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The following is a list of software products by Adobe Inc.

Active products[edit]

Product name Latest major version Available in
Acrobat family
Acrobat DC Standalone package
Creative Suite
Technical Communication Suite
Acrobat Reader Standalone package
Acrobat Distiller
Adobe Document Cloud N/A Standalone product
Adobe Sign N/A Standalone package
Acrobat PDF Pack N/A
Acrobat Export PDF N/A
Experience Cloud family[1]
Advertising Cloud N/A Experience Cloud
Audience Manager
Campaign Varies with platform
Exchange N/A
Experience Manager 6.5
Magento Commerce Cloud N/A
Marketo Engage
Mobile apps
Account Access varies with platform Android, iOS
Acrobat Reader Android, Windows Phone, iOS
Aero iOS; Android, Windows, and macOS in public beta.[2]
AIR Android, BlackBerry Tablet OS, Samsung Smart TVs, iOS
Analytics Dashboards Android, iOS
Behance Android, iOS, watchOS, tvOS
Captivate Draft 1.0.12 iOS
Captivate Prime varies with platform Android, iOS
Connect Android, iOS, BlackBerry OS
Creative Cloud Android, iOS
Creative Portfolio
Digital Editions
DPS Learn 32.6 iOS
Experience Manager Screens varies with platform Android, iOS
Fill & Sign DC
Fresco 2.0.3 iPad (iOS)
Illustrator Draw varies with platform Android, iOS
Lightroom Android, iOS, tvOS
PhoneGap Developer Android, Windows Phone, iOS
Photoshop Express Android, iOS
Photoshop Fix 1.3 iOS
Photoshop Mix varies with platform Android, iOS
Photoshop Sketch 3.4
Prelude Live Logger 1.1.1 iOS
Premiere Clip varies with platform Android, iOS
Premiere Rush
Preview CC 1.3 iOS
Scan varies with platform Android, iOS
Social iOS
Spark Page 3.1.0
Spark Post 3.8.3 Android, iOS
Spark Video 2.1.4 iOS
XD 38.0.12 Android, iOS
Adobe Advertising Cloud varies with platform
AEM Mobile Preflight
Adobe Experience Manager Forms 6.5.0
Photoshop family
Camera Raw v 13.2 Creative Cloud

Standalone package

Photoshop 2021 (22.3) Standalone package
Creative Cloud
eLearning Suite
Photoshop Elements 12 Standalone package
Photoshop Elements Organizer[3] 2020
Photoshop Express N/A
Photoshop Lightroom CC (v 4.2) Standalone package

Creative Cloud

DNG Converter 12.2 Standalone package
DNG Profile Editor 1.0.4
Lens Profile Creator 1.0.4
Technical Communication Suite family
Captivate 9.0 Standalone package

Technical Communication Suite

FrameMaker 12
FrameMaker Publishing Server
RoboHelp 10
RoboHelp Server 10
Presenter 11
Presenter Video Express 11
Premiere family
Premiere Elements 12 Standalone package
Premiere Pro CC (2021) (v 15.0) Standalone package
Creative Suite
Creative Cloud
Prelude CC Standalone
Creative Suite
Premiere Rush CC (2020)
Type family
Font Development Kit for OpenType 3.2.0 Standalone package
Font Folio 11.1
Adobe Fonts N/A
ColdFusion family
ColdFusion 2018 Standalone package
ColdFusion Builder 2018
After Effects CC 2021 (v 18.0) Standalone
Creative Suite
Creative Cloud
Adobe Character Animator CC (2020)
Adobe Animate (formerly Flash Professional) CC 2021 (21.0.1) Standalone package
Creative Suite
(eLearning Suite)
Creative Cloud
Audition CC 2021 (v 14.0) Standalone package
Creative Suite
(eLearning Suite)
Creative Cloud
Brackets 1.14.2
Bridge 2020 (v 11.0.1) Creative Suite
eLearning Suite
Creative Cloud
Business Catalyst 2.0 Standalone package
Color Web
Connect 9 Standalone package
Creative Suite
eLearning Suite
Content Server 4 Standalone package
Content Viewer
Digital Editions 4.5
Dimension Standalone package

Creative Cloud

Dreamweaver CC 2021 (21.1) Standalone package
Creative Suite
eLearning Suite
Creative Cloud
Dynamic Link ? Standalone package
Creative Suite
Illustrator CC 2021 (v 25.2.1) Standalone package
Creative Suite
Creative Cloud
InCopy CC 2020 (v. 16.0.1) Standalone package
Creative Cloud
InDesign CC 2021 (16.1) Standalone package
Creative Suite
Creative Cloud
Medium by Adobe N/A
Muse 2018.0 Creative Suite
PhoneGap Desktop Standalone package
PhoneGap Build
Source Libraries ? ?
Adobe Media Encoder 2021 (v 15.0) Creative Suite
Adobe Media Optimizer ? ?
Spark Web Standalone package[4]
Adobe XD 38.0.12 Standalone package
Creative Cloud
ExtendScript Toolkit CC Standalone package
Extension Builder 3
Stock N/A

Software suites[edit]

Experience Cloud[edit]

Adobe Experience Cloud (AEC) is a collection of integrated online marketing and Web analytics solutions by Adobe Inc. It includes a set of analytics, social, advertising, media optimization, targeting, Web experience management and content management solutions. It includes:[5]

  • Analytics
  • Experience Manager[6]
    • Experience Manager Assets
    • Experience Manager Sites
    • Experience Manager Forms
  • Audience Manager
  • Campaign
  • Advertising Cloud
  • Target
  • Primetime
  • Commerce Cloud
  • Marketo Engage

Creative Suite[edit]

Adobe Creative Suite (CS) was a series of software suites of graphic design, video editing, and web development applications made or acquired by Adobe Systems. It included:

Creative Cloud[edit]

Adobe Creative Cloud is the successor to Creative Suite. It is based on a software as a service model. It includes everything in Creative Suite 6 with the exclusion of Fireworks and Encore, as the both applications were discontinued. It also introduced a few new programs, including Muse, Animate, InCopy and Story CC Plus.

Technical Communication Suite[edit]

Adobe Technical Communication Suite is a collection of applications made by Adobe Systems for technical communicators, help authors, instructional designers, and eLearning and training design professionals. It includes:

eLearning Suite[edit]

Adobe eLearning Suite was a collection of applications made by Adobe Systems for learning professionals, instructional designers, training managers, content developers, and educators.

Discontinued products[edit]

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