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This is a list of historical and living Albanians (ethnic Albanian people or people of full or partial Albanian ancestry) who are famous or notable, sorted by occupation and name.


William G. Gregory NASA astronaut of Albanian origin.

Visual arts[edit]


  • Andrea Aleksi – (1425–1505) architect, painter and sculptor
  • Qemal Butka – (1907–1997) architect, painter, politician and postage stamps engraver
  • Enver Faja – (1992-1996) architect and diplomat
  • Kolë Idromeno – (1860–1939) painter, sculptor, photographer, architect and engineer
  • Architect Kasemi – (1570–1659) master of Ottoman classical architecture
  • Pilo Keri – (born 1956) architect
  • Spiro Koleka – (1908–2001) civil engineer, army official and communist politician
  • Hasan Masurica – (1869–1942) architect, scientist, engineer, inventor and muezzin
  • Onufri – Orthodox icon painter and Archpriest of Elbasan
  • David Selenica – painter of the late 17th and the early 18th century
  • Mimar Sinan – (1489/1490-1588) one of the greatest Ottoman arhitects
  • Valentina Pistoli – (born 1928) architect
In 1979 Catholic Albanian nun, Mother Teresa received the Nobel Peace Prize for her humanitarian work.


Painters, cartoonists and illustrators[edit]

Ela Mino, Miss Global 2014 of Albanian origin

Photographers and graphic designers[edit]



Main article: Albanian literature
  • Writers





Elliott Moglica, poet, novelist, biographer, short story writer, educator, academic, essayist, visual artist, critic, freelance journalist/ interpreter/ translator and human rights activist. Born in Albania.




Emina Cunmulaj Supermodel
Ferid Murad is a physician and pharmacologist, and a co-winner of the 1998 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.







Cecilia Bolocco Chilean of Arbëreshë (Albanian) origin and Miss Universe 1987
*Lejla Agolli (born 1950)





Operatic sopranos and conductors[edit]

Performing arts[edit]

Actors and actresses[edit]


Film and television directors[edit]



Models and beauty pageant participants[edit]

Television personalities[edit]

  • Mike Adam (formerly Prolifik) (born 1985)  – American television personality and radio presenter; of Albanian descent
  • Hana Cakuli (born 1989) – singer; from Montenegro
  • Claudia Conserva (born 1974) – Chilean actress, model and television presenter; of Italian-Albanian (Arbëreshë) descent
  • Benet Kaci (born 1978) – Kosovan television personality; from Kosovo
  • Florina Kaja (born 1982) – American reality-television participant, singer and actress
  • Alketa Vejsiu (born 1982) – singer, television personality, producer and radio presenter

Academic sciences[edit]





  • Kostandin Boshnjaku (1888–1953) was an Albanian banker, and politician. He was one of the earliest Albanian communists.
  • Shkëlqim Cani (born 1956) was Governor of the Bank of Albania, which is the Central Bank of Albania, from August 1997 to October 2004.
  • Sokrat Dodbiba (1899-1956) was an Albanian economist and politician who served as Minister of Finance of Albania during 1943-44.
  • Ardian Fullani (born 1955)
  • Ilir Hoti (10 May 1957 – 1 March 2016) was an Albanian economist and banker.
  • Arben Malaj (born 19 September 1961 in the city of Vlora, Albania) \
  • Qirjako Mihali (born 1929[1] in Korçë)
  • Arta Musaraj is the founder and editor-in-chief of Academicus,[50] an academic journal published in English in Albania,[51] and general coordinator of the Entrepreneurship Training Center,[52][53] an initiative of Southeast Europe Enterprise Development, International Finance Corporation, and the World Bank.
  • Filip Noga (1867 or 1868-1917) was an Albanian politician, and Minister of Finance of the country for four months in 1914. He is also known as Philippe Nogga.
  • Gramoz Pashko (11 February 1955 – 16 July 2006) was an Albanian economist and politician.
  • Dhimitër Pasko , (b. 13 September 1907, Pogradec, Albania – d. 4 May 1967 Tirana, Albania)
  • Ferit Vokopola (born 1887)
  • Vrioni family is one of the great aristocratic and one of the biggest landowner families of Albania.


Linguistics and philology[edit]

Albanians (born after 1900)[edit]

Kastrioti family[edit]

  • Gjon Kastrioti (fl. 1407-1437) – Scanderbeg's father
  • Gjon Kastrioti II – Count of Soleto; son of George Kastrioti
  • Hamza Kastrioti – nephew of Scanderbeg
  • Pal Kastrioti – noble man in Albania of the 14th century; around 1383 he is attested as the ruler of two villages (Sina and Lower Gardi); father was a kephale of Kanina who belonged to the Principality of Valona; according to Gjon Muzaka Pal, had three sons: Konstantin, Alexius and Gjon Kastrioti, who was Skanderbeg's father
  • Skanderbeg (1405–1468) – 15th-century Albanian lord; "Hero of Christianism"; initiated and organized the League of Lezhë, which proclaimed him Chief of the League of the Albanian people




Basketball players[edit]

  • Ermal Kuqo (born 1980) – player for the Turkish team Anadolu Efes
  • Blerim Mazregu (born 1981) – ethnic Albanian; Kosovan professional basketball player
  • Vildan Mitku (born 1983) – player for the Tigers Tübingen in the Basketball Bundesliga

Football players[edit]

Martial artists[edit]


Volleyball players[edit]

Chess players[edit]

Historical figures[edit]

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  1. ^ The Moglica's House is in Moglicë, Elbasan. It was founded at the end of the 18th century when they moved from Big Dibra (in Albanian; Dibër/Dibra or Dibra e Madhe). The most prominent member of the Moglica's House was Hasan Moglica (b1854 - d1915): an educator, philosopher, teacher, fighter and patriot.[24][25] He was buried alive by insurgents on 15 June 1915 when he refused to sell the western part of Dibra regions including the localities of Kolgrek, Kaptinë, Vervjak, Qafë Buall, and Qafë-Murrë, till Lurë to be annexed to Serbia.[26]
  2. ^ The Moglica's (the people) are a branch of Illyrians (Albanian: Ilirët) tribe. The Moglica's lay among Albania, mostly in Moglicë, Elbasan, in Great Okshtun (Albanian: Okshtuni i Madh), in Peshkopi, Librazhd, Elbasan, Tiranë, Fier, Shkodër, and Sarandë in Albania - and they originate from Big Dibra (Albanian: Dibra e Madhe) or Debar which now is part of the Republic of Macedonia. Should be noted that a very small number of the Moglica's live in Italy and Canada.[24][27][28]


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