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SEM image of Acacia pollen (about 50 microns long)

Several cladistic analyses have shown that the genus Acacia is not monophyletic. While the subg. Acacia and subg. Phyllodinae are monophyletic, subg. Aculeiferum is not. This subgenus consists of three clades. Therefore, the following list of Acacia species cannot be maintained as a single entity, and must either be split up, or broadened to include species previously not in the genus. This genus has been provisionally divided into 5 genera, Acacia, Vachellia, Senegalia, Acaciella and Mariosousa. The proposed type species of Acacia is Acacia penninervis.[1]

Which of these segregate genera is to retain the name Acacia has been controversial. The genus was previously typified with the African species Acacia scorpioides (L.) W.F.Wright, a synonym of Acacia nilotica (L.) Delile. Under the original typification, the name Acacia would stay with the group of species currently recognized as the genus Vachellia. Orchard and Maslin[2] proposed a retypification of the genus Acacia with the species Acacia penninervis Sieber ex DC., an Australian species that is a member of the largest clade within Acacia, a primarily Australian group formerly recognized as Acacia subgenus Phyllodinae, on the basis that this results in the fewest nomenclatural changes. Although this proposal met with strong disagreement by some authors,[3] it was accepted on 16 July 2005 by the XVII International Botanical Congress in Vienna, Austria.[4] Consequently, the name Acacia is conserved for 948 Australian species, 7 in the Pacific Islands, 1 or 2 in Madagascar and 10 in tropical Asia. Those outside Australia are split between the genera Acaciella, Mariosousa, Senegalia, and Vachellia. This decision was upheld at the 2011 Congress.[5]

In its new circumscription, the genus Acacia (now limited to the Australian species) has seven subgenera—Alatae (an artificial section[citation needed]), Botrycephalae, Juliflorae, Lycopodiifoliae, Plurinerves, Phyllodinae, and Pulchellae (see below). The other species, distributed in the Indian Ocean, tropical Asia and tropical America are now classified under

Two Australian acacias were re-classified under Vachellia, and another two under Senegalia.

Species list[edit]

This is a list of species that belong to Acacia sensu stricto.[6] For species that have been transferred to other genera, see Acaciella, Mariosousa, Senegalia, and Vachellia.

Subgenus Alatae[edit]

Subgenus Botrycephalae[edit]

Silver Wattle (Acacia dealbata) - fruit

Subgenus Juliflorae (Benth.) Maiden & Betche[edit]

Earpod Wattle (Acacia auriculiformis)
Foliage and blossoms of Acacia longifolia
Mangium Wattle (Acacia mangium)

Subgenus Lycopodiifoliae Pedley[edit]

Subgenus Phyllodineae[edit]

Queensland Silver Wattle (Acacia podalyriifolia)
Swamp Wattle (Acacia retinodes)

Subgenus Plurinerves (Benth.) Maiden & Betche[edit]

Formosa Acacia (Acacia confusa)
Koaiʻa (Acacia koaia)
Australian Blackwood (Acacia melanoxylon)

Subgenus Pulchellae[edit]

Incertae Sedis[edit]


  • Acacia adoxa var. adoxa × spondylophylla
  • Acacia adsurgens × rhodophloia
  • Acacia ampliceps × bivenosa
  • Acacia ampliceps × sclerosperma subsp. sclerosperma
  • Acacia ancistrocarpa × arida
  • Acacia ancistrocarpa × citrinoviridis
  • Acacia ancistrocarpa × hilliana
  • Acacia ancistrocarpa × orthocarpa
  • Acacia aphanoclada × pyrifolia var. pyrifolia
  • Acacia arida × stellaticeps
  • Acacia auriculiformis × mangium (either direction)[10]
  • Acacia ayersiana × incurvaneura
  • Acacia baileyana × dealbata
  • Acacia bivenosa × sclerosperma subsp. sclerosperma
  • Acacia caesaneura × incurvaneura
  • Acacia citrinoviridis × tumida var. pilbarensis
  • Acacia craspedocarpa × macraneura
  • Acacia craspedocarpa × ramulosa
  • Acacia ×daweana Maslin (=? A. effusa × hamersleyensis)[11]
  • Acacia decurrens × mearnsii
  • Acacia dodonaeifolia × paradoxa
  • Acacia eriopoda × monticola
  • Acacia eriopoda × trachycarpa
  • Acacia eriopoda × tumida var. pilbarensis
  • Acacia eriopoda × tumida var. tumida
  • Acacia glaucocaesia × synchronicia
  • Acacia ×grayana J.H.Willis (= A. brachybotrya × euthycarpa)[12]
  • Acacia hilliana × stellaticeps
  • Acacia incurvaneura × mulganeura
  • Acacia ligulata × sclerosperma subsp. sclerosperma
  • Acacia longifolia × oxycedrus
  • Acacia monticola × trachycarpa
  • Acacia monticola × tumida var. kulparn
  • Acacia monticola × tumida var. pilbarensis
  • Acacia mucronata × acutata
  • Acacia ×nabbonandii Nash (= Acacia baileyana × decurrens)[13]
  • Acacia oxycedrus × sophorae
  • Acacia rhodophloia × sibirica
  • Acacia ×sphaerostachya E.Pritzel (=? Acacia stellaticeps × ancistocarpa)[13]
  • Acacia stellaticeps × trachycarpa
  • Acacia trachycarpa × tumida var. pilbarensis


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