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Ace Books have published hundreds of genre titles, starting in 1952, including a few that did not fit into the standard three genres that Ace focused on -- science fiction, westerns, and mysteries. A few of these were in dos-à-dos format, but many were single volumes. Between 1953 and 1968, the books had a letter-series identifier; after that date they were given five digit numeric serial numbers. There were a total of 581 singles letter-series titles not in any of the other three genres, and these are listed below.

The list given here gives a date of publication; in all cases this refers to the date of publication by Ace, and not the date of original publication of the novels. For more information about the history of these titles, see Ace Books, which includes a discussion of the serial numbering conventions used and an explanation of the letter-code system.

D, G and S Series[edit]

F Series[edit]

M Series[edit]

G Series[edit]

There had previously been nine titles with a G prefix published as part of the D//G/S-series. These nine are:

The nine titles above are also listed in the D/G/S-series, but are separated here for convenience.

The remaining titles come from the second G series.

K Series[edit]

A Series[edit]

N Series[edit]

  • N-1 NA UPI editors Retrospect 1964: Summaries and Captions From Special U.P.I Dispatches (1965)
  • N-2 NA UPI editors Retrospect 1965: U.P.I. Pictorial History of 1964 (1966)
  • N-4 NA Isaac Asimov Is Anyone There? (1966)


  • Ace Image Library. Contains images of most covers for both the singles and doubles.
  • Bookscans. Contains numerous images of the Ace covers.