisa M is the first female Latin artist to become an International Celebrity DJ.

In 2007 and 2008 her agenda was booked as she made appearances in various clubs and also at the Winter Music Conference in Miami. Lisa M continued until 2009 and started Couture Sound, the name for the label in which she recorded sessions, produced and remixed for many artists, compilations, and other labels.

In 2010 Lisa M visited Barcelona, Spain to expand her music, style, position and continue to surprise her fans. She achieved immediate public acceptance, playing in various clubs including the most prestigious and important "Club Pacha" in Barcelona. Later that year she returned to Miami to perform at the WMC (Winter Music Conference) 2010 and participated in important venues like the hotel pool party Shelbourne, Nikki Beach, Discoteka, Nocturnal. When she completed her agenda in Miami, she went back in Europe (Spain) in the summer, signing a contract with one of the most important Event Companies in Europe, Cafe Ole, positioning the artist as one of the most important Celebrity DJs in clubs all over Europe, such as Club Discothèque, Space Ibiza. Lisa M also worked with famous DJs such as David Guetta, Carl Cox, Wally Lopez, David Vendetta, Matt Caseli, Marco Carola, Steve Lawler, Loco Dice, Oscar G, and many other greats. She also made an appearance at one of the most important live radio shows of Ibiza, Ibiza Global Radio, alongside David Moreno and Tony Moreno, and also worked with DJs Chus and David Penn in the song "Libres Para Siempre"

Lisa M is now one of the most important Female DJs in the Electronic Music scene with a unique style of Super Tech Tribal Techno influenced by the sound and style of her favorite DJs Luciano de Cadenza, Technasia, Loco Dice, Carl Cox and Nicole Moudaber.

As of 2016, after all this time traveling the world as a DJ, Lisa M returns to the recording studios to record what will be her first single titled "La Calle Se Puso Pa Mi" under her own record label VBW inc and Tentandote in 2017. With a good response from the public and thousands of views in social media platforms, she is recording a few more singles. In 2018 she recorded "Malas Palabras" featuring Ñengo Flow, one of the most influential rappers in the urban genre. Before her new album coming out in 2019, Lisa M is preparing to go on tour and give her fans an Epic Show which combines and integrates her as DJ.



Year Album details
1989 Trampa
  • Label: Prime Records
1990 No Lo Derrumbes
  • Label: Prime Records
1991 Flavor Of The Latin
  • Label: Sony Discos Inc.
1993 Ahora Vengo Alborota...
  • Label: Sony Discos Inc.
1996 Soy Atrevida
  • Label: Right Touch
1999 Y Sobreviví
  • Label: Sony Discos
2006 Respect
  • Label: White Lion/Sony Music
2007 Respect (Deluxe Edition)
  • Label: Sony Music

Charted singles[edit]

Year Title Billboard




1992 Everybody Dancing Now
Flavor Of The Latin
1993 Subeme El Radio
Ahora Vengo Alborota...

Other songs[edit]

Year Album Song(s) featured on
1991 Meren Rap Cutout Compilation "Tu Pum Pum"
1991 Dance Hall Reggae Español 'Ja Rican Jive"
1992 Playero 36 "Bailo y Salto"
1992 Playero 37 "A Todo El Barrio"
1997 DJ Stefano "Retirarte"
2002 La Vieja Guardia The Oldschool "La Segunda Cita"
2002 La Familia Above All "Hombre Completo feat. Las Chiviricas"
2003 NYC Sex "Come To My Party"
2005 Tony Touch The Reggaetony Album "Toca-Me-La"
2005 Adassa Kamasutra "Ya No Soy Tu Mujer"
2005 Eliel Presenta - Monster Reggaeton CD "That Is The Flow"
2016 Single La Calle Se Puso Pa Mi "La Calle Se Puso Pa Mi"
2017 Single Tentandote "Tentandote"
2017 Remix La Calla Se Puso Pa Mi "La Calle Se Puso Pa Mi feat. Bimbo"
2018 Single Malas Palabras "Malas Palabras"
2018 Malas Palabras "Malas Palabras feat. Ñengo Flow"
2019 Single "Es El Amor"
2019 Single "Animal"
2019 Single "Boricuada"

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