Liseberg railway station

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Liseberg railway station, Gothenburg, Sweden.jpg
Location Gothenburg
Coordinates 57°41′54″N 11°59′42″E / 57.69833°N 11.99500°E / 57.69833; 11.99500Coordinates: 57°41′54″N 11°59′42″E / 57.69833°N 11.99500°E / 57.69833; 11.99500
Operated by Västtrafik
Line(s) West Coast Line
Tracks 2
Opened 21 April, 1993

The Liseberg station is an underground railway station in Gothenburg, Sweden. It is named after the amusement park Liseberg which is located nearby. The station was completed in 1993. Local trains to and from Kungsbacka and Borås stop at the station.

The nearest stops for local traffic are the tram stop Liseberg 200 metres (660 ft) west, and the major intersection Korsvägen, 500 metres (1,600 ft) west.