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Alley Oop is a syndicated comic strip created in 1932 by American cartoonist V. T. Hamlin, who wrote and drew the popular and influential strip through four decades for Newspaper Enterprise Association. Hamlin introduced an engaging cast of characters, and his story lines entertained with a combination of adventure, fantasy, and humor. While the strip began in 1932 Hamlin did not introduce the time lab until 1939 when he felt a need to expand the story line.

Time travels[edit]


Strip Date Characters Location/Time Description
Apr 8 Alley, Ooola Time Lab Dr. Wonmug accidentally transports Alley and Ooola to the 20th century
Jul 29 Dr. Bronson Troy Dr. Bronson volunteers to prove the time machine works
Aug 5 Alley Troy Alley goes to rescue Dr. Bronson
Sep 7 Ooola Troy Ooola goes to rescue Alley and Dr. Bronson
Oct 24 Alley, Oola, Dr. Bronson Time Lab Doc picks up Alley, Ooola, and Dr. Bronson
Nov 11 Alley, Oola, Dr. Bronson Troy Trio returns to Troy


Strip Date Characters Location/Time Description
Mar 5 Oscar Troy Oscar goes to rescue the trio with a station wagon
July 11 Oscar Time Lab Having stolen the magic belt Oscar returns leaving the others behind
July 30 Alley, Ooola, Dr. Bronson Egypt Oscar smashes the time machine while Doc is bringing in the trio, sending them to Egypt
Nov 22 Alley, Ooola, Dr. Bronson Time Lab Doc picks up the trio in Egypt after they have given away the magic belt
Dec 12 Oscar Egypt Upon returning from a short vacation it is discovered that Oscar has used the time machine to return to Egypt in a small airplane


Strip Date Characters Location/Time Description
Feb 6 Alley, G.E. Tum (Federal Agent) Egypt Alley and the G-Man pursue Oscar
Mar 25 Oscar Time Lab Doc picks up Oscar who has once again stolen the magic belt
Apr 1 Oscar, G.E. Tum Time Lab / Gulf of Mexico 1541 In a struggle with Oscar Doc activates the time machine picking up G.E. Tum and sending Oscar
Apr 5 Alley, Ooola, Dr. Bronson Gulf of Mexico 1541 Ooola and Dr. Bronson pick up Alley but are lost on the return trip
Sep 4 Alley, Ooola, Dr. Bronson, Oscar Time Lab Doc successfully returns all four travelers
Sep 18 Foozy Time Lab Doc picks up Foozy while connecting with Moo
Oct 13 Denny Time Lab Doc picks up Denny
Oct 21 Denny, Alley, Ooola ? ?


Dates Short Description Location/Time Long Description
Date Character Location Description
Dates Short Description Location Time Long Description
03/17/2018 - 07/14/2018 Short Desc Revolutionary War 1781