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American Horror Story: Cult is the seventh season of the FX horror anthology series American Horror Story. This season focuses on marginalization, which is set between 2016 and 2017 in the aftermath of 2016 U.S. Election in the fictitious city of Brookfield Heights, Michigan, and shows how a young man gives birth to a cult of women and men who try to terrorize this small city, killing and petrifying several citizens in a brutal way to take control over them.

Veteran cast members include Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters and Cheyenne Jackson, with Billie Lourd and Alison Pill making their debut. Special guest stars include Billy Eichner and Lena Dunham. Veteran cast members with recurring appearances include Adina Porter, John Carroll Lynch, Frances Conroy, Mare Winningham, Emma Roberts, Chaz Bono, James Morosini and Jamie Brewer. This is the fourth season that is not strictly anthological, with Carroll Lynch reprising his previous role as Twisty the Clown from Freak Show. Cult marks the first season to not feature mainstay actress Lily Rabe. This is also the first season to not feature, since Coven, Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett in any capacity; Finn Wittrock and Wes Bentley also don't appear in any capacity (they appeared in Freak Show, Hotel and Roanoke). This is also the first season since Hotel to not include Lady Gaga.

Cast members[edit]

Main cast[edit]

Supporting cast[edit]


Main characters[edit]

Ally Mayfair-Richards[edit]

Allyson "Ally" Mayfair-Richards (portrayed by Sarah Paulson) is a liberal woman from Michigan who suffers from anxiety as well as several crippling fears, including coulrophobia, hemophobia, and trypophobia, but is being treated by psychiatrist Dr. Vincent. She is a joint owner of a restaurant called "The Butchery on Main" with her wife, Ivy, and together they have a son called Ozzy. Although she lived a relatively normal life and had her fears under control, the election of Donald Trump deeply upset her and triggered her anxiety, phobias, and paranoia. Following the election, she and Ivy hire Winter to look after Ozzy, during which Ally is attacked several times by clowns. This worsens Ally's paranoia as she fortifies the house and accidentally kills her co-worker Pedro during a blackout.[1] After Ivy takes Ozzy and leaves her, Ally learns of her wife's connection to the cult that have been terrorizing her from Meadow. Following Meadow's assassination attempt on Kai, Ally is put in a psychiatric ward for three weeks with no contact with her wife or son as she is approached by the FBI to be their mole in the cult. Becoming calculative and cunning as a result of her self-reflection curing her of her phobias, tricking Kai into thinking that Ozzy is his biological son, Ally first killed Ivy with arsenic-laced food and then sets up Winter to be killed by her brother. Ally then sends a FBI raid after Kai's cult, with Kai arrested while swearing revenge. Months later, now a feminist and winning the popular vote, Ally runs for Senator and orchestrated Kai's death during her first debate. After Kai's death, Ally became Senator while intending to restructure the government as a member of SCUM. For her performance, Paulson was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie.

Kai Anderson[edit]

Kai Anderson (portrayed by Evan Peters) is a mentally damaged young man and the brother of Rudy Vincent and Winter Anderson, having lost his parents in a murder-suicide in 2014 with Rudy concealing their bodies in their bedroom as to not lose the money from their mom's pension and their dad's disability checks.[2] Following an ordeal with Pastor Charles and undergoing therapy under Bebe Babbitt, pretending to be a Trump supporter as he saw the man's presidency will provide him with the opportunity, Kai became a manipulative and disturbed figure who intends to gain control over others using their fear and rage. He uses Rudy's files on Ally to create the clown cult with his followers while provoking a group of Mexicans into beating him to get the sympathy vote while running for city council after murdering councilman Chang.[3] He then used Meadow Wilton to win the election by staging an assassination attempt, gaining a following as a result while his mania manifests more, murdering both his siblings. Becoming more misogynistic, and under the influence of a hallucination of Charles Manson, Kai attempts to stage fear to assure his seat in the Senate by murdering multiple pregnant women. But Kai ends up being outwitted by Ally as arranged for a FBI raid, resulting with his followers all killed off as he is sent to jail. Months later, Kai created a new following while in prison before he escapes with the intent to kill Ally as an act of revenge-driven Iconoclasm. But Kai failed to realize that he was tricked again, told by Ally that a "nasty woman" is worse than a "humiliated man" as he is killed by Beverly Hope.[4]

Dr. Rudy Vincent[edit]

Rudy Vincent (portrayed by Cheyenne Jackson) is the psychiatrist that helps treat Ally Mayfair-Richards.[3] It is explained that Ally regularly meets with him and he prescribes her medication, but after Ally witnesses the death of one of her employees, she stops attending, which concerns him, so he goes to visit her. While visiting, she shows him the gun that she borrowed to feel safe, which he expresses an obvious dislike to. It is later revealed that his real name is Vincent Anderson and that he is Kai and Winter's older brother.[2] He later meets with Ally, after having her hospitalized in the psych ward, to tell her that he believes everything she said about Kai forming a cult. He then reveals that he's Kai's brother and that he's planning to have him arrested. After, Ally uses that info to make a deal with Kai in exchange of her son, Oz. Kai then kidnaps and subsequently kills Rudy.[5]

Winter Anderson[edit]

Winter Anderson (portrayed by Billie Lourd) is a liberal college dropout and the younger sister of Kai Anderson, whom she has a very close bond with, shown by the pinkie truth hold, where she is honest with him whilst holding pinky fingers. Winter left school to campaign for Hillary Clinton, meeting Ivy during that time and helped her get payback on Gary K. Longstreet in an attempt to prevent him from voting for Trump. But when Trump won the election, her history of self-harm revealed, Winter honors his deal with Kai by joining his cult. She is forced by her brother to interview for the job of babysitting Ozzy Mayfair-Richards, secretly exposing the boy to horrible things that include videos of people being murdered and the Changs' murder.[3] Winter also gave Ivy the excuse she needed to leave Ally by convincing the latter to stop taking her medication and seduces her in the bathtub before running off when the power goes out.[1] Though Ivy defended her brother, later attempting to leave the cult to preserve what few remaining good impressions she had on him, Winter becomes the seventh member of the cult to die; being strangled to death by Kai after Ally set her up as the mole.[6]

Ivy Mayfair-Richards[edit]

Ivy Mayfair-Richards (portrayed by Alison Pill) is a joint restaurant owner, with her wife Ally, and the mother of Ozzy.[3] Despite appearing supportive, Ivy secretly resented Ally for bearing Ozzy and the perceived entitlement of her many phobias, only staying in the marriage for their son. But blaming Ally for costing them the election by not voting for Hillary Clinton, Ivy joined Kai's cult as its fifth member to whittle away at her sanity so she can have sole custody of Ozzy.[2] Ivy succeeds with help from Winter, who helped her pre-election to restrain Gary K. Longstreet after he sexually assaulted her.[7] But things do not go as planned as Ivy later becomes the fifth member of the cult to die after Ally had poisoned her wine and dinner with arsenic.[8] As far as everyone else was concerned, Ivy was assumed to have been murdered by Kai.

Supporting characters[edit]

  • Ozymandias "Oz" Mayfair-Richards (portrayed by Cooper Dodson) is the young son of Ally and Ivy, and the charge of babysitter Winter. Despite his mother's wishes, he has an inclination towards clowns, and owns a comic book of Twisty (from Freak Show).[3] There is some tension between him and his mother, Ally, which is worsened by her growing paranoia and anxiety, as well as her strict rules. After Ivy leaves home with Oz, his relationship with Ally grows worse.[2]
  • Harrison and Meadow Wilton (portrayed by Billy Eichner and Leslie Grossman, respectively) were the eccentric couple who moves next door to the Mayfair-Richards residence. Despite his marital status, Harrison reveals that he is actually a homosexual. He made a pact with Meadow in high school, that if they were still single at 35, they would marry each other. He is a personal trainer and beekeeper, as well as a personal firearm owner who keeps a sizable collection of firearms in his home. Meadow used to work in pharmaceuticals, but after being diagnosed with melanoma, she quit her job and rarely spends time outside during the day. When she does go outside, she frequently wears hats, sunglasses, and carries around a parasol to protect herself. After not generating enough income to keep the mortgage, she fears homelessness. She is a fan of The Real Housewives and Nicole Kidman, and uses humor and superficiality to hide her emotions. After the election voting, Kai Anderson recruited both of them - he had been tracking Harrison and enrolled in his training sessions where he found that he was being unfairly treated by his boss, Vinny. After an implied sexual interaction with Kai, he murders Vinny and dismembers the body, making him the first member of Kai's cult. When his wife arrive home at their apartment and saw the men disembering his body, she became the second cult member and designer of the clown costumes to conceal the identities.[7] After murdering the Changs with the help of Kai and the other cult members, they settle in the residence posing as new neighbors. Although they were initially friendly to Ally and Ivy, the couple turn on them especially Ally, who was frequently called a racist by Meadow, after the death of Pedro. The couple each confides a ritual with Kai - Harrison was resentful for marrying his wife and wishes she was dead while Meadow fears of being alone and unloved after her husband's affair with Detective Samuels. Therefore, she formed a bond with the cult leader instead and when Kai turned his attention to Ivy, Meadow was upset and attempted to leave but the cult began to toss her out and claimed she is worthless. Instead of execution, Kai gave her one last test of loyalty: to gain huge support from the public to vote him as councilman by staging an attempted assassination at the rally after gaining Ally's trust. After they buried her, Harrison returns to Kai's cult by imposing a fake arrest from the police behind Meadow's alleged murder. When Ally found Meadow in the ground, she rescued her and the latter reveals to Ally the existence of the cult and her wife's involvement. Upon arriving at the rally, Meadow shoots several people and injures Kai. Ally manages to wrestle the gun from her, but Meadow commits suicide by shooting herself in the mouth.[9] After learning about Harrison making sexist remarks, Winter, Ivy, and Beverly confront him at The Butchery on Main, where they knock him unconscious and tie him to a table in the butchery room. A short while later, Ivy dismembers him with a chainsaw, killing him.[10] Meadow was the second member of the cult to die, followed by Harrison, who was the third.
  • Beverly Hope (portrayed by Adina Porter) is a resentful broadcast newscaster whose rage caught Kai's eye as he murdered a young reporter named Serena to win her loyalty to join his cult as its third member under the promise of being the last person alive.[7] Beverly uses her position to ensure that Kai's running for city council and the shock value of their killings is on the public mind.[2] Beverly is approached by a woman Bebe Babbitt, who convinces her to go to her apartment. There, Babbitt tells Beverly that Kai is manipulating her and the other female cult members. Beverly then sets up a meeting with Winter and Ivy, who get convinced by Bebe's speech of feminism and lure Harrison to an alleged meeting and savagely murder him after learning that he made sexist remarks.[10] But after being placed in solitary confinement when Winter set her up for the death of Jack Samuels and then drinking what was assumed to be poisoned kool aid, Beverly broke down and became defeated. But it was only after the FBI raid on the cult, released without charges as the FBI assumed she was a victim rather than a member, Beverly became Ally's supporter and later killed Kai when he came to Ally's debate. For her performance, Porter was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie.
  • Detective Jack Samuels (portrayed by Colton Haynes) is a police officer who investigates many of the troubling situations that arise. He seemingly holds so Nazism beliefs, based on the Nazi memorabilia in his home. He meets Kai during a drug bust, but agrees to not arrest him if he receives a percentage of Kai's profits. One night, Samuels confides his relationship concerns with Kai, who suggests that he sleep with a man instead of a woman. Although Samuels insists he is not gay, he agrees to have sex with him. He is presumably inducted into the cult soon after. He is called upon to investigate the mysterious brutal attacks at the hands of clown-masked assailants, including Ally's alleged attack in a supermarket and the murder of the Chang family. Upon being questioned by Ally and Ivy, he postulates that the incident was a murder-suicide, and that there was no third party involved. He questioned Ally after she discovers the body of Roger, one of the employees at The Butchery, as well as her accidental shooting of another employee, Pedro. Kai persuades Samuels to participate in a threesome with him and Winter so that they can produce the new Messiah. Although he agrees with the ritual, he is unable to retain an erection, causing Winter to angrily object. Samuels later tries to rape Winter in attempt to carry on the ritual, only to end up the fourth cult member to die when Winter wrestled his gun away from him and shoots him in the head.[5]
  • Gary K. Longstreet (portrayed by Chaz Bono) is a local grocery cashier and Trump supporter. The day before the election he had gotten into an argument with Ivy at a political rally, resulting in him sexually assaulting her before being chased off by Winter. Winter and Ivy later kidnap him and handcuff him to a pole to deny him the chance to vote. However, Kai Anderson helps him free himself by giving him a saw. Gary saws his hand off and Kai leads him to the polling station, where he proudly votes for Trump before being rushed to the hospital. It is later shown that he had joined Kai's cult. He becomes the sixth member of the cult to die when Kai sacrifices him and leaves his dismembered body outside an abortion clinic.
  • Bob Thompson (portrayed by Dermot Mulroney) is a news anchor as well as Beverly and Serena's superior. Serena sexually uses him to get the job that she wants.[7] After Serena's, he keeps the video of her death under his responsibility and does not let anyone see it. Beverly insists that he publishes the material so people can know what's going on — and also because Kai ordered her to get the video. After deciding that Bob is jeopardizing the fear spread, Kai and Beverly gather members of the cult to kill him. During the act, they discover he has a sexual slave in his attic. They kill the gimp and Bob shortly after, much to Ivy's dismay.[2]
  • R.J. (portrayed by James Morosini) is a young cameraman who works with Beverly Hope. He joins Kai's cult and participates in the group's murders and acts of terror across the city, though he often vocalizes his unease with the killings, showing him to be more empathetic than his fellow members. Despite his involvement in the group, Kai seemingly dislikes him, and slaps him across the face after R.J. questions his motives. Beverly eventually convinces Kai that R.J. is a weak link who should be removed from the group. Kai agrees, and orders the other cult members to kill him, making each take a turn shooting a nail into his head with a nail gun. He is the first member of the cult to be killed.[2]

Minor characters[edit]

  • Tom and Marilyn Chang (portrayed by Tim Kang and Nanrisa Lee, respectively) were the former neighbors of the Mayfair-Richards household. Tom was a member of the Brookfield Heights City Council who rejected Kai's speech of emphasizing fear, resulting in the brutal murder of himself and Marilyn at the hands of Kai's group with Oz made a witness to it.[3]
  • Pedro Morales (portrayed by Jorge-Luis Pallo) is the head chef at Ally and Ivy's restaurant, The Butchery on Main. Although Ally implies he is an immigrant, he states that he is actually from San Diego. He appears to have a good relationship with Ivy, and has been working at her restaurant since it opened. He gets involved in an escalated argument with another staffer, Roger, who displays some racist tendencies against people of Hispanic descent. Shortly after, Roger is murdered, and Pedro becomes a person of interest in the case due to their recent argument. During an unexpected blackout, Ivy sends him to her home to give Ally a charger as well as some supplies, though when he arrives, Ally shoots him dead, believing him to be a home intruder.[1]
  • Roger (portrayed by Zack Ward) is an employee at The Butchery on Main. He appears to display some racist tendencies, getting into an argument with a Hispanic coworker, Pedro. Shortly after, he is found dead by Ally in the meat locker of the restaurant.[11]
  • Rosie (portrayed by Laura Allen) is a patient of Dr. Vincent who is dealing with trauma from being frequently locked in a cupboard by her father as a child. Due to this, she developed a fear of enclosed spaces, particularly coffins, which is triggered any time she has sex with her husband, Mark. After the death of her father, and with the treatment she received from Dr. Vincent, she managed to control her fear. But Rosie and her husband are ambushed in their home shortly after by Kai's group, locked in arranged coffins and left to die as their decomposed bodies are found a few weeks after.
  • Mark (portrayed by Ron Melendez) is Rosie's husband. He and his wife are attacked by a group of clown assailants in their home, and they are both locked in coffins and left to die.
  • Vincenzo "Vinny" Ravoli (portrayed by T.J. Hoban) was a personal trainer and the boss of Harrison. He treated Harrison unfairly and Kai saw this. This led to Kai manipulating Harrison to murder Vinny with weights. Kai then taught Harrison how to dismember the body and discard the body parts.[7]
  • Serena Belinda (portrayed by Emma Roberts) was a young broadcast newscaster who is a rival to reporter Beverly Hope. Serena uses her femininity and sexuality to accomplish her career goals. She aims to work at The Today Show. She and her cameraman are murdered by clowns under the orders of Kai, who did it to persuade Beverly Hope to enter his cult.[7]
  • Cole (portrayed by Bill Parks) was the cameraman for Serena Belinda who helps the news reporter despite her attitude off-camera. Cole was killed by Kai and his clowns when he attempted to help Serena who was murdered as well.
  • Sally Keffler (portrayed by Mare Winningham) is a member of city council who opposites Kai's method of insert fear on population. She decides to run against Kai at the last minute, planning to send in her name during the polls. Later at her home, she is visited by Ally who tells her that Kai is a part of the clown cult. Sally believes her and continues to speak to her, up until the cult breaks into Sally's home. Sally is cornered by the clowns, and Kai reveals himself to her as he writes a suicide note on her Facebook account. Shortly thereafter, he shoots Sally in the chest, staging her death as a suicide.[9]
  • Valerie Solanas (portrayed by Lena Dunham) was a radical American feminist who wrote the SCUM Manifesto and attempted to kill Andy Warhol on June 2, 1968, due to his indifference over rejecting her script.[12] But what the public is unaware is that Solanas founded a legion of female occultists with full intention to overthrow male oppression, her attempted murder on Warhol and incarceration in an asylum being a signal for her followers murder various men along with compliant women. But one of the few gay male members took credit for the serial killings under the alias of the Zodiac Killer. Once released three years later, Solanas's behavior gradually disillusions her followers as they abandoned her as she eventually died while having a pneumonia-based hallucination of Warhol. Dunham's performance divided opinions from critics regarding her portrayal of the character.
  • Andy Warhol (portrayed by Evan Peters) was an American artist who rejected a script written by Valerie Solanas, which made her angry, thus leading her to attempt to assassinate him.[13]
  • Bebe Babbitt (portrayed by Frances Conroy and Lyla Porter-Follows) is a woman who was romantically involved with Solanas and led SCUM in carrying out the 1960s murders which the public would credit to the Zodiac Killer. Years later, Babbitt became Kai's anger therapist as she played a role in enticing him to political power as a means to unleash female rage. But when stirring Beverly, Winter, and Ivy to act out their rage on Harris, Babbitt learns that Kai has no intent to be a martyr for her cause and is killed by Ally when she attempted to kill Kai.[6]
  • Hedda (portrayed by Jamie Brewer) is one of the followers of Valerie Solanas. She was abandoned and orphaned as a child.[10] She and the other women later abandoned Solanas because of her behavior.
  • Butchy May (portrayed by Dot-Marie Jones) joined SCUM whilst on the run from the police for murdering a man.[10] She and the other women later abandoned Solanas because of her behavior.
  • Pastor Charles (portrayed by Rick Springfield) was an ultra-conservative minister who punished those he considered sinners, such as drug addicts, homosexuals and women who had abortions. On October 2015, his wrongdoings were intercepted by Kai and Winter Anderson who rescued his victims from further torture and entrapped him in one of his own devices, killing him. His death would have a significant mental scarring on Kai, who would soon after begin to see the world as a place where not everyone can be saved.
  • Dorothy (portrayed by Cathy Marks) is one of Winter Anderson's friends. On October 19, 2016, she, Winter and Riley watch and discuss the final US Presidential debate in the Anderson's basement until Winter's brother Kai intervenes by talking about Donald Trump's likelihood of becoming the next president. After witnessing Kai slapping Riley in the face in rage, Riley angrily storms out, causing her to follow Riley and leaves.
  • Riley (portrayed by Sarah Yarkin) is one of Winter Anderson's friends. On October 19, 2016, while she, Winter and Dorothy watch and discuss the final US Presidential debate in the Anderson's basement, Winter's brother Kai intervenes by talking about Donald Trump's likelihood of becoming the next president, this causes her to get into a verbal argument with him. After she insults him, Kai slaps her in the face in rage, causing her to angrily storm out and later press charges against him.
  • Sharon Tate (portrayed by Rachel Roberts) was an American actress and model. She was brutally murdered by Charles Manson's family members, Tex Watson, Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel and Linda Kasabian.
  • Herbert Jackson (portrayed by Dennis Cockrum) is a political adversary to Ally's campaign who he is running for senate.
  • Erika (portrayed by Annie Ilonzeh) is Ally's new girlfriend. She also works for Ally as the new Chef at the Butchery on Maine. She later supported her girlfriend along with Ally's son Oz and Beverly Hope for Ally's Michigan State Senate campaign.
  • Trevor Geary (portrayed by Ian Bamberg) was a 19 year old prisoner who was sentenced 25 years to life in Robert Gordon Maximum Security Prison after he killed a child in his father's Tesla while driving under the influence. Instead of calling the police of what he had done, he dumped the child's corpse in a reservoir out of fear that he would go to jail for the rest of his life if anyone found out. He meets Kai Anderson in the prison yard and they engage in pinky-power, after he confessed everything to Kai and asks him for protection, Kai calls him a coward for killing the child but is willing to take him under his wing. Later Trevor (now sporting a shaved head, matching tattoos like Kai's and adapting the nickname Rimshot) meets up with Kai and security guard Gloria Whitmore in the prison laundry. He begs Kai to escape with him out of fear that he will die in prison without him. Kai, however, fatally stabs him, mutilating his face with Gloria's help so that he can pass as his body double. Police later found his mutilated body and mistaken him as Kai, unaware that the real Kai actually escaped.


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