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The AWP Award is an annual competition for the publication of new book-length works.

The Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP) is a nonprofit organization of writers, teachers, colleges, and universities. The Donald Hall Prize for Poetry is an award of $5,000 and publication. The Grace Paley Prize for Short Fiction is an award of $5,000 and publication. Winners in the novel and creative nonfiction categories receive a $2,000 cash honorarium and publication. AWP hires a staff of “screeners” who review manuscripts for the judges, who select ten manuscripts in each genre for each judge’s final evaluations.[1]

Year Category Judge Winner Work
2011 Poetry Dorianne Laux Laura Read Instructions for My Mother's Funeral, University of Pittsburgh Press
2011 Short Fiction Jhumpa Lahiri Corinna Vallianatos My Escapee, University of Massachusetts Press
2011 Novel Don Lee Kirstin Scott Motherlunge, New Issues Press
2011 Nonfiction Susan Orlean Marcia Aldrich Companion to an Untold Story, University of Georgia Press [2]
2010 Poetry Alberto Ríos Quan Barry Water Puppets, University of Pittsburgh Press
2010 Short Fiction Peter Ho Davies Douglas Light Girls in Trouble, University of Massachusetts Press
2010 Novel Francine Prose Mandy Keifetz Flea Circus: A Brief Bestiary of Grief, New Issues Press
2010 Nonfiction Luis Alberto Urrea Danielle Cadena Deulen The Riots, University of Georgia Press [3]
2009 Poetry Jean Valentine Bradley Paul The Animals All Are Gathering
2009 Short Fiction Allan Gurganus Christine Sneed Portraits of a Few of the People I've Made Cry
2009 Novel Jim Shepard Kevin Fenton Merit Badges
2009 Nonfiction Lee Gutkind David Vann Last Day on Earth [4]
2008 Poetry Lynn Emanuel Beth Bachmann Temper
2008 Short Fiction Jewell Parker Rhodes Ramola D Temporary Lives & Other Stories
2008 Novel Joanna Scott Goldie Goldbloom Toad's Museum of Freaks and Wonders
2008 Nonfiction Kathleen Norris Sonja Livingston Ghostbread [5]
2007 Poetry Bob Hicok Sharon Dolin Burn and Dodge
2007 Short Fiction Noy Holland David Vann Legend of a Suicide
2007 Novel Robert Eversz Scott Blackwood We Agreed to Meet Just Here
2007 Nonfiction Michael Martone Sharon White Vanished Gardens [6]
2006 Poetry Terrance Hayes Angela Ball Night Clerk at the Hotel of Both Worlds
2006 Short Fiction Nancy Reisman Karen Brown Pins and Needles
2006 Novel Nicholas Delbanco Geoff Rips The Truth
2006 Nonfiction Kyoko Mori Mort Zachter Dough: A Memoir [7]
2005 Poetry Ha Jin John Hodgen Grace
2005 Short Fiction Ana Menendez Nona Caspers Heavier Than Air
2005 Novel Rikki Ducornet John Robinson Dreaming America
2005 Nonfiction Robin Hemley J.D. Scrimgeour Themes for English B [8]
2004 Poetry Alicia Ostriker Christopher Bursk The Improbable Swervings of Atoms
2004 Short Fiction Douglas Bauer No Winner
2004 Novel Elizabeth McCracken M. Evelina Galang One Tribe
2004 Nonfiction Suzannah Lessard David Carkeet Campus Sexpot [9]
2003 Poetry Stephen Dunn Barbara Hamby Babel
2003 Short Fiction Joan Silber Doreen Baingana Tropical Fish
2003 Novel No Winner
2003 Nonfiction Beverly Lowry Karen Salyer McElmurray Mother of the Disappeared: An Appalachian Birth Mother's Journey [10]
2002 Poetry Cornelius Eady Sandra Kohler The Ceremonies of Longing
2002 Short Fiction Frederick Busch Joan Connor History Lessons
2002 Novel No Winner
2002 Nonfiction Sue William Silverman Mark Anderson Jesus Sound Explosion [11]
2001 Poetry Marilyn Chin Gray Jacobik Brave Disguises
2001 Short Fiction Frederick Barthelme Christie Hodgen A Jeweler’s Eye for Flaw
2001 Novel No Winner
2001 Nonfiction Barry Sanders Jill Christman Darkroom: An Autobiography [12]
2000 Poetry Li-Young Lee Joanie V. Mackowski The Zoo
2000 Short Fiction Jill McCorkle Michelle Richmond The Girl in the Fall-Away Dress
2000 Novel Alexander Parsons Leaving Disneyland
2000 Nonfiction Sven Birkerts Brian Lennon City: An Essay [13]
1999 Poetry Dorianne Laux Connie Voisine Cathedral of the North
1999 Short Fiction Larry Woiwode C.J. Hribal The Clouds in Memphis
1999 Novel Thomas Dunn Aaron Roy Even Bloodroot
1999 Nonfiction Judith Kitchen Lia Purpura Increase
1998 Poetry Marvin Bell Edward Kleinschmidt Mayes Works & Days
1998 Short Fiction Diane Glancy Bonnie Jo Campbell Women & Other Animals
1998 Novel St. Martin's Press No winner
1998 Nonfiction Kathleen Norris Michael Martone The Flatness & Other Landscapes
1997 Poetry Arthur Vogelsang Josie Rawson Quarry
1997 Short Fiction Robert Boswell Toni Graham The Daiquiri Girls
1997 Novel St. Martin's Press No winner
1997 Nonfiction James Galvin Peter Chilson Riding the Demon Road
1996 Poetry Jorie Graham Michele Glazer It Is Hard to Look At What We Came to Think
1996 Short Fiction George Cuomo Charlotte Bacon A Private State'
1996 Nonfiction Lucy Grealy Marilyn Moriarty Moses Unchained
1995 Poetry Olga Broumas Rick Noguchi The Ocean Inside Kenji Takezo
1995 Short Fiction Lorrie Moore David Jauss Black Maps
1995 Novel Ron Carlson Steven Bloom No New Jokes
1995 Nonfiction Adam Hochschild Sue William Silverman Because I Remember Terror, Father, I Remember You
1994 Poetry William Matthews Ruth Schwartz Accordion Breathing and Dancing
1994 Short Fiction Elizabeth Tallent A. Manette Ansay Read This and Tell Me What It Says
1994 Novel Elizabeth Cox Tracy Daugherty What Falls Away
1994 Nonfiction Patricia Hampl William Van Wert Memory Links
1993 Poetry Carolyn Forché Reginald Shepherd Some Are Drowning
1993 Short Fiction Grace Paley E. Bumas Significance
1993 Novel Josephine Humphreys Mary Gardner Boat People
1993 Nonfiction Phillip Lopate Michael Stephens Green Dreams: Under the Influence of the Irish
1992 Poetry Lucille Clifton Suzanne Gardinier The New World
1992 Short Fiction Bret Lott Daniel Lyons The First Snow
1992 Novel Alison Lurie William Cobb The Fire Eaters
1992 Nonfiction Stanley Lindberg Fred Setterberg Unpaved Nations: Travels Through America's Literary Landscapes
1991 Poetry Ron Wallace (poet) Betsy Sholl The Red Line
1991 Short Fiction Antonya Nelson Jack Driscoll Wanting Only to be Heard
1991 Novel Richard Bausch No winner
1991 Nonfiction Scott Russell Sanders Phyllis Barber How I Got Cultured
1990 Poetry Ellen Bryant Voigt Kathleen Peirce A Living Room
1990 Short Fiction Ron Hansen Karen Brennan Wild Desire
1990 Novel Bob Shacochis Lamar Herrin The Lies Boys Tell
1990 Nonfiction Bob Atwan Philip Garrison Augury
1989 Poetry Alice Fulton Belle Waring Refuge
1989 Short Fiction Charles Baxter Susan Hubbard Walking on Ice
1988 Poetry Gerald Stern Christopher Davis The Tyrant of the Past
1988 Short Fiction David Huddle Roland Sodowsky Things We Lose
1988 Novel Toby Olson Duff Brenna Mamie Beaver
1988 Nonfiction Gloria Emerson Richard Terrill Saturday Night in Baoding
1987 Poetry Linda Pastan Robin Behn Paper Bird
1987 Short Fiction François Camoin Anne Finger Basic Skills
1987 Novel John Williams No winner
1987 Nonfiction David McKain Diane Ackerman Spellbound: Growing Up in God's Country
1986 Poetry James Whitehead & Dara Wier Judith Hemschemeyer The Ride Home
1986 Short Fiction Robley Wilson, Jr., Irene Skolnick Jesse Lee Kercheval The Dogeater: Stories
1986 Novel George Cuomo Kenn Robbins Buttermilk Bottoms
1986 Nonfiction Irene Skolnick, Robley Wilson, Jr. No winner
1985 Poetry John Frederick Nims No winner
1985 Short Fiction Ann Beattie No winner
1985 Novel Margaret Atwood Mack Faith The Warrior's Gift
1985 Nonfiction Susan Fromberg Schaeffer Scott R. Sanders The Paradise of Bombs
1984 Poetry James Tate Sandra Alcosser A Fish to Feed All Hunger
1984 Short Fiction Paul Bowles Rod Kessier Off in Zimbabwe
1984 Novel George Garrett William Holinger The Fence-Walker
1984 Nonfiction Annie Dillard Will Baker Mountain Blood
1983 Poetry Josephine Jacobsen Lisa Ress Flight Patterns
1983 Short Fiction Donald Barthelme Charles Baxter Harmony of the World
1983 Novel Theodore Solotaroff Doug Finn Heart of a Family
1982 Poetry W.D. Snodgrass Alice Fulton Dance Script With Electric Ballerina
1982 Short Fiction Raymond Carver Alvin Greenberg Delta q
1982 Novel Gail Godwin John Solensten Good Thunder
1981 Poetry William Meredith Paul Nelson Days Off
1981 Short Fiction Stanley Elkin François Camoin The End of the World is Los Angeles
1981 Novel John Irving No winner
1980 Poetry Maxine Kumin William Carpenter The Hours of Morning
1980 Short Fiction Joyce Carol Oates Eugene Garber Metaphysical Tales
1980 Novel Hortense Calesher Mary Elsie Robertson After Freud
1979 Poetry Donald Justice James Applewhite Following Gravity
1979 Short Fiction Richard Yates Ian MacMillan Light and Power
1978 Poetry Robert Penn Warren Jeanne Larsen James Cook in Search of Terra Incognita
1978 Short Fiction Wallace Stegner Rebecca Kavaler The Further Adventure of Brunhild
1977 Poetry Elizabeth Bishop Phyllis Janowitz Rites of Strangers
1976 Poetry James Wright Robert Huff The Ventriloquist
1975 Poetry Richard Eberhart David Walker Moving Out [14]