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This is a list of notable members of the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity.



  • Taylor Brown (Montana State University) - owner of Northern Ag radio and TV network
  • Wallace Jerome - founder of "The Turkey Store", of Jennie-O Turkey Store Company
  • Peter Oppenheimer (Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Chi Chapter) - CFO of Apple Inc.
  • James Cash Penney (University of Missouri) - founder of JC Penney Department Stores
  • Orville Redenbacher (Purdue University) - popcorn magnate
  • Orion Samuelson - farm broadcaster
  • Donnie Smith (University of Tennessee - Knoxville) - Chief Executive Officer of Tyson Foods
  • Robert R. Eckert - (California State University Chico). Eckert Orthodontic Laboratory.


  • Steven Leath (Iowa State, Eta, honorary member) - President of Auburn University
  • Francis Tuttle (Oklahoma State) - Director of Oklahoma Vo Tech System
  • Randy Woodson (Purdue, honorary) - Chancellor North Carolina State University
  • Ronnie Green (Virginia Tech) - Chancellor of University of Nebraska - Lincoln


Nobel Peace Prize[edit]



  • Wayne Allard - United States Senator for Colorado
  • Gary Black (University of Georgia, Alpha Eta) - Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture
  • Terry Branstad (Iowa State University, Eta, honorary member) - Governor of Iowa
  • Charles H. Bronson (University of Georgia, Alpha Eta) - former Florida Commissioner of Agriculture
  • Samuel Brownback (Alpha Zeta) - Governor of the State of Kansas; United States Senator for Kansas; former, and youngest ever, Secretary of Agriculture of the state of Kansas; former US Representative
  • Conrad Burns - United States Senator for Montana
  • Earl Butz (Purdue) - former Secretary of Agriculture
  • Ken Givens (Alpha Kappa) - Tennessee Commissioner of Agriculture
  • Charles Grassley (Iowa State University, Eta)- United States Senator for Iowa
  • Seth Hammett (Auburn University) - Director of Economic Development for Alabama Electric Cooperative; former Speaker of the Alabama House of Representatives (Member 1979-2011)
  • Patrick Hooker (Cornell, Zeta) - New York State Commissioner of Agriculture
  • Tommy Irvin (University of Georgia, Alpha Eta) - former Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture
  • Tom Latham (Iowa State University, Eta)- US Representative, Iowa
  • Jerry Litton - US Representative, Missouri
  • Jefferson Miller - US Representative, Florida
  • Devin Nunes - US Representative, California
  • John Perdue (West Virginia) - State Treasurer of West Virginia
  • Rick Perry (Texas A&M) - Governor of Texas
  • Adam Putnam (University of Florida) - Florida Commissioner of Agriculture; US Representative, Florida
  • Robert L.F. Sikes (University of Georgia, Alpha Eta) - former US Representative, Florida
  • Nick Smith - US Representative, Michigan
  • Greg Steube (University of Florida) - member of Florida House of Representatives
  • Gerald Weller - US Representative, Illinois
  • Joe Don McGaugh- Missouri Associate Circuit Judge, Former State Representative
  • Shawn Jasper - (University of New Hampshire) New Hampshire Commissioner of Agriculture
  • Brian Munzlinger (University of Missouri- Theta)- Missouri State Senator, Majority Whip, Chairman of Missouri Senate Agriculture Committee


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