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In 2008, there were 25 This American Life episodes.

Link and Title Original Airing Date Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Act 4 Act 5
Episode 347 - "Matchmakers" 1/18/2008 A Good Year For Grand Gestures Part Of Me, Why Not Take Part Of Me Babies Buying Babies
Episode 348 - "Tough Room" 2/8/2008 Make 'Em Laff Bar Car Prophesy Mission: Impossible Tough News Room
Episode 349 - "Valentine's Day 2008" 2/15/2008 Before And After The Over-Protective Kind Istanbul
Episode 350 - "Human Resources" 2/29/2008 The Rubber Room The Plan Almost Human Resources
Episode 351 - "Return to Childhood 2008" 3/7/2008 Ich Bin Ein Mophead Punk In A Gray Flannel Suit Ariel Sharon, Shimon Peres, David Ben Gurion, and Me! When We Were Angels
Episode 352 - "The Ghost of Bobby Dunbar" 3/14/2008 Part One Part Two
Episode 353 - "The Audacity of Government" 3/28/2008 The Prez Vs. The Commish This American Wife 44
Episode 354 - "Mistakes Were Made" 4/18/2008 You're As Cold As Ice You're Willing To Sacrifice Our Love
Episode 355 - "The Giant Pool of Money" 5/9/2008 Part One Part Two
Episode 356 - "The Prosecutor" 5/30/2008 Conviction Retaliation
Episode 357 - "The Truth Will Out" 6/13/2008 Lieland The Spy Who Bugged Me Rosa In The Study With The Atm Card
Episode 358 - "Social Engineering" 6/27/2008 Choosers, Not Beggars Take My Bike...Please Educated Guess
Episode 359 - "Life After Death" 7/18/2008 Guity As Not Charged Soldier Of Misfortune
Episode 360 - "Switched at Birth" 7/25/2008 Part One Part Two
Episode 361 - "Fear of Sleep" 8/8/2008 Stranger In The Night Sleep's Tiniest Enemies The Bitter Fruits Of Wakefulness Hollywood-induced Nightmare A Small Taste Of The Big Sleep
Episode 362 - "Got You Pegged" 8/22/2008 The Fat Blue Line Stereotypes Uber Alles Yes, No Or Baby Paradise Lost
Episode 363 - "Enforcers" 9/12/2008 Hanging In Chad Now You SEC Me, Now You Don't
Episode 364 - "Going Big" 9/26/2008 Harlem Renaissance Lonely Hearts Club Band...Of One Prisoner Of The Heart
Episode 365 - "Another Frightening Show About the Economy" 10/3/2008 The Day The Market Died Out Of The Hedges And Into The Woods Swap Cops What's Next
Episode 366 - "A Better Mousetrap 2008" 10/10/2008 Mother Of Invention Financial Mousetrap Everything Must Go The Not-for-profit Motive
Episode 367 - "Ground Game" 10/24/2008 Scranton State College Union Halls State College, Part Two Scranton, Part Two
Episode 368 - "Who Do You Think You Are?" 11/7/2008 Hard Times What A Difference An Election Day Makes Putting The Cart Before The Porsche
Episode 369 - "Poultry Slam 2008" 11/28/2008 You Gotta Ask Yourself One Question: Do You Feel Clucky? Ya, Punk? Winged Migration A Pastor And His Flock Twistery Mystery Chicken Coop For The Soul
Episode 370 - "Ruining It for the Rest of Us" 12/19/2008 Shots In The Dark Tragedy Minus Comedy Equals Time Disturbing The Peace Train
Episode 371 - "Scenes From a Mall" 12/26/2008 Love Line Not Dead Yet Santa Fight Club Job: Security

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