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This is a List of personnel from the various lineups of Alice Cooper's studio and touring bands.


Alice Cooper's original group, The Alice Cooper Band, was formed in the 1960s and officially disbanded in 1975, although they had broken up in 1973 and tried to continue with replacement members. Alice Cooper went on to a successful solo career beginning in 1973, simply referred to as "Alice Cooper". Members of the original act formed "Billion Dollar Babies", which was named after the original band's hit song. For information about the original act, please use this link.

This list is about the members of the post-1973 era Alice Cooper solo act and not the original Alice Cooper Band.



  • Dennis Conway (drums)
  • Wayne Cook (keyboards)
  • Alice Cooper (vocals)
  • Sheryl Cooper (stage actor/dancer)
  • Bob Ezrin (Fairlight, keyboards, drums)
  • Duane Hitchings (keyboards)
  • Danny Johnson (guitar)
  • Davey Johnstone (guitar)
  • Richard Kolinka (drums)
  • Craig Krampf (drums)
  • John "Cocker" LoPresti (bass)
  • Fred Mandel (guitar, keyboards)
  • John Nitzinger (guitar)
  • Mike Pinera (guitar)
  • Ross Salomone (drums)
  • Erik Scott (bass)
  • Graham Shaw (OBX-8, Roland Jupiter)
  • Jan Uvena (drums)
  • Dick Wagner (guitar)





Since 2011[edit]

Currently active (2014 — present[1]) touring members listed in Bold.



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