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List A cricket is a classification of the limited-overs (one-day) form of the sport of cricket. List A cricket includes One Day International matches and various domestic competitions in which the number of overs in an innings per team ranges from forty to sixty. Together with first-class and Twenty20 cricket, List A is one of the three major forms of cricket recognised by the International Cricket Council (ICC).


Most Test cricketing nations have some form of domestic List A competition. The scheduled number of overs in List A cricket ranges from forty to sixty overs per side.

The categorization of cricket matches as "List A" was not officially endorsed by the International Cricket Council until 2006,[1] when the ICC announced that it and its member associations would be determining this classification in a manner similar to that done for first-class matches. The Association of Cricket Statisticians and Historians created this category for the purpose of providing an equivalent to first-class cricket, to allow the generation of career records and statistics for comparable one-day matches. Only the more important one-day competitions in each country, plus matches against a touring Test team, are included. The list was the work of Philip Bailey and the name is derived simply from there being a list A and a list B.

Matches that qualify as List A[edit]

  • One-day Internationals (ODIs)
  • Other international matches
  • Premier one-day tournaments in each country
  • Official matches of a touring Test team against main first-class teams
  • Matches played in ICC World Cricket League Division 2 and above

Matches that do not qualify as List A[edit]

  • Twenty20 cricket including internationals[2]
  • World Cup warm-up matches
  • Other Tourist matches (for example, against first-class teams that are not part of the main domestic first-class competition, such as universities)
  • Festival and friendly matches


  • In October 2016, the ICC granted List A status to Ireland's domestic Twenty20 league, along with their 50-over competition.[3]
  • In February 2017, the ICC granted List A status to Afghanistan's domestic Twenty20 league, as they do not have a 50-over tournament.[4][5]

First List A match[edit]

The first List A cricket match was played between Lancashire and Leicestershire in May 1963, in the preliminary round of the Gillette Cup.[6] Each side batted for 65 overs, and bowlers were restricted to 15 overs each.[7]

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