Lisa Marcaurelle

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Lisa A. Marcaurelle
Alma materUniversity of California - Berkeley
Scientific career
ThesisSynthesis of glycoproteins and glycopeptide mimetics (2001)
Doctoral advisorCarolyn R. Bertozzi

Lisa Ann Marcaurelle is an American chemist and a senior executive in multiple biotechnology companies.


Marcaurelle received her B.A. in chemistry from the College of the Holy Cross in 1997, where she worked with Prof. Timothy Curran on dipeptide scaffolds. She enrolled in UC-Berkeley to pursue a Ph.D. in Chemistry under Carolyn Bertozzi, working on a variety of new glycoside-linking technologies to produce glycoprotein mimetics for natural substances like mucin.[1] Marcaurelle completed a one-year postdoctoral fellowship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, working with Peter Seeberger on solid-phase synthesis of oligosaccharides.


Marcaurelle worked at Infinity Pharmaceuticals and the Broad Institute for a combined 9 years, working in high-throughput chemistry, diversity-oriented chemical synthesis, chemical biology, and medicinal chemistry projects. She was recruited as a vice president at H3 Biomedicine in 2011.[citation needed] At H3, Marcaurelle instituted and continued to develop a diversity-oriented synthesis platform, based on newly-evolving chemotypes such as spirocycles and macrocycles. In 2016, she became Senior Director of Chemistry at Warp Drive Bio, and in 2018 Vice President of Enko Chem, a venture-backed crop protection start-up in the Boston area.[2] In 2018, she became senior director of the DNA Encoded Library Technology Chemistry group at GlaxoSmithKline in Cambridge, MA.

Marcaurelle remains active in professional society volunteering and mentorship of younger scientists in the pharmaceutical industry, and actively advocates for the inclusion of women scientists in leadership roles.[3]



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