Liscomb Sanctuary, Nova Scotia

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Liscomb Sanctuary, Nova Scotia is located in Nova Scotia
Liscomb Sanctuary, Nova Scotia
Liscomb Sanctuary in Nova Scotia

Liscomb Sanctuary is a game sanctuary and a community of the Halifax Regional Municipality and Guysborough County in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia.

Coordinates: 45°6′34″N 62°29′16.3″W / 45.10944°N 62.487861°W / 45.10944; -62.487861 The Liscomb sanctuary was established in 1928. There have been some revisions of the boundaries since then, most recently in 1983. Total area is 43,244 hectares, of which 12,836 hectares is privately owned. There is some overlap with the Alder Ground wilderness area and the Boggy Lake wilderness area, so 844 hectares are designated both sanctuary and wilderness area. Hunting and trapping were originally prohibited, but since 1996 there has been a short hunting season each fall, with muzzle-loading firearms only.[1]

The Liscomb game sanctuary is of ecological importance due to its old-growth red spruce forests.[2] It is also habitat for white-tailed deer and the endangered mainland Nova Scotia moose. It was one of the last areas left to contain caribou. There is current contention amongst wilderness groups as to whether forest harvesting practices involving clear-cutting are affecting wildlife.[3] The Forest Products Association of Nova Scotia contends that the presence of even aged forest stands is due to wildfire rather than harvesting practice.[4]

The Liscomb Game Sanctuary is of geological importance as it is part of the Quartzite Barrens of Nova Scotia, which historically produced lots of gold.[5]

Route 374 runs north-south through the Sanctuary. The Sanctuary's southern border is with Lochaber Mines, and its northern border is with Trafalgar.