List of Allied ships at the Japanese surrender

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These ships of the Allied navies of World War II were present in Tokyo Bay on Victory over Japan Day (2 September 1945) when the Japanese Instrument of Surrender was signed on board the battleship USS Missouri (BB-63).


Light aircraft carriers[edit]

Escort carriers[edit]

Heavy cruisers[edit]

Light cruisers[edit]


Destroyer escorts[edit]



Light minelayers[edit]

High speed minesweepers[edit]


Submarine chasers[edit]

Motor gunboats[edit]


Motor minesweepers[edit]

Numbered ships named and reclassified in 1947

Auxiliary minelayers[edit]

Amphibious force flagships[edit]

High speed transports[edit]

Tank landing ships[edit]

Dock landing ships[edit]

Infantry landing craft[edit]

Medium landing ships[edit]

Vehicle landing ships[edit]

Attack transports[edit]


Attack cargo ships[edit]

Cargo ships[edit]

Civilian cargo ships (United States)[edit]

Stores issue ship[edit]

Repair ship[edit]

Landing craft repair ship[edit]


Civilian oilers (British)[edit]

  • Carelia
  • City of Dieppe
  • Dingledale
  • Fort Wrangell
  • Wave King

Gasoline tanker[edit]

Destroyer tender[edit]

Hospital ships[edit]

Seaplane tenders[edit]

Small seaplane tenders[edit]

Submarine tender[edit]

Submarine rescue ship[edit]

Fleet ocean tugs[edit]

Auxiliary ocean tug[edit]


  1. ^ Listed in original source as present but ship's War Diary says she was at sea with the carrier force south of Japan
  2. ^ Spelled Buchanon in original source
  3. ^ USS Hughes (DD-410) is listed in the official report as being present for the surrender, but according to the ship's deck log was crossing the international date line en route to Japan at the time. A different ship, USS Charles F. Hughes (DD-428), was sweeping mines that morning. At 10:27 the ship passed Ashika Light. At 10:30 the war ended. At 10:44 the ship made preparations for entering the port and anchored at 12:21 in Tokyo Bay.
  4. ^ Lansdowne was listed as DD-468 in original source. USS Taylor (DD-468) was also present.
  5. ^ Spelled Yarnell in original source
  6. ^ USS Woodcock (ATO-145) is listed in the report, but that ship spent World War II in Central and South American waters.
  7. ^ Ballarat is listed as K.34 in original source.
  8. ^ Listed in original source as present but ship's War Diary says she was in Buckner Bay, Okinawa