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Church of The Holy Cross. Late thirteenth century.
Church of The Holy Cross. Late thirteenth century.
Lisewo is located in Poland
Coordinates: 53°17′38″N 18°41′19″E / 53.29389°N 18.68861°E / 53.29389; 18.68861
Country Poland

Lisewo [liˈsɛvɔ] (German: Lissewo, 1942-45: Lissen) is a village in Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland. The village is the seat of Gmina Lisewo, a part of Chełmno County. Lisewo is situated 33 km north of Toruń and 20 km east of Chełmno along an important transport and communication route. The closest towns are Chełmża (13 km) and Wąbrzeźno (17 km). It lies approximately 20 kilometres (12 mi) south-east of Chełmno and 30 km (19 mi) north of Toruń.

Lisewo municipality spreads over an area of 8620 ha and is inhabited by 5,500 people, of which most are farmers. Local agriculture is dominated by individual farming. 80% of regional benefit is gained by agriculture, whereas only 0.3% derives from forestry.

The north-south Gdańsk-Cieszyn Highway is being widened at the moment and one of the exits is going to be located close to Lisewo.

A view of Mikołaja z Ryńska Street, in the background is the tower of gothic church in the centre of Lisewo

The head of the village is Barbara Moch.

The village and the municipality[edit]

From an administrative point of view, Lisewo is a community.

After World War II in February 1945, the voivodship of Pomorskie was restored. Its seat was first of all situated in Toruń and then in April moved to Bydgoszcz. At the same time the district of Chełmno was segregated into new divisions and communities.

This state was kept until 1954, when further districts were divided into smaller units. Krusin and Lisewo both were counted to these small units. The next territorial-administrative reform of the voivodship of Bydgoszcz occurred in 1973. Communities were reintroduced and rural units deleted. Lisewo regained its status of a community. In 1975, the Toruń Voivodeship was founded, and Lisewo was one of the 49 municipalities belonging to it.

The village itself occurs in the oldest known documents under the name of Lissow in 1293, Lissaw/Lysaw in 1408 and Leysaw, Leissan, Lysow, Lissowo in 1530.

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Coordinates: 53°17′38″N 18°41′19″E / 53.29389°N 18.68861°E / 53.29389; 18.68861