Lisenser Fernerkogel

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Lisenser Fernerkogel
Lüsener Fernerkogel von Norden.JPG
The Lisenser Fernerkogel from the north (from Gries im Sellrain)
Highest point
Elevation3,298 m (10,820 ft)
Prominence161 m (528 ft)
Isolation1.66 kilometres (1.03 mi)
Coordinates47°05′N 11°06′E / 47.083°N 11.100°E / 47.083; 11.100
LocationTyrol, Austria
Parent rangeStubai Alps
First ascent23 August 1836 by Peter Karl Thurwieser, Lipp Schöpf and Jackob Kofler[citation needed]
Easiest routeglacier/snow/scramble

The Lisenser Fernerkogel (or Lüsener Fernerkogel) is a mountain in the Stubai Alps of Austria.


From the Franz Senn Hütte hut it is approximately 3½ hours mostly over glaciers and snow, with a small (100 m) easy rock scramble at the end.

Close to, and can be combined with, the Rotgratspitze and Lisenser Spitze.

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Lisenser Fernerkogel, Rotgratspitze (left) above the Plattige Wand, in June 2012.