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Lilo Pulver
Lilo Pulver.JPG
Liselotte Pulver, in 1971
Liselotte Pulver

(1929-10-11) 11 October 1929 (age 89)

Liselotte Pulver (born 11 October 1929), sometimes credited as Lilo Pulver, is a Swiss actress. Pulver was one of the stars of German cinema in the 1950s and 1960s, where she often was cast as a tomboy. She is well known for her hearty and joyful laughter.[1]

Personal life[edit]

Pulver was born in Bern to civil engineer Fritz Eugen Pulver and his wife Germaine. In 1960, she met German actor Helmut Schmid on the set of Gustav Adolfs Page: they married on 9 September 1961. The couple had two children, son Marc-Tell (born 1962) and daughter Melisande (born 1967).

Her daughter committed suicide in 1989. Her husband died in 1992 of a heart attack. Pulver lives secluded in Perroy, Canton Vaud on the shores of Lake Geneva; she also has an apartment at the Burgerheim, a retirement home near Bern.[2]


From 1945 on she attended commercial school. After graduating in 1948, she worked as a model and took acting classes at the Bern conservatory, now part of the Bern University of Applied Sciences. Following small parts at the Bern Theatre (Stadttheater Bern), she appeared at the renowned Schauspielhaus Zürich, one of the most prestigious German-speaking theatres.[citation needed]

Her breakthrough movie role was "Vreneli", the wife of the lead in Uli, der Knecht, made after the novel of Swiss author Jeremias Gotthelf.[3] One of her most recognizable roles in American cinema is that of James Cagney's sexy secretary in Billy Wilder's One, Two, Three. For her role as a Russian woman in A Global Affair she was in 1963 nominated for the Golden Globe Award as best supporting actress.

From 1978-83 she worked for the German edition of Sesame Street, Sesamstraße. She is essentially retired, her last film credit being in 1996.[citation needed]


Partial filmography[edit]

Year Title Role Director Cast Notes
1949 Swiss Tour Leopold Lindtberg Cornel Wilde, Simone Signoret
1950 The White Hell of Pitz Palu Maria Rolf Hansen Hans Albers, Adrian Hoven
1951 A Heidelberg Romance Susanne Edwards Paul Verhoeven O. W. Fischer
1952 Klettermaxe Corry Bell Kurt Hoffmann Albert Lieven
1952 Fritz and Friederike Friederike Géza von Bolváry Albert Lieven
1953 Have Sunshine in Your Heart Miss Helm Erich Waschneck Carl Wery
1953 We'll Talk About Love Later Bianca Merz Karl Anton Gustav Fröhlich, Willy Fritsch, Paul Hörbiger
1953 The Bogeyman Trixie Carl Boese Hans Reiser
1953 I and You Brigitte Alfred Weidenmann Hardy Krüger
1954 Men at a Dangerous Age Anna Carl-Heinz Schroth Hans Söhnker
1954 School for Marriage Marianne Rainer Geis, Anton Schelkopf Paul Hubschmid, Cornell Borchers, Wolf Albach-Retty
1954 Uli the Farmhand Vreneli Franz Schnyder Hannes Schmidhauser
1954 The Last Summer Jessika Tolemainen Harald Braun Hardy Krüger
1955 Reaching for the Stars Christine Carl-Heinz Schroth Erik Schumann, Gustav Knuth
1955 Hanussen Hilde Graf O. W. Fischer O. W. Fischer, Klaus Kinski
1955 Uli the Tenant Vreneli Franz Schnyder Hannes Schmidhauser
1955 I Often Think of Piroschka Piroschka Rácz Kurt Hoffmann Gustav Knuth, Gunnar Möller
1956 My Husband's Getting Married Today Thesi Petersen Kurt Hoffmann Johannes Heesters, Paul Hubschmid
1957 The Adventures of Arsène Lupin Mina von Kraft Jacques Becker Robert Lamoureux, O. E. Hasse French film
1957 The Zurich Engagement Juliane Thomas Helmut Käutner Paul Hubschmid, Bernhard Wicki
1957 Confessions of Felix Krull Zaza Kurt Hoffmann Horst Buchholz
1958 The Spessart Inn Franziska von Sandau Kurt Hoffmann Carlos Thompson, Günther Lüders, Wolfgang Neuss
1958 A Time to Love and a Time to Die Elisabeth Kruse Douglas Sirk John Gavin, Erich Maria Remarque American film
1958 Arms and the Man Raina Petkoff Franz Peter Wirth O. W. Fischer
1958 The Gambler Polina Claude Autant-Lara Gérard Philipe French film
1959 The Beautiful Adventure Dorothée Durand Kurt Hoffmann Robert Graf
1959 The Buddenbrooks Antonie Buddenbrook Alfred Weidenmann Hansjörg Felmy, Nadja Tiller, Hanns Lothar, Lil Dagover
1960 A Glass of Water Queen Anne Helmut Käutner Gustaf Gründgens
1960 The Haunted Castle Charlotte von Sandau Kurt Hoffmann Georg Thomalla
1960 Gustav Adolfs Page [de] Gustl Leubelfing Rolf Hansen Curd Jürgens
1961 La Fayette Marie Antoinette Jean Dréville Michel Le Royer, Orson Welles, Jack Hawkins, Vittorio De Sica French film
1961 One, Two, Three Fräulein Ingeborg Billy Wilder James Cagney, Horst Buchholz, Pamela Tiffin, Hanns Lothar American film
1962 Where the Truth Lies Catherine Henri Decoin Juliette Gréco French film
1962 Kohlhiesel's Daughters Liesel Kohlhiesel / Susi Kohlhiesel Axel von Ambesser Dietmar Schönherr
1963 Breakfast in Bed Liane Clausen Axel von Ambesser O.W. Fischer, Lex Barker
1963 A Nearly Decent Girl Lili Steiner Ladislao Vajda Martin Held, Alberto de Mendoza
1964 A Global Affair Sonya Jack Arnold Bob Hope American film
1964 Monsieur Elizabeth Bernadac Jean-Paul Le Chanois Jean Gabin, Philippe Noiret, Mireille Darc French film
1965 Praetorius Violetta Höllriegel Kurt Hoffmann Heinz Rühmann
1965 Man from Cocody Baby Christian-Jaque Jean Marais French film
1966 Hocuspocus Agda Kjerulf Kurt Hoffmann Heinz Rühmann
1966 The Nun Mother de Chelles Jacques Rivette Anna Karina French film
1966 The Gardener of Argenteuil Hilda Jean-Paul Le Chanois Jean Gabin, Curd Jürgens French film
1967 Glorious Times at the Spessart Inn Anneliese von Sandau Kurt Hoffmann Harald Leipnitz, Vivi Bach, Hannelore Elsner
1969 The Wedding Trip Hannelore Schmidt Ralf Gregan Dieter Hallervorden
1972 Five Leaf Clover Daisy Edmond Freess Philippe Noiret French film
1975 Monika und die Sechzehnjährigen [de] Mrs. Annelie Charly Steinberger Maria Zürer, Oliver Collignon, Klausjürgen Wussow, Teri Tordai
1979 Bread and Stones Mrs. Bodenbauer Mark Rissi Sigfrit Steiner, Walo Lüönd, Beatrice Kessler
1986 Le Tiroir secret Maryse Michèle Morgan, Jeanne Moreau, Michael Lonsdale French TV miniseries
1996 Das Superweib [de] Alma Winkel Sönke Wortmann Veronica Ferres, Heiner Lauterbach, Til Schweiger
2004 René Deltgen – Der sanfte Rebell Michael Wenk Götz George, Nadja Tiller, Artur Brauner, Michael Verhoeven Luxembourgian documentary
2007 The Zurich Engagement herself Stephan Meyer Lisa Martinek, Christoph Waltz, Tim Bergmann, Hannelore Hoger, Jan Fedder, Sonja Kirchberger TV film


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