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American Motors Corporation (AMC) and Jeep used a variety of transmissions and transfer cases.

This covers all AMC (1954+) and Jeep (1946+) variants thru 1988, and those legacy designs retained by Chrysler after 1988. This includes:

Early AMC (1955-1971) Automatic[edit]

Model OEM Transmission
Gears Cooling Engine Behind Years Used
GM Iron 4 oil/water All 6/250/327 1956–1957
Ultramatic Packard Iron 2 oil/water 320 1955–1956
M-8 Borg-Warner Iron 3 oil/water 196/250/287/327 1957–1964 (196 thru 62)
M-10* Borg-Warner Iron 3 oil/water 287/327 1965–1966
M-11 Borg-Warner Iron 3 oil/water 343/360 1967–1971
M-11A Borg-Warner Iron 3 oil/water 290 4bbl 1967–1971
M-11B Borg-Warner Iron 3 oil/water 304/360 1970–1971
M-12 Borg-Warner Iron 3 oil/water 360/390/401 1968–1971
M-35 Borg-Warner Aluminum 3 air 196 1963–1965
M-36** Borg-Warner Aluminum 3 air 199 1966–1969
M-37** Borg-Warner Aluminum 3 air 232 1966–1969
M-40 Borg-Warner Aluminum 3 oil/water 290 2bbl 1967–1969
M-42 Borg-Warner Aluminum 3 oil/water 199 1970–1971
M-43 Borg-Warner Aluminum 3 oil/water 232 1970–1971
M-44 Borg-Warner Aluminum 3 oil/water 304 1970–1971
  • Note that "M-10" is not the actual Borg-Warner designation. This is a variation of the M-8 that uses a TV (Throttle Valve) cable instead of a vacuum modulator to control internal transmission pressure. The TV cable also serves as a "kick-down" control when fully pushed in under a predetermined speed.
    • The M-36 and 37 have provisions for an external oil/water or oil/air cooler. Heavy duty/towing configurations came from the factory with oil/water cooling instead of air cooling, and an aftermarket air/air cooler can be added... some were added by dealers at purchasers request. Extra internal parts may be required for an external cooler.

Early Jeep Automatic (1970-1971)[edit]

Kaiser Jeep was purchased by AMC in 1970.

The Buick 350 V8, AMC 232 I-6, and AMC 327, 360 V8 engines in the FSJ Wagoneer and trucks used a 'nailhead' pattern TH400 -- also known as a "unipattern," as it was used by many other manufacturers (such as Rolls Royce and Jaguar) with an adapter ring -- from 1965-72. The Buick 225 V6, available with an optional automatic transmission in the Jeepster Commando, used the same 'nailhead' pattern TH400. Starting in 1973, AMC discontinued the use of the adapter ring, as it sourced a TH400 case from GM with the AMC bellhousing pattern already cast. The TH400 AMC case was used until the end of 1979 model production.

The 232 I-6 used in 1970-72 Jeep DJ "Postal Jeep" was backed up by the Borg Warner T-35 3-speed automatic. At the time of the acquisition, Kaiser-Jeep was using a GM 2-speed Powerglide transmission in the DJ-5A (behind the GM-sourced 2.5L I-4).

Late AMC/Jeep (1971-2006) Automatic[edit]

AMC phased out the use of the Borg-Warner Shift-Command transmissions when the company transitioned to using the Chrysler Torqueflite. AMC branded the Torqueflites as the Torque Command using the previous naming convention - both the A-727 and A-904 (including the later 999 derivatives) were used with the addition of the Aisin-Warner 4 (AW4) used with the Jeep XJ series. Jeep vehicles throughout the 1970s used the GM Turbo Hydramatic 400 - the use of the GM transmission goes back to 1965 where Kaiser-Jeep installed it behind the AMC 327 V8 in the full size Wagoneer and J-trucks. The TH400 was phased out for the 1980 models, when the A-727 replaced the TH-400 as the only automatic transmission option for both the SJ Wagoneer/Cherokee wagons and the J-10/J-20 trucks. Internally similar to the Chrysler A-727, the case was one-piece, cast with an AMC pattern bellhousing (not interchangeable with a Chrysler pattern A-727).

Model OEM Transmission
Gears Cooling Engine Behind Years Used Division
727 Chrysler Aluminum 3 oil/water 258/360/401 1980–1991 AMC & Jeep
904 Chrysler Aluminum 3 oil/water 121/150/232/258 and 151 Iron Duke 1972–1987 AMC & Jeep CJ
998 Chrysler Aluminum 3 oil/water 258/304 1972–1987 AMC
999 (30/32RH) Chrysler Aluminum 3 oil/water 232/258 and 150 (2.5L) 1980–2002 AMC, Jeep
THM400 GM Aluminum 3 oil/water 232/258/304/360/401
Buick 350/327/230
1965–1979 Jeep
AW4 Aisin Warner Aluminum 4 oil/water 242 (4.0) 1987–2006 Jeep
500SE (42RE) Chrysler Aluminum 4 oil/water 242 (4.0) 1993–2004 Jeep
42RLE Chrysler Aluminum 4 oil/water 3.7, 4.0 (242) 2002–present Jeep

AMC Manual[edit]

Model OEM Transmission
Gears 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, Rev Engine Behind Years Used Division
T-96 Borg Warner Iron 195.6, 199 I-6 1958-72 AMC
T-85 w/OD Borg Warner Iron 232, V8 1964-65 AMC
T-86 Borg Warner Iron 232, 250-290 V8 1958-67 AMC
T-89 Borg Warner Iron 327 1958-66 AMC
T-10 Borg Warner Iron V8 1965-74 AMC
T-14 Borg Warner Iron I-6, 304 V8 1968-74 AMC
T-15 Borg Warner Iron V8 >304 1968-72 AMC
T-150/150T Borg Warner Iron I-6 (304, 76 only) 1975-79 AMC
SR4 Borg Warner Aluminium 4.07, 2.39, 1.49, 1.00, 3.95 I-4 1979–1981 AMC & Jeep
SR4 Borg Warner Aluminum I-6 (304, 78-79) 1977-82 AMC
SR4 Borg Warner Aluminium 3.50, 2.21, 1.43, 1.0, 3.39 I-6 1979–1981 Eagle & Jeep
HR1 Ford Aluminum 2.0L I-4 only 1977-79 AMC
T-4 Borg Warner Aluminum I-6 1982-84 AMC
T-5 Borg Warner Aluminum I-6 1982-88 AMC

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