Lisa Sargeant

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Lisa Sargeant
Personal information
Alternative names Lisa Sargeant-Driscoll
Country represented Canada
Former coach Michael Jiranek
Skating club The Strathmore Skate Club

Lisa Sargeant-Driscoll is a Canadian former competitive figure skater. She is the 1990 Skate Canada International silver medalist, 1991 Piruetten champion, and 1990 Canadian national champion.[1] She placed 6th at the 1990 World Championships and 18th the following year.

Sargeant works as a coach and choreographer in Calgary. She is the elder sister of Kristy Sargeant, a former pair skater for Canada.


Event 88–89 89–90 90–91 91–92 92–93 93–94
World Champ. 6th 18th
Skate Canada 6th 2nd
International de Paris 3rd
Piruetten 1st
Skate Electric 2nd
Canadian Champ. 3rd 1st 2nd