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Lisa Sparxxx
09AVN58 - Lisa Sparxxx (crop).jpg
Sparxxx at the 2009 AEE at the Las Vegas Sands Convention Center, January 2009
Born (1977-10-06) October 6, 1977 (age 39)[1]
Bowling Green, Kentucky, United States[2]
Nationality American[2]
Other names Lisa Sparxx, Lisa, Mrs. L. Sparks, Kellie Sparxxx, Lisa Spanxxx, Lisa Sparks, Lisa Sparx, Lisa Sparkxxx[2]
Height 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)[2][3]
Weight 190 lb (86 kg)[1]
Spouse(s) Married since 1995[4]
Children One[4]
No. of adult films 209 as a performer & 2 as a director (per IAFD)[2]

Lisa Sparxxx or Lisa Sparks (born October 6, 1977),[1] is an American pornographic film actress, director, and feature dancer.[3] She is a world record holder for having had sex with the most partners in a single day.[5][6]

Early life and career[edit]

Sparxxx was born in Bowling Green, Kentucky[2] and raised in Louisville, Kentucky.[1] She has been married since 1995 and has an adult child with her husband.[4] Before entering the adult entertainment industry, she was a college student[3] and earned a Master of Arts degree in multimedia with a minor in business at the University of Kentucky during the 2002 school year.[7] To pay her way through college, she worked in and managed a hair salon.[4][3] She has been studying for another degree in sports management since 2012.[4]

Lisa Sparxxx at Internext Expo, January 2005

Following her graduation from college, Sparxxx moved to Redondo Beach, California.[1] A few years later, in 2002, she entered the industry by creating her own website[3] together with her husband, who also had brought up the idea for her stage name;[4] her bust measurements are 38FF.[1] She made her film debut the following year in a video release entitled Dirtier Debutantes #4 in 2003 with Ed Powers.[3] A close colleague of hers has been Felicia Fox.[4] From 2002 to 2004, she also hosted a show on KSEX Radio.[1][7] In regard to speculations about her retirement, she stated in an interview that she had just been busy and did not have plans of leaving the industry.[3]

Sparxxx achieved the world gangbang record with "919 different insertions"[8] on October 16, 2004 in Warsaw, Poland as part of the Third Annual World Gangbang Championship and Eroticon 2004.[9][10][11][12][13][14][15]

In 2007, she was elected the 2007 Booble Girl of The Year[16] by the users of the porn search engine Booble and, entering the contest as September 2006 Booble Girl of the Month,[17] won with 26,000 out of 78,000 votes.[18] The title was endowed with 5,000 U.S. Dollars.[17][18]

In 2011, Sparxxx made Lisa Sparks an official alternative for the spelling of her stage name, in order to use it for social networks like Facebook or Myspace, which do not allow a Triple X in an account's name.[citation needed]

Mainstream appearances[edit]

Sparxxx has had roles in two horror films: she played "Lisa" in Necro Files 2 by directors Ron Carlo and Matt Jaissle in 2003[19][20] and "Meiko" in The Witch's Sabbath by director Jeff Leroy in 2005.[21]


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