Lisa Sheridan

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Lisa Sheridan
Born (1974-12-05) December 5, 1974 (age 42)
Macon, Georgia,[citation needed] U.S.
Nationality American
Education Carnegie Mellon School of Drama
Occupation Actress and Photographer

Lisa Sheridan (born December 5, 1974 in Macon, Georgia) is an American actress and Photographer. She has appeared in TV series Invasion, FreakyLinks, Legacy, Las Vegas, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Diagnosis: Murder, Journeyman, and The Mentalist. She attended the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama in Pittsburgh, PA.

Film and TV appearances[edit]

  • Step by Step: "It Didn't Happen One Night" (1997) as Bonnie
  • Any Day Now: "Huh?" (1998) as Donna Bishop
  • Legacy (1998) as Vivian Winters
  • Diagnosis: Murder: "The Killer Within" (1999) as Lisa
  • Beat (2000) as Sadie
  • FreakyLinks (2000–2001, 13 episodes) as Chloe Tanner
  • Pirates (2003 short film) as
  • Carolina (2003) as Debbie
  • The Practice: "Concealing Evidence" (2003) as Karen Evanson
  • Las Vegas: "Family Jewels" (2004) as Christina Fuentes
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: "Bloodlines" (2004) as Crystal Coombs
  • Monk: "Mr. Monk and the Game Show" (2004) as Lizzie Talvo
  • Without a Trace: "End Game" (2005) as Beth Hobson
  • Strong Medicine: "Clinical Risk" (2005) as Max
  • Invasion (2005–2006) as Larkin Groves
  • Conspiracy: "Pilot" (2006) as Samantha Cross
  • The 4400: "Try the Pie" (2007) as Shannon
  • CSI: Miami: "Dangerous Son" and "Raising Caine" (2007) as Kathleen Newberry
  • Moonlight: "Out of the Past" (2007) as Julia Stevens
  • Journeyman (2007, recurring) as Dr. Theresa Sanchez
  • McCartney's Genes (2008) as Claudia Robertson
  • Shark: "One Hit Wonder" (2008) as Marcy Danner
  • Saving Grace: "It's a White Hot Mighty Love" (2008) as Michelle
  • The Mentalist: "Miss Red" (2009) as Dr. Brooke Harper
  • NCIS: "Child's Play" (2009) as Krista Dalton
  • Healing Hands (2010) as Alice
  • Home Invasion (2012) as Nicole
  • Private Practice: "...To Change the Things I Can" (2011) as Angela Windsor
  • Category 5 (2014) as Ellie DuPuis

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