List of Alpha Gamma Rho chapters

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List of Alpha Gamma Rho Chapters

Greek Letters University Status Year Founded
Alpha University of Illinois Active 1906
Beta Ohio State University Active 1904
Gamma Pennsylvania State University Active 1911
Delta Purdue University Active 1911
Epsilon North Dakota State University Active 1913
Zeta Cornell University Active 1914
Eta Iowa State University Active 1914
Theta University of Missouri Active 1916
Iota University of Wisconsin–Madison Active 1916
Kappa University of Nebraska Active 1917
Lambda University of Minnesota Active 1917
Mu University of Massachusetts Amherst Inactive, 1962 1917
Nu North Carolina State University Active 1919
Xi Auburn University Active 1919
Omicron University of Kentucky Active 1920
Pi Oklahoma State University Active 1921
Rho Colorado State University Active 1921
Sigma Washington State University Active 1921
Tau Michigan State University Active 1922
Upsilon University of Connecticut Inactive, 1952 1922
Phi University of California-Davis Active 1923
Chi Cal Poly - SLO Active 1975
Psi University of Maine Active 1924
Omega University of New Hampshire Active 1924
Alpha Alpha West Virginia University Active 1924
Alpha Beta Oregon State University Active 1924
Alpha Gamma University of Florida Active 1925
Alpha Delta Montana State University Active 1925
Alpha Epsilon Louisiana State University Active 1926
Alpha Zeta Kansas State University Active 1927
Alpha Eta University of Georgia Active 1927
Alpha Theta University of Maryland Active 1928
Alpha Iota University of Arkansas Active 1934
Alpha Kappa University of Tennessee-Knoxville Active 1951
Alpha Lambda New Mexico State University Active 1951
Alpha Mu Rutgers University Inactive, 1967 1952
Alpha Nu University of Connecticut Active 1958
Alpha Xi Arizona State University Inactive, 1980 1958
Alpha Omicron Utah State University Inactive, 1991 1959
Alpha Pi University of Arizona Active 1959
Alpha Rho University of Vermont Active 1961
Alpha Sigma California State University-Fresno Active 1963
Alpha Tau Western Illinois University Active 1963
Alpha Upsilon University of Tennessee at Martin Active 1963
Alpha Phi South Dakota State University Active 1964
Alpha Chi Western Kentucky University Active 1966
Alpha Psi University of Wisconsin–River Falls Active 1968
Alpha Omega Murray State University Active 1968
Beta Alpha Southern Illinois University Active 1970
Beta Beta Texas A&M University–Kingsville Inactive, 1980 1972
Beta Gamma University of Wisconsin–Platteville Active 1972
Beta Delta Illinois State University Active 1973
Beta Epsilon Arkansas State University Active 1973
Beta Zeta Clemson University Active 1974
Beta Eta Virginia Polytechnic Institute Active 1975
Beta Theta Middle Tennessee State University Active 1976
Beta Iota Truman State University Active 1978
Beta Kappa California State University-Chico Active 1978
Beta Lambda Texas A&M University-Commerce Active 1980
Beta Mu Austin Peay State University Active 1983
Beta Nu Texas A&M University Active 1986
Beta Xi Texas Tech University Active 1987
Beta Omicron University of Wyoming Active 1988
Beta Pi Louisiana Tech University Active 1990
Beta Rho Northwest Missouri State University Active 1990
Beta Sigma Tarleton State University Active 1992
Beta Tau Mississippi State University Active 1992
Beta Upsilon University of Delaware Active 1992
Beta Phi University of Idaho Active 1998
Beta Chi Stephen F. Austin State University Active 2000
Beta Psi Delaware Valley College Active 2001
Beta Omega Missouri State University Active 2003
Gamma Alpha Florida Southern College Active 2006
Gamma Beta Fort Hays State University Active 2005
Gamma Gamma Southern Arkansas University Active 2010
Gamma Delta Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College Active 2011
Gamma Epsilon Sam Houston State University Active 2014