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This is a list of television and radio stations owned by or affiliated with ABS-CBN. ABS-CBN Corporation's owned-and-operated regional television and radio stations are being handled by the conglomerate's division, Regional Network Group (also known as ABS-CBN Regional).

Terrestrial and regional television stations[edit]



Branding Callsign Ch. # Station Type Power (ERP) kW Location (Transmitter Site)
ABS-CBN TV-2 Manila DWWX-TV TV-2 Originating 60 kW (346.2 kW ERP) Metro Manila**
ABS-CBN TV-3 Baguio (Northern Luzon) DZRR-TV TV-3 Originating 5 kW Mt. Sto. Tomas, Tuba, Benguet
ABS-CBN TV-11 Mt. Province DWMP-TV TV-11 Relay 1 kW (11.12 kW ERP) Mt. Amuyao, Barlig, Mountain Province
ABS-CBN TV-11 Abra DWAR-TV TV-11 Relay 1 kW (11.12 kW ERP) Bangued, Abra
ABS-CBN TV-7 Laoag (Ilocos) DWRD-TV TV-7 Originating 5 kW San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte
ABS-CBN TV-11 Vigan DZVC-TV TV-11 Relay 1 kW Vigan
ABS-CBN TV-3 Tuguegarao DWAF-TV TV-3 Relay 30 kW (11 kW ERP) Tuguegarao
ABS-CBN TV-9 Aparri DZAP-TV TV-9 Relay 5 kW (11.12 kW ERP) Aparri, Cagayan
ABS-CBN TV-2 Isabela (Cagayan Valley) DWAT-TV TV-2 Originating 5 kW ERP Santiago City
ABS-CBN TV-11 Batanes DZCN-TV TV-11 Relay 5 kW Basco, Batanes
ABS-CBN TV-11 Bayombong DWAD-TV TV-11 Relay 5 kW Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya
ABS-CBN TV-12 Olongapo DWZT-TV TV-12 Relay 1 kW Olongapo
ABS-CBN TV-13 Botolan DWZA-TV TV-13 Relay 1 kW Botolan, Zambales
ABS-CBN TV-10 Batangas (Southern Tagalog) DZAD-TV TV-10 Originating 10 kW ERP Lipa, Batangas
ABS-CBN TV-11 Occidental Mindoro DWEF-TV TV-11 Relay 1 kW San Jose, Occidental Mindoro
ABS-CBN TV-7 Puerto Princesa (Palawan) DYPR-TV TV-7 Originating 10 kW Puerto Princesa
ABS-CBN TV-10 Española DYEP-TV TV-10 Relay 5 kW (11.12 kW ERP) Sofronio Española
ABS-CBN TV-11 Naga (Bicol) DZNC-TV TV-11 Originating 20 kW Naga
ABS-CBN TV-10 Daet DZDT-TV TV-10 Relay 1 kW (2.04 kW ERP) Daet, Camarines Norte
ABS-CBN TV-4 Legaspi DZAE-TV TV-4 Relay 10 kW Mount Bariw, Legazpi
ABS-CBN TV-10 Tabaco DZTC-TV TV-10 Relay 1 kW Tabaco, Albay
ABS-CBN TV-7 Catanduanes DZAC-TV TV-7 Relay 5 kW (0.21 kW ERP) Virac, Catanduanes
ABS-CBN TV-7 Sorsogon DZSC-TV TV-7 Relay 5 kW (0.3 kW ERP) Sorsogon City
ABS-CBN TV-10 Masbate DYME-TV TV-10 Affiliate 1 kW Masbate City
ABS-CBN TV-10 Iloilo (Panay) DYAF-TV TV-10 Originating 10 kW (50 kW ERP) Iloilo City
ABS-CBN TV-9 Kalibo DYKA-TV TV-9 Relay 5 kW Kalibo, Aklan
ABS-CBN TV-4 Bacolod (Negros) DYXL-TV TV-4 Originating 10 kW ERP Mt. Kanlandog, Murcia, Negros Occidental
ABS-CBN TV-12 Dumaguete DYMA-TV TV-12 Relay 30 kW Valencia, Negros Oriental
ABS-CBN TV-3 Cebu (Central Visayas) DYCB-TV TV-3 Originating 50 kW (200,000 Watts ERP) Mt. Busay Hills, Cebu City
ABS-CBN TV-9 Bohol DYBH-TV TV-9 Relay 1 kW Jagna, Bohol
ABS-CBN TV-2 Tacloban (Eastern Visayas) DYAB-TV TV-2 Originating 5 kW (30 kW ERP) Mt. Naga-Naga, Tacloban
ABS-CBN TV-7 Catbalogan DYSB-TV TV-7 Affiliate 1 kW Catbalogan
ABS-CBN TV-10 Calbayog DYDI-TV TV-10 Affiliate 1 kW Calbayog
ABS-CBN TV-3 Zamboanga (Zamboanga Peninsula) DXLL-TV TV-3 Originating 50 kW (285.44 kW ERP) Zamboanga City
ABS-CBN TV-9 Pagadian DXLM-TV TV-9 Affiliate 40 kW Pagadian
ABS-CBN TV-2 Cagayan de Oro (Northern Mindanao) DXEC-TV TV-2 Originating 10 kW ERP Cagayan de Oro
ABS-CBN TV-2 Bukidnon DXXB-TV TV-2 Relay 1 kW (5 kW ERP) Mount Kitanglad, Bukidnon
ABS-CBN TV-7 Ozamiz DXMT-TV TV-7 Affiliate 1 kW (5 kW ERP) Ozamiz
ABS-CBN TV-4 Iligan DXAG-TV TV-4 Relay 5 kW (8.1 kW ERP) Iligan
ABS-CBN TV-4 Davao (Southern Mindanao) DXAS-TV TV-4 Originating 100 kW (285,440 Watts ERP) Shrine Hills, Matina, Davao City
ABS-CBN TV-3 General Santos (SOCCSKSARGEN) DXZT-TV TV-3 Originating 40 kW ERP Brgy. City Heights, General Santos
ABS-CBN TV-4 Koronadal DXAP-TV TV-4 Relay 10 kW Koronadal
ABS-CBN TV-4 Kidapawan DXKW-TV TV-4 Relay 1 kW Kidapawan
ABS-CBN TV-11 Butuan (Caraga) DXAJ-TV TV-11 Originating 5 kW (7.82 kW ERP) Butuan
ABS-CBN TV-12 Surigao DXSJ-TV TV-12 Affiliate 1 kW (5.1 kW ERP) Surigao
ABS-CBN TV-5 Agusan Del Sur DXAU-TV TV-5 Relay 1 kW (2.1 kW ERP) San Francisco, Agusan del Sur
ABS-CBN TV-5 Cotabato (Central Mindanao) DXAI-TV TV-5 Originating 10 kW (19.84 kW ERP) Cotabato City
ABS-CBN TV-10 Jolo DXMM-TV TV-10 Affiliate 1 kW Jolo, Sulu
Branding Callsign Ch. # Station Type Power kW (ERP) Location (Transmitter Site)
ABS-CBN TV-34 Vigan DZVC-TV TV-34 Relay 1 kW Vigan
ABS-CBN TV-30 La Union DWTL-TV TV-30 Relay 1 kW San Fernando, La Union
ABS-CBN TV-32 Pangasinan
(North Central Luzon)
DWEC-TV TV-32 Originating 50 kW (508.03 kW ERP) Dagupan
ABS-CBN TV-32 Nueva Ecija DWCI-TV TV-32 Relay 1 kW Cabanatuan
ABS-CBN TV-32 Tarlac DWTC-TV TV-32 Relay 1 kW Tarlac City
ABS-CBN TV-22 Baler DZBA-TV TV-22 Relay 1 kW Baler, Aurora
ABS-CBN TV-46 Pampanga
(Central Luzon)
DWIN-TV TV-46 Originating 5 kW San Fernando, Pampanga
ABS-CBN TV-34 Bulacan DWBY-TV TV-34 Relay 1 kW San Miguel, Bulacan
ABS-CBN TV-22 Bataan DWBX-TV TV-22 Relay 1 kW Balanga, Bataan
ABS-CBN TV-40 Rizal DWAM-TV TV-40 Relay 1 kW Jala-jala, Rizal
ABS-CBN TV-32 Tagaytay DWTY-TV TV-32 Relay 1 kW Tagaytay
ABS-CBN TV-24 Lucena DWEW-TV TV-24 Relay 1 kW (21.87 kW ERP) Lucena****
ABS-CBN TV-46 San Pablo DWLY-TV TV-46 Relay 1 kW (11.99 kW ERP) San Pablo, Laguna**
ABS-CBN TV-21 Calapan DWDE-TV TV-21 Relay 1 kW Calapan, Oriental Mindoro
ABS-CBN TV-21 Roxas DYRC-TV TV-21 Relay 21 kW Roxas, Capiz
ABS-CBN TV-40 Bacolod DYOO-TV TV-40 Relay 1 kW Mt. Kanlandog, Murcia, Negros Occidental
ABS-CBN TV-38 Borongan DYBX-TV TV-38 Relay 5 kW Borongan
ABS-CBN TV-42 Dipolog DXMG-TV TV-42 Relay 1 kW Dipolog
ABS-CBN TV-23 Cagayan de Oro DXCE-TV TV-23 Relay 5 kW ERP Cagayan de Oro
ABS-CBN TV-24 Mati DXJT-TV TV-24 Relay 1 kW Mati, Davao Oriental***
ABS-CBN TV-26 Tandag DXVD-TV TV-26 Relay 1 kW Tandag


Branding Callsign Ch. # Frequency Area of Coverage
ABS-CBN Manila DWWX-TV 43 (Commercial Broadcast) 647.143 MHz Metro Manila
ABS-CBN Baguio DZRR-TV 33 (Digital Test Broadcast) 587.143 MHz Baguio
ABS-CBN Pampanga DWIN-TV 24 (Digital Test Broadcast) 533.143 MHz San Fernando, Pampanga
ABS-CBN Cebu DYCB-TV 37 (Digital Test Broadcast) 611.143 MHz Cebu City
ABS-CBN Iloilo DYAF-TV 37 (Digital Test Broadcast) 611.143 MHz Iloilo City
ABS-CBN Bacolod DYXL-TV 37 (Digital Test Broadcast) 611.143 MHz Bacolod
ABS-CBN Davao DXAS-TV 22 (Digital Test Broadcast) 521.143 MHz Davao City
ABS-CBN Cagayan de Oro DXEC-TV 24 (Digital Test Broadcast) 533.143 MHz Cagayan de Oro


Branding Callsign Ch. # Station Type Power kW (ERP) Location (Transmitter Site)
S+A TV-23 Manila DWAC-TV TV-23 Originating 50 kW (10,000 kW ERP) Metro Manila**
S+A TV-30 Baguio DWZO-TV TV-30 Relay 5 kW (10,000 kW ERP) Baguio**
S+A TV-23 Tuguegarao DWST-TV TV-23 Relay 1 kW Tuguegarao*
S+A TV-23 Laoag DWLC-TV TV-23 Relay 1 kW (11.25 kW ERP) Laoag****
S+A TV-23 Botolan DZAM-TV TV-23 Relay 0.1 kW (3.998 kW ERP) Botolan, Zambales****
S+A TV-24 Olongapo DWAS-TV TV-24 Relay 1 kW (8.94 kW ERP) Olongapo****
S+A TV-36 Batangas DWJR-TV TV-36 Relay 5 kW (11.25 kW ERP) Batangas City****
S+A TV-23 Palawan DZEL-TV TV-23 Relay 5 kW (8.62 kW ERP) Puerto Princesa****
S+A TV-24 Naga DWMC-TV TV-24 Relay 10 kW (215.05 kW ERP) Naga, Camarines Sur****
S+A TV-23 Legaspi DWDR-TV TV-23 Relay 5 kW (20 kW ERP) Legazpi***
S+A TV-23 Kalibo DYCG-TV TV-23 Relay 5 kW (8.45 kW ERP) Kalibo, Aklan****
S+A TV-38 Iloilo DYAJ-TV TV-38 Relay 5 kW (29.11 kW ERP) Iloilo City**
S+A TV-22 Bacolod DYEC-TV TV-22 Relay 10 kW (360.34 kW ERP) Bacolod****
S+A TV-24 Dumaguete DYEL-TV TV-24 Relay 10 kW(88.43 kW ERP) Valencia, Negros Oriental*
S+A TV-23 Cebu DYAC-TV TV-23 Relay 10 kW (138.70 kW ERP) Cebu City****
S+A TV-40 Bohol DYJN-TV TV-40 Relay 5 kW (11.25 kW ERP) Jagna, Bohol****
S+A TV-24 Tacloban DYTC-TV TV-24 Relay 5 kW (10 kW ERP) Tacloban***
S+A TV-23 Zamboanga DXFH-TV TV-23 Relay 10 kW (215.05 kW ERP) Zamboanga City****
S+A TV-7 Cagayan de Oro DXCO-TV TV-7 Relay 10 kW (367.35 kW ERP) Cagayan de Oro**
S+A TV-26 Iligan DXAM-TV TV-26 Relay 5 kW (19.7 kW ERP) Iligan***
S+A TV-21 Davao DXAB-TV TV-21 Relay 10 kW (188.16 kW ERP) Davao City*
S+A TV-36 General Santos DXAC-TV TV-36 Relay 10 kW (215 kW ERP) General Santos****
S+A TV-23 Butuan DXBU-TV TV-23 Relay 5 kW (1.05 kW ERP) Butuan***
S+A TV-23 Surigao DXIT-TV TV-23 Relay 1 kW (4.5 kW ERP) Surigao City***
S+A TV-12 Tandag DXTA-TV TV-12 Relay  ? kW (? kW ERP) Tandag
S+A TV-23 Cotabato DXPR-TV TV-23 Relay 5 kW (9.84 kW ERP) Cotabato City***
  • * Co-located with VHF TV stations; ** Owned by ABS-CBN; *** With pending application with the NTC; **** Owned by AMCARA.

Cable Television Channels[edit]

(* operated by Creative Programs)

International networks[edit]

ABS-CBN radio networks[edit]

ABS-CBN AM radio networks (Radyo Patrol)[edit]

Branding Callsign Frequency Power (kw) Location
DZMM Radyo Patrol 630 Manila DZMM-AM 630 kHz 50 kW Metro Manila, National Capital Region
DYAP Radyo Patrol 765 Palawan DYAP-AM 765 kHz 20 kW Puerto Princesa (Mimaropa Region)
DYAB Radyo Patrol 1512 Cebu DYAB-AM 1512 kHz 10 kW Cebu (Central Visayas Region)
DXAB Radyo Patrol 1296 Davao DXAB-AM 1296 kHz 10 kW Davao (Southern Mindanao Region)

ABS-CBN FM radio networks (My Only Radio For Life!)[edit]

Branding Callsign Frequency Power (kW) Location
MOR 101.9 My Only Radio For Life! DWRR-FM 101.9 MHz 22.5 kW Metro Manila
MOR 103.1 My Only Radio Baguio DZRR-FM 103.1 MHz 5 kW Baguio
MOR 95.5 My Only Radio Laoag DWEL-FM 95.5 MHz 5 kW Laoag
MOR 94.3 My Only Radio Dagupan DWEC-FM 94.3 MHz 10 kW Dagupan
MOR 91.3 My Only Radio Santiago DWAI-FM 91.3 MHz 5 kW Santiago
MOR 99.9 My Only Radio Puerto Princesa DYCU-FM 99.9 MHz 5 kW Puerto Princesa
MOR 99.7 My Only Radio Española DYEA-FM 99.7 MHz 5 kW Sofronio Española
MOR 93.5 My Only Radio Naga DWAC-FM 93.5 MHz 10 kW Naga
MOR 93.9 My Only Radio Legaspi DWRD-FM 93.9 MHz 5 kW Legazpi
MOR 91.1 My Only Radio Iloilo DYMC-FM 91.1 MHz 10 kW Iloilo
MOR 101.5 My Only Radio Bacolod DYOO-FM 101.5 MHz 10 kW Bacolod
MOR 97.1 My Only Radio Cebu DYLS-FM 97.1 MHz 20 kW Cebu
MOR 94.3 My Only Radio Tacloban DYTC-FM 94.3 MHz 10 kW Tacloban
MOR 98.7 My Only Radio Zamboanga DXFH-FM 98.7 MHz 10 kW Zamboanga
MOR 100.7 My Only Radio Iligan DXAG-FM 100.7 MHz 10 kW Iligan
MOR 91.9 My Only Radio Cagayan de Oro DXEC-FM 91.9 MHz 8 kW Cagayan de Oro
MOR 101.1 My Only Radio Davao DXRR-FM 101.1 MHz 10 kW Davao
MOR 92.7 My Only Radio General Santos DXAC-FM 92.7 MHz 20 kW General Santos
MOR 95.1 My Only Radio Cotabato DXPS-FM 95.1 MHz 10 kW Cotabato

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