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This is an episode list of American situation comedy All of Us.

Season 1: 2003-2004[edit]

Series # Season # Title Original air date Notes Guest Star(s)
1 1 "Pilot" September 16, 2003 Entertainment reporter Robert James has to raise his son and deal with both the demands of his ex-wife and also those of his current girlfriend. In the opener, he gets the divorce papers to end one marriage and also tries to start up another by asking his son if he can marry Tia.
2 2 "Birthdaze" September 23, 2003 The competition heats up between Neesee and Tia, who try to out-do each other by planning separate birthday parties for Bobby Jr., so Robert attempts to increase the peace between the women and bring everyone together for one big birthday bash. Bobby gets his hopes up that they might get back together after he sees them getting on with each other. Debi Mazar, Jaden Smith, Trey Smith
3 3 "Here Comes the Bride" September 30, 2003 When Robert invites Tia to move into his closet space, she gets jealous when she discovers his old wedding video showing a happy Robert with his now ex-wife Neesee. Meanwhile, a misunderstanding about which videotape Tia actually found gives Neesee leverage in a battle with Robert over who gets custody of Bobby's Jr.'s old crib.
4 4 "Kindergarten Confidential" October 7, 2003 Tia finds that she can't escape Robert's ex-wife, Neesee, even in her own workplace, when Neesee volunteers to be the school's newest kindergarten "room mom" and forms an instant bond with Tia's best friend, Jonelle. Meanwhile, R&B sensation and movie star Beyoncé Knowles turns the tables on Robert during an interview when she starts asking him personal questions. Beyoncé Knowles
5 5 "Say My Name, Say My Name" October 14, 2003 After Tia uses Neesee's maiden name when forging her signature on one of Bobby Jr.'s permission slips, Neesee reveals that she intends to keep Robert's last name even though they're officially divorced.
6 6 "Uncle Marcus Comes to Dinner" October 21, 2003 When Neesee begins dating a handsome dentist, Robert becomes jealous, but claims his concern is for Bobby Jr. Boris Kodjoe
7 7 "Spatial Profiling" November 4, 2003 When the station does a profile on Robert's home life, he insists that both Tia and Neesee be included, but when Neesee is edited out of the version that airs, the kids at Bobby's Jr.'s school joke that Neesee must be the nanny. Meanwhile, Neesee retaliates by filing a complaint that Tia and Robert's relationship is in violation of the rule against teachers dating students' parents.
8 8 "Tia Moves In" November 11, 2003 Tia moves into the house with Robert only to discover that Bobby Jr. doesn't want her there, so when Robert and Dirk fail at making Bobby Jr. feel more comfortable with the new living arrangements, it's up to Neesee to try to help her son adjust. Meanwhile, Jonelle sublets Tia's old apartment and becomes friends with the neighbors who did not like Tia.
9 9 "Johnny Comes Marching Home" November 18, 2003 When Jonny, a recently divorced college friend of Robert, Dirk and Neesee's, comes to town, sparks fly after he and Neesee share a kiss, but Robert isn't happy to learn that Jonny and Neesee want to take things to the next level. Debi Mazar, Jaden Smith, Trey Smith, Will Smith
10 10 "Out of the Picture" November 25, 2003 Now that they're living together, Robert and Tia worry that Bobby Jr. may have actually witnessed them having sex, and to make matters worse, they believe that Bobby Jr. has drawn a picture of what he saw and fear that he may show it to his Neesee.
11 11 "I Saw Tia Kissing Santa Claus" December 16, 2003 Bobby Jr. catches his dad, who's decked out like St. Nick, in a kiss with Tia---and comes away believing his dad is the real Santa. Also, Tia's relationship with her visiting dad becomes strained.
12 12 "Catering" January 13, 2004 Neesee contemplates quitting her burgeoning catering career when Bobby Jr. begins to act out both at home and at the TV station. Meanwhile, Dirk is surprised when he falls not for a sexy superstar, but for her lawyer. Debi Mazar, Jaden Smith
13 13 "Use Ta Be My Girl" January 27, 2004 Larry, one of Tia's closest friends from childhood, pays Tia a visit which unsettles Robert when Larry admits that he wishes he was marrying Tia. Things go from bad to worse when Larry explains why. Meanwhile, Neesee and Alex take over Robert's kitchen. Debi Mazar, Allen Payne
14 14 "Boxing" February 10, 2004 Neesee is furious when she finds out that Robert has taught their son to box. Meanwhile, Alex tries a few moves on her trainer, and Tia learns that Jonelle hasn't been paying her rent. Debi Mazar, Jaden Smith, Sugar Shane Mosley
15 15 "Johnny Come Lately - Part I" February 17, 2004 Robert's college buddy Jonny returns to visit Neesee. Tia later asks Robert how he feels about Jonny and Neesee's relationship. He doesn't mind and offers to take the newly couple out to dinner. After a fun-filled evening, Jonny decides to take everyone out on a road trip to Las Vegas. Will Smith
16 16 "Johnny Come Lately - Part II" February 17, 2004 The gang decides to go on a road trip with Dirk and Jonelle in tow. Jonelle assists that Turtle look after Bobby while they're gone. Later, Neesee proposes to Jonny but the newly engaged couple is too scared to tell Robert whom isn't okay with it at all. Will Smith
17 17 "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" February 24, 2004 Dirk's estranged brother reveals he has had a sex-change operation. Meanwhile, Robert's mother collapses during a visit. Patti LaBelle, Tyra Banks
18 18 "A Family Affair" March 2, 2004 When Robert turns down his sister Carmen's latest "get-rich-quick" scheme, she pleads her case to Tia, who decides to help her, but accidentally gives Carmen money that was intended for Bobby Jr., so when Neesee's child support check bounces, a furious Neesee lets everyone know about it. Meanwhile, Dirk and Jonelle try to start a romance. Tisha Campbell-Martin
19 19 "Wedding Dance" March 30, 2004 Although Tia wants to have their wedding on the beach or on a mountaintop, Robert is convinced that she really wants an expensive shindig. So, to make extra money to pay for it, he appears in a TV commercial for a car dealership. Meanwhile, Bobby gives a girl he likes Neesee's old engagement ring.
20 20 "Thirty Candles" May 4, 2004 Robert doesn't realize he has completely forgotten Tia's birthday until Neesee and Bobby arrive with a present, so he enlists Neesee's help to cater and pull together a party that's a surprise for everyone involved. Sure that Robert hasn't forgotten her birthday, Tia anticipates his surprise, but certainly doesn't expect getting stuck in the car while Robert reports on a stuntman-union strike.
21 21 "Playdate" May 11, 2004 When Robert and Neesee learn that Bobby doesn't socialize with the other kids in his school, they immediately book a playdate for Bobby with the most popular kid in class, Sammy, but things get awkward when Sammy's mom Traci comes on strong to Robert right in his own house. Meanwhile, after discovering that Bobby's shyness stems from a fight with Alex's son, Neesee and Alex attempt to reconcile the boys' friendship, but end up arguing over whose son should apologize first. Debi Mazar, Nicole Ari Parker
22 22 "It Takes Three to Tango" May 18, 2004 Close to the wedding date, Robert and Tia start having vivid nightmares involving Neesee, making Tia realize that spending the rest of her life with Robert also means spending the rest of her life with Neesee, causing her to re-examine her relationship with Robert. Tensions at home affect the tired couple, putting them out of sync at the gang's tango lessons, taught by Antonio.

Season 2: 2004-2005[edit]

Series # Season # Title Original air date Notes Guest Star(s)
23 1 "Reunited and It Doesn't Feel That Good" September 21, 2004 Tia tries to explain why she needs some space, Robert successfully seduces her, thinking their problems are solved only to be disappointed the next morning when Tia tells him nothing has changed. But when Neesee attempts to get Robert and Tia back together, her plan backfires, not realizing that she is the reason for their separation. Later, when Jonelle decides to take Tia out to take her mind off of the separation, Robert shows up at the club and begs Tia to reconsider, only to find her being hit on by an annoying guy named Hale. Fonzworth Bentley
24 2 "Return of the Mack" September 28, 2004 Coping with heartache means moping for Robert---until he sees his son copying his depressive behavior. A fireman takes an interest in Tia after a classroom visit.
25 3 "The Kiss Off" October 5, 2004 After learning that Robert has started dating again, Tia immediately asks flirty fireman Rick to join her on a double date with Dirk and Jonelle, but when Robert decides to keep tabs on Tia by calling Dirk in the middle of dinner, he gets more than an earful when Dirk accidentally blurts out that Tia kissed Rick. Later, thinking Tia has moved on, Robert goes in for a passionate good night kiss with his date Sheena, but pulls back at the last minute after his eye catches a photo of Tia. Debi Mazar, Jaden Smith
26 4 "In Through the Out Door" October 12, 2004 When Neesee nurses ailing Robert and Bobby Jr. back to health, Robert gets to see a more caring and nurturing side of his ex-wife, which brings back all of the old feelings he had when he first fell in love with her. Later, when Tia sees an ugly side to Rick, she realizes she is still in love with Robert and wants to reconcile, only to find out that Robert now needs space.
27 5 "Why Do Fools Fall Back in Love?" October 19, 2004 When Robert and Neesee decide to have dinner to discuss the romantic spark between them, their initial flirtatious behavior turns catty as old habits begin to surface, reminding them why they got divorced in the first place.
28 6 "Let's Stay Together" October 26, 2004 It seems that Robert and Tia's relationship are coming together again only to find out that Robert confesses to Tia that he almost shared a kiss with Neesee, which makes Tia very depressed about this situation.
29 7 "Basket Cases" November 9, 2004 Robert, Tia and Neesee are outraged to find out that Bobby is lost in the basketball stadium after when Robert broke Bobby's promise about taking him to a basketball game and spending some time with him, which then causes Robert, Tia and Neesee to have a serious argument. Xzibit
30 8 "Parents Just Don't Understand" November 23, 2004 When Tia's dad, Lucas joins the family for Thanksgiving dinner, he is immediately taken by Neesee's mom (guest star Debbie Allen) and spends the entire meal flirting with her, while she wants nothing to do with him. Later, after Bobby ignores his parents' orders twice, they decide they must punish him with his first spanking. Debbie Allen, James L. Avery, Sr.
31 9 "The Return of Mars Blackmon" November 30, 2004 Robert coaches a game in which he is forced to deal with a boisterous heckling father, but he turns the other cheek in order to teach Bobby a lesson. Dayna Devon, George Hertzberg, Wendy Raquel Robinson
32 10 "Home for Christmas" December 14, 2004 A snowstorm forces Robert off the road on his way to an interview in New York and jeopardizes his chances of spending Christmas with Bobby and Tia. Lil Jon, Masi Oka, The East Side Boyz, Twista
33 11 "Liar, Liar" January 4, 2005 When Bobby lies, Robert, Neesee and Tia all have different techniques on how to deal the situation. Also Neesee takes her therapist's advice and tries to work out some issues with her estranged father. Meshach Taylor
34 12 "Get Me to the Church on Time" January 11, 2005 Robert & Neesee's old friend, Frankie comes back to town having found God and transformed to a hip & modern day minister. He inspires them to re-evaluate their lives and also to make some changes. Also after listening to Frankie preach, Bobby thinks he has sinned and will be sent to hell. Mase
35 13 "Focus" February 8, 2005 Robert refuses to accept that Bobby has ADD and tries to cure him without therapy. Warren G
36 14 "Not So Wonderful Town" February 15, 2005 Robert's romantic New York Valentine's weekend with Tia goes awry when his big interview with Serena Williams keeps getting postponed by her wacky cousin/assistant Wanda. Meanwhile, Neesee caters a high-profile party for Alex's new boyfriend Eric, but when his demands become out of control, it causes tension between the two women. Serena Williams
37 15 "Handle Your Business" February 22, 2005 After an argument, Jonelle throws him out, Dirk crashes on Robert and Tia's couch causing them to get sucked into their best friends' break-up. Also, Neesee co-chairs a school fundraiser with another very competitive mother, who unexpectedly winds up being the perfect business partner for her. Wendy Raquel Robinson
38 16 "So I Creep" March 1, 2005 Robert lands a job as a weekend correspondent for "Entertainment Tonight" and insists Dirk be his producer, but when he criticizes the stories they are assigning Robert, Dirk ends up quitting. Meanwhile, when Rusty, the brother of her new business partner, comes over to help Neesee build some shelves in her apartment, she unexpectedly finds herself attracted to him, but when they start dating, Rusty doesn't want to tell his sister. Toccara Jones, Jere Burns, Fantasia Barrino, Talib Kweli
39 17 "Movin' On Up" March 29, 2005 When Robert finds himself unable to handle working on two shows at once, he is forced to choose between Mr. L.A. and Entertainment Tonight. Mario, Jere Burns, Wendy Raquel Robinson
40 18 "Passing the Test" April 19, 2005 While celebrating Neesee's birthday at her apartment, Robert and Tia find a pregnancy test and believe Neesee is pregnant.
41 19 "Baby's Got (Flash) Back" April 26, 2005 When Dirk gives his opinion on how marriage changes everything, Robert, Tia, Neesee and Bobby each fantasise how their lives will be affected by Robert and Tia's marriage. Ruben Studdard
42 20 "Hollywood Swinging" May 3, 2005 It's obvious to believe that Robert is spending too much time with other celebrities while Tia is desperate in wanting him to be in her poetry show for him to support her. Meanwhile; Neesee is trying to make a move on her new boyfriend. Paula Abdul, Keyshia Cole
43 21 "Sail On" May 10, 2005 When Robert accepts an offer from his bosses at "Entertainment Tonight" to pay for his wedding for the right to televise it on their show, Tia regrets his decision when the advertising and promotions become more important than the bride and groom. Later, Robert feels bad when he learns that "Mr. LA" is in jeopardy of being cancelled and contemplates leaving "Entertainment Tonight" to help his old show. Jere Burns, Mary Hart
44 22 "He-Male Trouble" May 24, 2005 The station hires a new program director who changes the format of Robert's show from a male oriented show to a show featuring feminine men. Rusty does not see eye to eye with Neesee about the status of their dating. Tia announces her pregnancy to the surprise and dismay of many. Damon Dash

Season 3: 2005-2006[edit]

Series # Season # Title Original air date Notes Guest Star(s)
45 1 "Starting Over" September 19, 2005 Following his breakup with his former fiancée Tia and losing his job a few months earlier, Robert tries to get his life back on track, until his ex-wife Neesee is forced to move in with him after her apartment burns down. Meanwhile, looking to get back into the game, Dirk talks Robert into going to a meeting to pitch a new talk show.
46 2 "If You Can't Stand the Heat..." September 26, 2005 When Neesee and Robert's living together becomes too much for him to take, he pushes her to take a chance on a new place when she receives some insurance money. Meanwhile, when Robert and Dirk shoot the new pilot for their talk show, Dirk gets a massive case of stage fright.
47 3 "Kiss, Kiss, Pass" October 3, 2005 Jumping back into the dating scene, Robert meets a great woman, who is understanding of his current living arrangements, but is disappointed when he finds out she once dated Dirk. Meanwhile, Robert and Neesee teach Bobby, Jr. about the tooth fairy. Anna Nicole Smith & Daya Vaidya
48 4 "Love at First Type" October 10, 2005 To get out of the rut of their non-existent love lives, both Robert and Neesee venture into the online dating scene, but they're surprised by the matchmaking results when it comes time to meet their Internet romances in person. Meanwhile, Dirk relies on advice from 6-year-old Bobby, Jr. to help with his current relationship problem.
49 5 "Divorce Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry" October 17, 2005 No synopsis available.
50 6 "School Colors" October 24, 2005 After being sent to a prestigious all-white private school, Bobby Jr. returns home declaring he wants to be white, and Robert and Neesee must educate their 6-year- old son on why he should be proud to be black. Meanwhile, after members of a focus group for Robert and Dirk's television show mention that Dirk is too skinny, he starts going to a personal trainer. Congresswoman Maxine Waters guest stars as herself. Maxine Waters
51 7 "The Spy Who Smoked Me" November 7, 2005 After firing the thieving babysitter, Amanda (guest star Mercedes of "America's Next Top Model"), Robert installs a nannycam to watch the new sitter, but when he discovers Neesee has resumed her old smoking habit, his attempt to get her to quit only leads him to actually pick up the habit as well. Meanwhile, despite Robert's advice, Dirk dates Amanda and his belongings begin to slowly disappear.
52 8 "Legal Affairs (1)" November 14, 2005 Robert is surprised to learn Neesee is dating her business lawyer, especially when he learns that Neesee knows that the lawyer is married. Meanwhile, even though they are no longer together, Dirk convinces Jonelle to have his baby. Terri J. Vaughn, Tracey Cherelle Jones
53 9 "Legal Affairs (2)" November 21, 2005 Despite warning Neesee about getting involved with a married man, Robert finds himself stuck in the middle of the affair when both her new beau and his wife pay him a visit. Meanwhile, Dirk is excited about the baby-making process with Jonelle, but he's caught off guard by how calculated she is about the right time to conceive. Terri J. Vaughn, Tracey Cherelle Jones
54 10 "Creeping with the Enemy" November 28, 2005 When Neesee's college friend Gwen arrives for a visit, an open feud between Robert and Gwen blossoms into a secret romance. Meanwhile, Turtle shows up on the set of Robert and Dirk's talk show and persuades them to act in his low budget western movie. Tamyra Gray
55 11 "Who Took the Merry Out of Christmas?" December 12, 2005 Despite warning Neesee about getting involved with a married man, Robert finds himself stuck in the middle of the affair when both her new beau and his wife pay him a visit. Meanwhile, Dirk is excited about the baby-making process with Jonelle, but he's caught off guard by how calculated she is about the right time to conceive.
56 12 "Neesee's Grave Plot" January 16, 2006 Robert asks Neesee to pretend that they're still married for the benefit of his dying aunt, who he never told about their divorce, but when she comes face to face with the woman on her deathbed, an overwrought Neesee just can't keep up the façade. Meanwhile, after running into an old flame who doesn't remember him, Dirk decides it would be a good idea to date her again. Garrett Morris
57 13 "Trying to Love Two (Ain't Easy to Do)" February 6, 2006 When Dirk falls hard for Robert’s younger sister, Carmen, Robert and Neesee intervene after catching her in the arms of Nick, and the two force Carmen to tell Dirk the truth. Meanwhile, much to Neesee's chagrin, Carmen brings Bobby a pet frog, but when it gets loose in the house, everyone scrambles to find it before Neesee does. Tisha Campbell-Martin
58 14 "Robert and Neesee Get Real" February 13, 2006 Robert and Neesee realized they still love each over. Bobby goes on his first overnight camping trip.
59 15 "Don't it Make My Brownies Blue" February 20, 2006 When Neesee borrows Robert's new assistant without his permission, it triggers an escalating feud between the former spouses over how they take each other for granted as roommates. Meanwhile, after Robert encourages him to spice up his social studies report by turning it into a rap, Bobby is inspired to become a rapper and begins to call himself Lil' B. Caleeb Pinkett
60 16 "Pass the Peas" February 27, 2006 Robert and Dirk run into an important food critic at the gym and get him to come to the restaurant. All he wants is to enjoy his meal but Neesee and Robert become so wrapped up in trying to impress him that they not only ruin his evening, they almost ruin their chance for a good review. Cedric the Entertainer
61 17 "Domo Arigato, Mr. Roberto" March 27, 2006 When Robert starts dating Bobby's new karate teacher, Kammy, the bond between father and son is tested as Bobby, who also has a crush on her, decides to make his own move to win her over. Meanwhile, in an effort to impress a new lady love, Clarinetta, Dirk turns to Neesee for help in the kitchen with some last-minute cooking lessons.
62 18 "He's Gotta Have It" April 17, 2006 Believing that his relationship with Andrea is not exclusive, Robert accepts a date with attractive segment producer Michele, but when Andrea tells him she wants to get serious, Robert has trouble breaking it off with a clingy Michele. Meanwhile, fearing that Bobby isn't her baby anymore, Neesee decides to get involved with some of the "boy" things he likes to do and ends up on a fishing trip with Bobby and Dirk.
63 19 "The N Word" April 24, 2006 Little Bobby blurts out a racist word in the middle of his birthday party, causing debate among the adults.
64 20 "Surprise, Surprise (1)" May 1, 2006 After a disturbing visit to the doctor's office that makes him feel old, Robert tries to rediscover his youth by getting a motorcycle and dating a young college girl. Meanwhile, Dirk's fender bender with his old flame, Beverly, is double the trouble when a shocking secret is revealed.
65 21 "Surprise, Surprise (2)" May 8, 2006 After being encouraged by his old flame, Beverly, Dirk tries to develop a relationship with his newly discovered daughter, Courtney. Meanwhile, Robert dates a 19-year-old. Vivica A. Fox
66 22 "Carmen's Karma" May 15, 2006 Robert's sister, Carmen, feels guilty about Robert and Neesee's divorce, so she arranges for them to makeup by putting them in romantic settings. Tisha Campbell-Martin

Season 4: 2006-2007[edit]

Series # Title Original air date Notes Guest Star(s)
67 1 "The Hair Down There" October 1, 2006 Robert and Neesee struggle to deal with a letter that he wrote her four years earlier; Bobby discovers a hair.
68 2 "Trojan Condo" October 8, 2006 Neesee finds a new condo to move into, but Robert finds out that it's still under construction and won't be completed for a while. Robert's sister comes for a visit and asks to stay at the house. Tisha Campbell-Martin
69 3 "Police...Open Up" October 16, 2006 Robert decides to take Bobby to the police station as a punishment for prank calling 911. However, he is the one that ends up behind bars after a secret about something he did in the past resurfaces.
70 4 "Love Do Cost a Thing" October 23, 2006 Neesee hosts a charity bachelor auction where she bids on a date with an eligible, handsome and rich doctor(Charles Malik Whitfield) but the date doesn't go as she planned. Robert pays Neesee to bid on him, so he can avoid going on a random date, but a mystery woman outbids her. Meanwhile, Bobby goes on a "date" with Dirk, when he is the only one to bid on him. Biz Markie
71 5 "Pretty Woman" October 30, 2006 Robert comes to the aid of a stranger, Eva, when her purse is being stolen on the street and the pair end up hitting it off. After a series of dates, Dirk realizes that he knows her from a night club he frequents and confronts Robert with the news. Meanwhile, Neesee encourages Bobby to be friends with an unpopular girl in his class, resulting in a unique friendship between the two.
72 6 "The Courtship of Robert's Father" November 6, 2006 Robert and his sister prepare for their father's 60th birthday celebration; Neesee helps Courtney prepare for the school dance. Tisha Campbell-Martin, Glynn Turman
73 7 "Like Father, Like Son, Like Hell" November 13, 2006 After Robert and his sister Carmen learn that the man who raised them isn't Robert's biological father, Dirk and Robert decide to track the real man down. After spending some time with his biological father, Robert discovers a shocking secret about him. Though Bobby tries to hide the fact that Courtney invited her boyfriend over to the house while Neesee was working, Neesee quickly discovers the two are hiding something. Tisha Campbell-Martin, Glynn Turman, Vanessa Bell Calloway
74 8 "My Two Dads" November 20, 2006 Robert learns that his biological father is gay, and keeps it a secret from the rest of his family. Surprisigly his father and his partner drop in for Thanksgiving, making things very interesting. Tisha Campbell-Martin, Glynn Turman, Vanessa Bell Calloway
75 9 "Crime and Maybe Some Punishment" November 27, 2006 Robert grounds Bobby from attending his field trip for being disrespectful to Dirk, but Neesee feels Robert may have gone too far and secretly takes Bobby on the trip. When Robert finds out that Neesee went behind his back, the two agree to stand together when disciplining Bobby in the future. Meanwhile, Courtney brings her new boyfriend home to meet Dirk.
76 10 "Everybody Loves Rain Man" December 11, 2006 Bobby is unappreciative of his Christmas presents; as a result, as punishment, his parents send Bobby's presents to a shelter where he befriends a homeless boy.
77 11 "Let's Go Bobby, Let's Go" January 22, 2007 Robert and Neesee are happy that Bobby will be playing football - at least until he comes home with news that he has joined the cheerleading squad instead.
78 12 "The B-R-E-A-K-U-P" January 29, 2007 After attending the wedding of a friend who found true love with an overweight man, Neesee vows to go out on a date with the next man to ask her out. However, her plan takes a turn when she is asked out by Robert's very short co-worker. Kevin Hart
79 13 "An All of Us Joint...Custody Episode" February 5, 2007 Neesee and Robert are both excited to learn that her new condo is ready, but Bobby tells them he doesn't want to go back and forth between houses. Robert and Neesee decide that the only solution is for Bobby to continue living at Robert's home while he and Neesee take turns living in her condo. Dirk is sent into a frenzy when Courtney develops a crush on an older man from his office.
80 14 "Artificial Intelligence" February 12, 2007 Bobby cheats on his aptitude test and suddenly find himself in the gifted students' program. Robert and Neesee are thrilled with Bobby's book smarts and encourage him to participate in the school's annual academic competition. Meanwhile, Neesee's new friend and neighbor, Michelle, sets her up on a date with a guy who turns out to have a weird fetish.
81 15 "Another Episode of All of Us" February 19, 2007 Bobby tries to steal a pair of sneakers in order to try to fit in with the cool kids at school, but is caught by the store manager. Meanwhile, Neesee reluctantly agrees to help care for her neighbor, Michelle's newborn niece, but soon finds she enjoys being around an infant.
82 16 "He's Got Game" February 26, 2007 During his 15th college reunion weekend, Robert finds himself attracted to Deborah Calhoun, a professor he had a crush on back in his college days. Hoping to meet an eligible bachelor at the reunion, Neesee reconnects with Fitz Escoffrey, a national television sports reporter. Robert believes Fitz stole his successful career when he tripped Robert during a college basketball game and made the game-winning basket. Wanting to settle the feud, Robert challenges Fitz to a one-on-one basketball game, but injures himself before the game while trying to romance Professor Calhoun. Victoria Rowell
83 17 "It Was Fun While It Lasted" March 19, 2007 Neesee realizes she wants to have another baby and visits a fertility clinic to research potential sperm donors. When she finds the donor she prefers, she decides to meet the guy face-to-face. Meanwhile, Robert and Dirk spend an evening hitting on women, and Dirk finds success when he meets Jill. Tensions between Robert and Dirk escalate when Dirk is continuously late to work. James Black
84 18 "The Boy Is Mine" March 26, 2007 Robert and Dirk aren't on speaking terms so Robert becomes friendly with Neesee's new partner which definitely doesn't like. James Black
85 19 "Everything Happens For a Reason" April 23, 2007 After Robert lets Dirk go he feels it was the wrong decision so he sues him. Neesee comes clean that she hadn't met Ben by chance and that she wanted to meet her sperm donor. James Black, Anna Maria Horsford
86 20 "Sins of a Father" April 30, 2007 Robert begins to become attached to a single parent and her child which makes Bobby feel left out. Neesee is called upon for advice after Dirk can't look after Courtney. Meagan Good
87 21 "She Blinded Me With Science" May 7, 2007 Robert learns of Neesee's plan to visit a sperm bank to have a baby. His relationship becomes strained after his former partner comes to stay.
88 22 "The Wedding Singers" May 14, 2007 Neesee and Robert make a decision about a second child. Also Neesee wants Robert to come with her to her mother's wedding.