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Formerly included

As of June 2014, the World Checklist of Selected Plant Families recognizes 199 species of Agave and a number of natural hybrids.[1][2][3][4][5] [6][7]


A. americana


A. bracteosa


A. chiapensis


A. deserti



  • Agave felgeri Gentry – Mescalito - Sonora
  • Agave filifera Salm-Dyck – Thread-leaf Agave - Querétaro to México State, Aguascalientes, Hidalgo, San Luis Potosí
  • Agave flexispina Trel. - Chihuahua, Durango
  • Agave fortiflora Gentry - Sonora
  • Agave fourcroydes Lem. – Henequen, Maguey Henequen, Mexican Sisal - Mexico, Guatemala; naturalized in West Indies, Italy, Canary Islands
  • Agave funkiana K.Koch & C.D.Bouché – Ixtle de Jaumav - Mexico (Tamaulipas to Chiapas)


A. guiengola




A. lechuguilla


A. murpheyi




  • Agave pachycentra Trel. - Chiapas, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras
  • Agave palmeri Engelm. – Maguey de tlalcoyote, Palmer Agave, Palmer Century Plant, Palmer's Century Plant - Sonora, Chihuahua, Arizona, New Mexico
A. parviflora


  • Agave quilae (Art.Castro & Aarón Rodr.) Thiede & Govaerts - Mexico (Jalisco)



A. sisalana


A. tequilana


A. victoriae-reginae


Formerly included[edit]

  1. Agave alibertii, syn of Manfreda virginica
  2. Agave argyrophylla, syn of Furcraea parmentieri
  3. Agave aspera, syn of Furcraea hexapetala
  4. Agave australis, syn of Furcraea hexapetala
  5. Agave bicolor, syn of Polianthes bicolor
  6. Agave × blissii, syn of Polianthes × blissii
  7. Agave brachystachys, syn of Manfreda scabra
  8. Agave brunnea, syn of Manfreda brunnea
  9. Agave bulbosa, syn of Furcraea foetida
  10. Agave × bundrantii, syn of Polianthes × bundrantii
  11. Agave campanulata, syn of Furcraea tuberosa
  12. Agave chamelensis, syn of Manfreda chamelensis
  13. Agave commelyni, syn of Furcraea foetida
  14. Agave conduplicata, syn of Manfreda virginica
  15. Agave confertiflora, syn of Polianthes densiflora
  16. Agave cubensis, syn of Furcraea hexapetala
  17. Agave debilis, syn of Manfreda pringlei
  18. Agave dolichantha, syn of Polianthes longiflora
  19. Agave drimiifolia, syn of Manfreda undulata
  20. Agave duplicata, syn of Polianthes geminiflora
  21. Agave foetida, syn of Furcraea foetida
  22. Agave funifera, syn of Hesperaloe funifera
  23. Agave fusca, syn of Manfreda fusca
  24. Agave galvaniae, syn of Manfreda galvaniae
  25. Agave gigantea, syn of Furcraea foetida
  26. Agave gracilis A.Berger 1915 not Jacobi 1871 nor A.García-Mend. & E.Martínez 1998, syn of Manfreda elongata
  27. Agave gracillima, syn of Manfreda elongata
  28. Agave guttata, syn of Manfreda guttata
  29. Agave hauniensis, syn of Manfreda hauniensis
  30. Agave hexapetala, syn of Furcraea hexapetala
  31. Agave howardii, syn of Polianthes howardii
  32. Agave humilis, syn of Manfreda scabra
  33. Agave involuta, syn of Manfreda involuta
  34. Agave jaliscana, syn of Manfreda jaliscana
  35. Agave langlassei, syn of Manfreda scabra
  36. Agave lata, syn of Manfreda virginica
  37. Agave littoralis, syn of Manfreda littoralis
  38. Agave longibracteata, syn of Manfreda longibracteata
  39. Agave longiflora, syn of Manfreda longiflora
  40. Agave maculata, syn of Manfreda maculosa
  41. Agave maculosa, syn of Manfreda maculosa
  42. Agave madagascariensis, syn of Furcraea foetida
  43. Agave michoacana, syn of Polianthes michoacana
  44. Agave neonelsonii, syn of Polianthes nelsonii
  45. Agave neopringlei, syn of Polianthes pringlei
  46. Agave odorata, syn of Furcraea hexapetala
  47. Agave oliveriana, syn of Manfreda scabra
  48. Agave pallida, syn of Manfreda virginica
  49. Agave palustris, syn of Polianthes palustris
  50. Agave planifolia, syn of Manfreda planifolia
  51. Agave platyphylla, syn of Polianthes platyphylla
  52. Agave polianthes, syn of Polianthes tuberosa
  53. Agave polianthoides, syn of Manfreda scabra
  54. Agave potosina, syn of Manfreda potosina
  55. Agave pratensis, syn of Manfreda rubescens
  56. Agave producta, syn of Polianthes elongata
  57. Agave protuberans, syn of Manfreda guttata
  58. Agave pubescens, syn of Manfreda pubescens
  59. Agave revoluta, syn of Manfreda revoluta
  60. Agave rosei, syn of Polianthes montana
  61. Agave roseopictus, syn of Breynia disticha
  62. Agave saponaria, syn of Manfreda scabra
  63. Agave scabra Ortega 1797 not Salm-Dyck 1859, syn of Manfreda scabra
  64. Agave sessiliflora, syn of Manfreda scabra
  65. Agave sileri, syn of Manfreda sileri
  66. Agave singuliflora, syn of Manfreda singuliflora
  67. Agave spinosa, syn of Furcraea tuberosa
  68. Agave stictata, syn of Manfreda maculata
  69. Agave tigrina, syn of Manfreda virginica
  70. Agave toneliana, syn of Furcraea parmentieri
  71. Agave tuberosa Mill. 1768 not (L.) Thiede & Eggli 1999, syn of Furcraea tuberosa
  72. Agave undulata, syn of Manfreda undulata
  73. Agave variegata, syn of Manfreda variegata
  74. Agave virginica L. 1753 not Mill. 1768 nor Baker 1883, syn of Manfreda virginica


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