Lisp in Small Pieces

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Lisp in Small Pieces
Author Christian Queinnec
Original title Les Langages Lisp
Translator Kathleen Callaway
Language French
Subject Computer programming
Genre Textbook
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Publication date
Published in English
Media type Print
Pages 514

Lisp in Small Pieces (Cambridge University Press, 1996 ISBN 0-521-56247-3; paperback edition (December 4, 2003) ISBN 0-521-54566-8; translated by Kathleen Callaway) is a book by Christian Queinnec on Lisp, Scheme and other related dialects, their interpretation, semantics, and compilation and contains code for 11 interpreters and 2 compilers.

The English title is a recursive acronym (Lisp in Small Pieces). It was originally published in French by Interéditions with the title Les Langages Lisp. The revised edition bears the title Principes d'implantation de Scheme et Lisp, somehow also a recursive acronym based on the cover layout which orders the title as the following list '(Lisp Implementation Scheme Principes).[1]

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