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Lisa Ortiz
Occupation(s)Voice actress, voice director
Years active1996–present

Lisa Ortiz is an American voice actress and voice director.[1] She is best known for her roles in English anime adaptations, such as Lina Inverse in Slayers and Amy Rose in Sonic X. She voiced Amy Rose in the mainline and spin-off Sonic the Hedgehog video games from 2005 to 2010.[2] She's also the director (since 2016) in Pokémon in addition to performing various roles since the first season. In 2021, she reprised Tao Jun in the Netflix anime Shaman King.


She has performed the roles of the high-elf Deedlit in Record of Lodoss War, Lina Inverse in Slayers, and Serenity Wheeler in Yu-Gi-Oh!, Amy Rose in Sonic X, and Sonic the Hedgehog from 2005 to 2010.[2][3] She has appeared in titles for SDI Media, NYAV Post, 4Kids Entertainment, Central Park Media, Headline Studios, TAJ Productions, and DuArt Film and Video. At the 2002 Katsucon in National Harbor, Maryland, Lisa admitted that her start in voice overs came from her brother stealing her car, which led to series of adventures that led her to meeting a friend to retrieve the car, who then invited her to a casting call for Record of Lodoss War.

Ortiz is the President of Noise of O Productions, LLC, an audio post house and has directed for games and animation, including Modern Combat 5 and Super 4.


Anime dubbing[edit]



Video games[edit]

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE - Ether & Dolla


  • Sonic and Tails R – Amy Rose

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