Lisey's Story

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Lisey's Story
Lisey's Story (book cover).jpg
First edition cover
AuthorStephen King
CountryUnited States
GenreHorror, Gothic
Publication date
October 24, 2006
Media typePrint (hardcover)

Lisey's Story is a novel by American writer Stephen King that combines the elements of psychological horror and romance. It was released on October 24, 2006, and was nominated for the World Fantasy Award in 2007.[1] An early excerpt from the novel, "Lisey and the Madman", was published in McSweeney’s Enchanted Chamber of Astonishing Stories (2004), and was nominated for the 2004 Bram Stoker Award for Best Long Fiction.[2] King stated that this is his favorite of the novels he has written.[3]

The genesis for Lisey's Story was an incident in June 1999 in which King was hit by a van in Lovell, Maine, and seriously injured; while he was in the hospital, his wife Tabitha decided to redesign his studio. Coming home from the hospital and seeing his books and belongings in boxes, King saw an image of what his studio would look like after his death.[4]


Lisey's Story is the story of Lisey Landon, the widow of a famous and wildly successful novelist, Scott Landon. The book tells two stories—Lisey's story in the present, and the story of her dead husband's life, as remembered by Lisey during the course of the novel.

It has been two years since her husband's death, and Lisey is in the process of cleaning out her husband's writing area. A series of events occurs that causes Lisey to begin facing certain realities about her husband that she had repressed and forgotten. As Lisey is stalked, terrorized, and then mutilated by an insane fan of her husband's, Lisey begins recalling her husband's past—how he came from a family with a history of horrible mental illness that manifested as either an uncontrollable homicidal mania or as a deep catatonia, how he had a special gift, an ability to transport himself to another world, which he called "Boo'ya Moon", how Scott Landon's brother was killed by his father when his brother manifested an incurable insanity, and finally how Scott Landon had to kill his own father to save him from the madness that had finally taken him over.


In August 2017, King expressed an interest in seeing the story adapted as a television series, "Lisey's Story is my favorite of the books and I would love to see that done, especially now that there's a kind of openness on the streaming services on TV and even the cable networks. There's more freedom to do stuff now and when you do a movie from a book, there's this thing that I call the sitting on a suitcase syndrome. That is where you try to pack in all the clothes at once and the suitcase won't close. So it's tough to take a book that is fully textured, and do it in two hours and 10 minutes. But as a TV show you have 10 hours."[5] In April 2019 it was announced that the book will be adapted as an eight part limited series called Lisey's Story, with all episodes scripted by Stephen King, starring Julianne Moore.[6]


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