List of 2D animation software

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This is a list of two-dimensional animation software.

Name Developer License Operating system or environment
Ajax Animator Antimatter15 GPL Web application
Blender Grease Pencil Blender Foundation GPLv2+ Windows, OS X, Linux, Free BSD
OpenToonz BSD Windows, OS X, Linux
TupiTube Maefloresta GPL Windows, OS X, Linux, other Unix-like
Pencil2D Matt Chang GPL Windows, OS X, Linux
SWFTools Matthias Kramm GPL Windows, OS X, Linux
Synfig Robert Quattlebaum GPL Windows, OS X, Linux
Flipnote Studio Nintendo Freeware Nintendo DS
Flipnote Studio 3D Nintendo Freeware Nintendo 3DS
Pivot Stickfigure Animator Peter Bone Freeware Windows
Adobe After Effects Adobe Systems Trialware Windows, Mac OS X
Adobe Animate Adobe Systems Trialware Windows, OS X
Moho (Anime Studio) Smith Micro Software Trialware Windows, OS X
Antics 2-D Animation Antics Workshop Trialware Windows
Apple iAd Producer Apple Inc. Registerware OS X
Autodesk Animator Pro Jim Kent Freeware/Open source DOS
Autodesk Animator Studio Autodesk Commercial proprietary software Windows
DigiCel FlipBook DigiCel Inc. Trialware Windows, OS X
DrawPlus Serif Commercial Windows
Mediator MatchWare Trialware Windows
Motion Apple Inc. Commercial proprietary software OS X
ParticleIllusion Trialware Plug-in for Adobe After Effects
RETAS RETAS STUDIO Commercial proprietary software Windows, OS X
SWiSH Max SwishZone Trialware Windows
Harmony Toon Boom Animation Inc. Commercial Proprietary software Trialware Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Toonz Digital Video S.p.a. Commercial proprietary software Windows, OS X, Mac OS
TVPaint Animation TVPaint Developpement Commercial proprietary software Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Fantavision Broderbund Discontinued commercial proprietary software Apple II series, Commodore, Apple IIGS, DOS

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