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Lisa Pulitzer (born c. 1964) is an American book writer. Pulitzer is a former correspondent for The New York Times newspaper.[1] In 1994, her first book, Crossing the Line: Joel Rifkin, with New York Times correspondent Joan Swirsky, investigated serial killer Rifkin and the crimes he confessed to committing. Her second book, Crime on Deadline (1996), is an anthology of true crime stories.

Her third book, A Woman Scorned: The Shocking Real-Life Case of Billionairess Killer Susan Cummings (1999), examines a daughter and wife of billionaires convicted of murder.

Pulitzer's fourth book, Fatal Romance (2001), is about the case in which lawyer Jerry Akers allegedly killed his wife, famous romance writer Nancy Richards-Akers. Her next book, Murder in Paradise (2003), studies the circumstances in which American Lois McMillan drowned while visiting the British Virgin Islands.

In addition to her own books, Pulitzer works as a ghost writer, as well as a co-author. The Spanish edition of Daughters of Juarez, written with Univision TV host Teresa Rodriguez, and published by Simon & Schuster, was a bestseller. The book chronicles the unsolved murders of hundreds of young women in the Mexican border town of Ciudad Juárez.[2]

Her book, Stolen Innocence, written with former FLDS member, Elissa Wall, was published in 2008 by HarperCollins and debuted at Number 4 on The New York Times bestseller list. The book chronicles the life of Elissa Wall, who was one of 24 children, and was forced to marry her first cousin at the age of 14. Wall escaped the religion and later was the star witness at the trial of its prophet, Warren Jeffs. Jeffs is now serving a ten-year sentence in a Utah prison for taking part in the arrangement of underage marriages.

On July 5, 2011, St. Martin's Press released Portrait of a Monster: Joran van der Sloot, a Murder in Peru, and the Natalee Holloway Mystery, a book on the van der Sloot case, then pending in Lima, Peru. Her co-author is New York Times Bestselling Author Cole Thompson of A Deadly Game.

Pulitzer has taught creative writing to children at the USDAN Center for the Performing Arts on Long Island, and used to be a co-director of the Pulitzer & Panetta Writing & Art Studio in Huntington, New York. She has two children, Juliet and Francesca.[3]


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