Lishui District

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Lishui is located in Jiangsu
Location in Jiangsu
Coordinates: 31°35′07″N 119°02′01″E / 31.5853°N 119.0336°E / 31.5853; 119.0336Coordinates: 31°35′07″N 119°02′01″E / 31.5853°N 119.0336°E / 31.5853; 119.0336
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Sub-provincial cityNanjing
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Nanjing district map

Lishui District (simplified Chinese: 溧水区; traditional Chinese: 溧水區; pinyin: Lìshuǐ Qū), formerly Lishui County (simplified Chinese: 溧水县; traditional Chinese: 溧水縣; pinyin: Lìshuǐ xiàn) until January 2013, is one of 11 districts of Nanjing, Jiangsu province, China.

The district is south-east of Jiangning District and north of Gaochun District. It remains predominantly rural.


  • In 591, Lishui county was established.
  • In 1295, the county was converted into a subprefecture.
  • In 1369, it was restored as a county.
  • In 1491, its south extremity was separated to establish Gaochun county.


The Nanjing–Hangzhou Passenger Railway crosses Lishui District. As of 2015, about 30 trains a day make a stop at Lishui Station (46 km / 16 minutes away from Nanjing South Railway Station),[1] which is located about 5 miles east of downtown Lishui.


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