List of 5000 metres national champions (women)

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Below a list of all National champions in the Women's 5000 metres (track outdoor) in track and field from several countries since 1980. In most countries however the event was contested for the first time in 1995. Until then the 3000 metres was the main middle-distance track event for women.

Australia Australia[edit]

Belgium Belgium[edit]

Canada Canada[edit]

Denmark Denmark[edit]

England England[edit]

Estonia Estonia[edit]

Finland Finland[edit]

France France[edit]

Germany Germany[edit]

Italy Italy[edit]

Japan Japan[edit]

Latvia Latvia[edit]

Netherlands Netherlands[edit]

New Zealand New Zealand[edit]

Norway Norway[edit]

Poland Poland[edit]

Portugal Portugal[edit]

Russia Russia[edit]

South Africa South Africa[edit]

Spain Spain[edit]

United States United States[edit]

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