List of ambassadors of Poland to Russia

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Poland and Russia had exchanged diplomatic missions for centuries. The first ambassador in the modern meaning of this word, from Poland to Russia, was Antoni Augustyn Deboli, in late 18th century. After the period of partitions of Poland, in 1918, relations were established between the Second Polish Republic and Soviet Union. After Soviet invasion of Poland in 1939 those relations were broken, to be briefly reestablished in 1941 after the German invasion of the Soviet Union, when the Soviet Union and Polish government in exile agreed to cooperate against their common enemy, Nazi Germany. Those relations were broken in 1943 after discovery of the Katyn massacre. From that point onward, Soviet Union created its own puppet Polish government, which had its "ambassadors" in the Soviet Union. In 1989 the People's Republic of Poland was transformed into the modern Poland; in 1991, Soviet Union was transformed into modern Russia.

Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth[edit]

Second Polish Republic[edit]

Note: Second Republic was created in 1918. Its ambassadors were sent to the newly created successor state of Russia, the Soviet Union.

Polish government-in-exile[edit]

Note: Legal successor of the Second Polish Republic.

People's Republic of Poland[edit]

Note: Officially, People's Republic of Poland is the name used since 1952. Unofficially, this name is used for all Polish communist governments since 1944.

Third Polish Republic[edit]

Note: modern Poland.

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