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Characters from the 28 Days Later series (the films 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later and from the graphic novel 28 Days Later: The Aftermath) are listed below.

28 Days Later characters[edit]


Jim (played by Cillian Murphy) is a bicycle courier who lived in Deptford, London with his parents.

Selena (played by Naomie Harris) is a young woman who lived in London. During the outbreak of the Rage Virus, Selena's family was killed and she hid in a barricaded shop in the London Underground with another survivor named Mark. She survives the outbreak of Infection in District One and flies to New York with Clint Harris.

Hannah (played by Megan Burns) is the daughter of Frank. When the virus broke out, she and her father barricaded themselves into their apartment.

Frank (played by Brendan Gleeson) was a cabdriver in London and lived with his wife and daughter Hannah in an apartment block near the center of the city.

Mark (played by Noah Huntley) was a young man who lived in London with his parents and sister. During the outbreak of the Rage Virus, Mark survived and hid in a barricaded shop in the London Underground with Selena.


Major Henry West (played by Christopher Eccleston) is a veteran in the British Army. He is killed by an infected Mailer when Hannah reverses her father's taxi into the mansion, allowing Mailer to attack and claw him to death.

Sergeant Farrell (played by Stuart McQuarrie) is a veteran soldier of the British Army and serves as Major Henry West's second-in-command. Farrell is executed by Mitchell and Jones for defending Jim, Selena, and Hannah from the other soldiers.

Corporal Mitchell (played by Ricci Harnett) is a vulgar, cocky, and insensitive soldier under Major Henry West's command. Mitchell's eyes are gouged out by Jim.

Private Bedford (played by Ray Panthaki) is a soldier killed by the infected Mailer and Clifton.

Private Bell (played by Junior Laniyan) is a soldier killed by the infected Mailer and Clifton.

Private Clifton (played by Luke Mably) is a soldier infected by Mailer. Killed by the Major West in deleted scène.

Private Davis (played by Sanjay Rambaruth) is a soldier killed by Jim when the went with Major West when he escapes.

Private Jones (played by Leo Bill) is a young, inexperienced soldier. He serves as the cook for the group. He is stabbed by Jim when he returns to the mansion, and bleeds out in Major West's arms.

Private Mailer (played by Marvin Campbell) is a soldier who is infected two days before Jim arrives. He is chained up to see how long it would take for an Infected to starve to death.

Main Host[edit]

Rage Chimps (played by trained animals) are chimpanzees that are test subjects at a primate research center in Cambridge, that were the first beings to be infected with the man-made virus Rage, eventually they become enact a deadly aggressiveness towards others.

28 Weeks Later characters[edit]


Donald "Don" Harris (played by Robert Carlyle) is the husband of Alice and father of Tammy and Andy.

Tammy Harris (played by Imogen Poots) is the daughter of Don and Alice and older sister to Andy. Unlike her mother and brother, she has no heterochromial eye colours, presumably taking more characteristics from her father, whom, infected, she eventually kills.

Andy Harris (played by Mackintosh Muggleton) is the son of Don and Alice and younger brother to Tammy.

Alice Harris (played by Catherine McCormack) is the wife of Don and mother of Tammy and Andy. One of her most distinguished features was that she has heterochromatic eye color, which she passes onto Andy.

Geoff (played by Garfield Morgan) is an old farmer who lives with his wife Sally on a farm in the country a few miles from Sandford.

Sally (played by Amanda Walker) is an old woman who lives with her husband Geoff on a farm in the country.

Sam (played by Raymond Waring) is Karen's boyfriend.

Karen (played by Emily Beecham) is Sam's girlfriend and lives in the country with him.

Jacob is a young fisherman who lives in the country.

Refugee Boy lives in Sandford, several miles upriver from Geoff and Sally's farm, with his mother and father.


Major Scarlet Ross (played by Rose Byrne) is chief medical officer of District 1. She is killed by an infected Don Harris, who ambushes her in the London Underground and beats her to death.

Sergeant Doyle (played by Jeremy Renner) is a Delta marksman with the rooftop observation unit of District 1. He sacrifices himself in order to get Levy and the Harris children to safety by push-starting the escape car, and is burned on sight with a flamethrower.

Brigadier General Stone (played by Idris Elba) is the ranking officer on-site for the United States Army's 82nd Airborne Division. He eventually initiates Code Red, a procedure for total extermination of the London populace, with no time available to tell infected from uninfected.

Flynn (played by Harold Perrineau) is a helicopter pilot in 160th SOAR and a family man. He takes the Harris children to France after they facilitate the second outbreak of the Rage virus, his status is unknown as the last image of his helicopter shows that he has abandoned it.

28 Days Later: The Aftermath characters[edit]


Army Doctor Westchester was an Army Doctor in the U.S. Military.


Allie and her brother Callum were apparently wealthy individuals who lived in London with their father and were good friends with Sophie and her family.

Barbara was the wife of Roger and mother of Sid, Sophie and Liam.

Bradley lived in Cambridge with Clive's Ex-Wife, now his own, and treated her with the respect and courtesy Clive lacked.

Doctor Clive was a scientist at Cambridge University and Warren's lab partner.

Doctor Warren was the head scientist at Cambridge University and Clive's lab partner.

Hugh Baker was a popular newsagent in London.

Liam was the youngest son of Roger and Barbara and younger brother to Sid and Sophie.

Lieb was a member of "The Financiers", a secret group of industrialists and businessmen who sought to make money by selling radical new products to the world.

Mrs Baker is the wife of Hugh Baker, the London newsagent.

Roger was the husband of Barbara and father of Sid, Sophie and Liam.

Sid was the oldest child of Roger and Barbara and older brother to Sophie and Liam, and was an aspiring musician and adopted the punk-look when he became a young man.

Sophie is the middle child of Roger and Barbara, older sister to Liam, and younger sister to Sid.

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