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Below is a list of characters, along with descriptions, from the BBC sitcom 2point4 Children. The show was aired throughout the nineties.

Main cast[edit]

Bill Porter[edit]

Willemena "Bill" Porter (played by Belinda Lang) is wife to Ben and mother to Jenny and David who runs a catering company from series 2 onwards with her best friend Rona Harris. She is the daughter of Bette who visits from time to time, she also has an aunt called Belle. During series 1 she and Rona work at a bakery but they resign because of harassment. In series 8 she and Ben foster a boy called Declen who comes to live with them.

Ben Porter[edit]

Ben Porter (played by: Gary Olsen) is the father of the Porter family. He works as self-employed plumber sometimes assisted by Christine. He is a lazy, laid-back sort with a childish sense that gets on his wife's nerves.

David Porter[edit]

David Porter (played by: John Pickard) is the son of the Porter family. He has a love for horror movies and weird stuff and sometimes annoys his older sister Jenny.

Jenny Porter[edit]

Jenny Porter (played by: Georgina Cates (Series 1-2) then Clare Buckfield (Series 3-8)) is the daughter of the Porter family. She loves to go out with one of her boyfriends often hindered by her over-restrictive mother. Since halfway through the first series, Jenny has become a vegetarian.

Rona Harris[edit]

Played By: Julia Hills

Recurring characters[edit]


Christine (played by: Kim Benson) is Ben's part time plumbing assistant. She tends to get flustered and often speaks in sarcasm.

Jake Klinger[edit]

Played By: Roger Lloyd-Pack


Played By: Liz Smith

Aunt Belle[edit]

Played By: Liz Smith

Aunt Pearl[edit]

Biological mother of Rona and sister of Ena

Played By: Barbara Lott

Aunt Tina[edit]

Played By: Sandra Dickinson