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Lisa Sanders (born July 24, 1956[1]) is an American physician, medical author and journalist, and assistant clinical professor of internal medicine and education at Yale School of Medicine. She is an attending physician at Yale-New Haven Hospital, which serves as the model on which Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital was fashioned for the series House M.D.[2]

She has written a column called Diagnosis for The New York Times since 2002.[3] Her column was the inspiration for the television series House M.D. in the mid-2000s (decade). She became one of three technical advisers to the show.[4]


She majored English in the College of William & Mary, and later graduated from the premedicine program from Columbia University and graduated medicine in 1997 in Yale School of Medicine at the age of 41, and is now part of the Department of Internal Medicine, Yale University School of Medicine.[2]

Lisa Sanders won an Emmy Award as broadcast journalist (for ABC's "Good Morning America" and later for CBS News) and she was particularly drawn to stories about medicine, and eventually decided to pursue a career in the field.[2]

In 2009, she published the book Every Patient Tells a Story, about the diagnostic value of patient interviews and their neglect relative to tests.

She is married to the writer Jack Hitt. She has two children, Tarpley and Yancey. [5]


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