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Lise Charmel is a manufacturer and distributor of Lingerie in the French city of Lyon.[1] And one of the largest producers of French Lingerie. LISE CHARMEL is the benchmark for French luxury lingerie. Inspired by fine art they always create ranges of corsetry, lingerie and swimwear to the highest of industry standards. They are renowned for their use of satin, silk, guipure embroideries and Calais lace. Always innovative they were the first to use produce the guipures and to use elasticated lace. Today, the group consists of five brands: LISE CHARMEL, France’s best selling luxury lingerie; EPRISE, with an extended range of cup sizes; EPURE, luxury minimalist styles; ANTINEA, offering classical designs; and ANTIGEL, which appeals to younger women. LISE CHARMEL’s first dedicated retail store opened in Paris in 2015. LISE CHARMEL, founded in the 1950s in Lyon, was acquired in 1975 by the designer Jacques Daumal. He is the architect of its international reputation and remains its president. In 2016 LISE CHARMEL won the latest of their many industry prizes: the highly sought after Creative Excellence Award at the MarediModa Trade Show in Cannes. [2]


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