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This article gives a list of Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) microprocessors, sorted by generation and release year. If applicable and openly known, the designation(s) of each processor's core (versions) is (are) listed in parentheses.

AMD-originated architectures[edit]

Am2900 series (1975)[edit]

29000 (29K) (1987–95)[edit]

Non-x86 architecture processors[edit]

2nd source (1974)[edit]


2nd source (1982)[edit]

Am29X305 (second source for Signetics 8X305)

ARM based Opteron Processors (2016)[edit]

AMD Opteron A1100 Series

x86 architecture processors[edit]

2nd source (1979–91)[edit]

(second-sourced x86 processors produced under contract with Intel)

  • 8086
  • 8088
  • Am286 (2nd-sourced 80286, so not a proper Amx86 member)

Amx86 series (1991–95)[edit]

K5 architecture (1995)[edit]

K6 architecture (1997–2001)[edit]

K7 architecture (1999–2005)[edit]

K8 core architecture[edit]

K8 series (2003–)

K10 core architecture[edit]

K10 series CPUs (2007–)

K10 series APUs (2011–)

Bulldozer module architecture[edit]

Bulldozer series CPUs (2011–)

Bobcat core architecture[edit]

Bobcat series APUs (2011–)

  • Ontario (Bobcat cores + Cedar-class GPU) (launch Q1 2011)
  • Zacate (Bobcat cores + Cedar-class GPU) (launch Q1 2011)

Jaguar core architecture[edit]

Jaguar series APUs (2013–)

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