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This is a list of notable nationally exposed mascots and characters created specifically for advertising purposes, listed alphabetically by the product they represent.

Product Character Years used Notes
A&W Restaurant The Burger Family: Papa Burger, Mama Burger, Teen Burger & Baby Burger 1963-1974
A&W Root Beer[1] The Great Root Bear debuted 1974  
Aflac insurance The Aflac duck 2000–present originally voiced by Gilbert Gottfried, fired in 2011 for making offensive comments about the 2011 earthquake in Japan; now voiced by Daniel McKeague.[2]
Ajax cleanser The Ajax pixies 1948–1950s speaking voices are Joe Silver, Hans Conreid and June Foray
Ajax detergent The White Knight debuted 1963  
Alka-Seltzer Speedy Alka-Seltzer 1952–1964, 2010–present voiced by Dick Beals
Allstate insurance Mayhem 2010–present actor Dean Winters
Ally Financial Bank Executive (aka focus group marketer) debuted 2009 Candid Camera-type setting; Tricks real unsuspecting children with offers and leaves them hurt or upset after adding rules and fees. Played by RJ Kelly.
Alpha-Bits cereal Loveable Truly 1964–early 1970s postman (voiced by Jim Nabors
Alpha-Bits cereal Alpha-Bits Wizard 1970s–1980s wizard
Alpha-Bits cereal Alfie the Alpha-Bits Cereal Wonder Dog 1980s
Alpha-Bits cereal Alpha 2000s–present computer who makes Alpha-Bits
Alpha-Bits cereal Alpha Pig; Princess Presto; Super Why; Wooster; Wonder Red 2012–present CG-animated children stars of "Super Why" from PBS
Alpha-Bits cereal Kids 1970s–1990s
Alpha-Bits cereal Alphabet letters 1990s–early 2000s animated Letters who are in cereal
AMC Theatres Clip 1991–2009 figure made out of discarded movie film who appears in the 'coming attractions' and 'feature presentation' trailers seen at AMC movie theaters.
AMC Theatres AMC Amazing Icons 2012–present icons originally appeared in policy trailers advising audience that "it's movie time, not phone-talking time"; later appeared in the 'coming soon' and 'it's movie time!' trailers seen at AMC movie theaters as CGI characters.
American Tourister luggage luggage-mauling gorilla 1970–1980s  
Ameritrade brokerage firm Stuart 1999 known for quotes like "Let's light this candle!" played by Michael C. Maronna
Anderson's Soup The Anderson's Soup "non-identical twins,"  Happy and Pee-Wee debuted 1957 voiced by Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding
Arby's restaurants Oven Mitt 2003–2006 voiced by Tom Arnold Jeeves 1996–2006  
AT&T Lily Adams, the AT&T Store manager 2013–present informs customers about AT&T's sharing plans, played by Milana Vayntrub
Aunt Jemima pancake mix and syrup Aunt Jemima 1893–present  
Bacardi Rum Bacardi & Cola 2003  
Bardahl engine additive Dirty Sludge, Sticky Valve, Gummy Ring, Blackie Carbon 1953  
Bartles & Jaymes wine coolers Frank Bartles and Ed Jaymes 1985–1991 played by David Joseph Rufkahr (Bartles) and Dick Maugg (Jaymes)
Big Boy restaurants Big Boy 1937–present known for statues of figure outside of Big Boy restaurants, character in Adventures of the Big Boy comic book series hamburger of same name; live-action spots in the 1970s by Jonathan Winters
Big Boy restaurants Dolly 1956–present Big Boy's girlfriend in Adventures of the Big Boy comic book series
BMW X5 The grandmother in the back seat 2015–present irritates her entire family with exaggerated stories while the parents are driving
Bonny Maid floor cover products the Bonny Maid 1949–1950 played by Anne Francis
Boo Berry cereal Boo Berry 1972–present  
Borden Elsie the cow 1938–present  
Boubin Auto shop Boubin Bear late 1980s–present large bear wearing a hat, vest, and jeans. He holds his jeans up and tips his hat while saying "It's the bear facts, folks!" Voiced by Andy Aasgaard.
Bounty paper towels Rosie the waitress 1970–1990 played by Nancy Walker
BP Connect Gas Stations The "A Little Better Gas Station" Crew 2007–present plays to the song LA by Message of the Blues
Bubble Yum bubble gum Floyd D. Duck    
Bud Ice beer Bud Ice penguin 1996 known for ominously singing "Doo-be-doo-be-doo..."
Bud Light beer Spuds MacKenzie 1987–1990  
Bud Light beer Johnny, the Bud Light guy 1995 known for catchphrase "I love you, ma-a-a-n!"; played by Rob Roy Fitzgerald
Budweiser beer Budweiser Frogs 1990s One frog says "Bud," another says "weis," and a third says "er."  This is often repeated throughout the company's ads, in that order.
Budweiser beer Frank and Louie, lizards 1998 main adversaries to the Budweiser frogs.
Budweiser beer Budweiser Clydesdales 1930s–present usually pulling a hitch of Budweiser with a Dalmatian riding in it.  Also appear playing football against each other.
Burger Chef restaurants Burger Chef and Jeff 1954–1996 voiced by Paul Winchell
Burger King restaurants The Burger King 1974–1990, 2004–2011, 2016–present[3]  
Burger King restaurants Sir Shake-A-Lot 1976–1980 knight who craved milk shakes
Burger King restaurants The Burger Thing 1976–1980 large hamburger puppet
Burger King restaurants The Duke of Doubt 1976–1980 arch-nemesis of the Burger King
Burger King restaurants The Wizard of Fries 1976–1980 robot powered by french fries
Burger King restaurants Burger King Kids Club Gang 1990–mid-2000s Kid Vid, a blond Caucasian male who loved video games and technology; he was the leader of the group. Boomer, a sports loving Caucasian tomboy with red hair tied into a ponytail. I.Q., a male Caucasian nerd with ginger hair and freckles who wore red glasses, a green lab coat, and a pocket protector. Jaws, a tall African-American male with an insatiable appetite. J.D., a dog and the group's mascot. Lingo, a multi-lingual, Hispanic male who liked art and carried an easel. Snaps, a blonde Caucasian female who always carried her camera. Wheels, a Caucasian paraplegic male in a wheelchair. Jazz, an Asian girl who loved music and wore a beret. (Jazz added in 2000)
Burger King restaurants Herb 1985 played by John Merrick
Burger King restaurants Fighting chickens Spicy and TC 2004  
Bush's baked beans Duke the Dog 1993–present Jay Bush's canine companion who always tries to sell his owner's secret recipe; voiced by Robert Cait
Butterfinger Bart Simpson 1988–2013
Buster Brown shoes Buster Brown and his dog Tige 1904–present live-action spots by Jerry Marin
California Raisin Advisory Board the California Raisins debuted 1987 singin' dancin' California raisins
Carfax Car Fox debuted 2008 helps people buy used cars
Camel cigarettes Joe Camel 1987–1997  
Campbell's Soup The Campbell's Soup kids debuted 1904  
Capital One Mr. No 2000s played by David Spade
Cap'n Crunch cereal Cap'n Crunch 1963–present created by Jay Ward Productions; originally voiced by Daws Butler
Carling Black Label beer Mabel the waitress 1950s played by Jean Goodspeed (1951 through mid-1950s)
Carl's Jr. restaurants The Carl's Jr. Star 1960s–present has become Western U.S. counterpart of Hardee's
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Maria 2013–present host of the cooking show "Recipes for Disaster," in which she uses old family recipes but does not follow food safety properly, and her husband is aware of this as he avoids eating the cooked meals; those who do later suffer food poisoning as pointed out on screen or by the announcer.
Charmin bathroom tissue Mr. Whipple 1965–1989 played by Dick Wilson
Cheerios Cherri O'Leary [4] 1940s
Cheerios The Cheerios Kid and Sue 1950s, 1980s, 2012
Chef Boyardee canned pastas Chef Boyardee   based on company founder Hector Boiardi
Cheetos snacks Chester Cheetah 1986–present voiced by Pete Stacker
Chevrolet Camaro Bumblebee 2007–present part of cross-promotion with the Transformers film series; also used in a television ad and sold as a level trim in the Camaro option features
Chevrolet Tahoe The Babysitter 2014 teenager who demands more money after the mother takes her home in the family's new 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe and believes that they are worth more after she sees the features.
Chevron (Standard Oil of California) Hy Finn debuted 1958 voiced by Paul Ford
Chevron the Chevron Cars 1995–present  
Chick-fil-A The Chick-fil-A cows 1995–present known for the catchphrase "Eat Mor Chikin" (sic)
Chicken of the Sea tuna Chicken of the Sea mermaid 1952–present voiced by Darla Hood in TV commercials
Chiffon Margarine Mother Nature 1970s–1980s best known for catchphrase "It's Not Nice To Fool Mother Nature!" Played by Dena Dietrich; Voice-over by Mason Adams
Chiquita bananas Miss Chiquita Banana 1944–present  
Chuck E. Cheese restaurants Chuck E. Cheese 1977–present voiced by Duncan Brannan until 2012 when he was replaced by Jaret Reddick (due to the revamp of Chuck E.) however Brannan's voice was still used for Chuck E Cheese Animatronic and music video shows (in studio C), that are shown inside the restaurants until late 2012.
Cinemark movie theaters Front Row Joe 1988–1999, 2004–2011 animated cat; sidekicks over the years have included Starstruck Penny (originally Popcorn Penny) and Clyde
Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal Wendell, the Cinnamon Toast Crunch chef    
Cisco Systems The 'citizens' of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia 2010–present fictionalized version of the real town as visited by Canadian actress Ellen Page, a native Nova Scotian
Cocoa Puffs cereal Sonny the Cuckoo Bird 1960s–present originally voiced by Chuck McCann
Cocoa and Fruity Pebbles cereal The Flintstones characters 1970–present
Columbia Pictures Columbia (based on a representation of Columbia, a personification of the United States) 1924–present  
Comet cleanser Josephine the plumber 1960s–1970s played by Jane Withers
Comcast The Slowskys 1997–present pair of turtles (living as a married couple in the suburbs) who favor DSL over High Speed internet; voiced by Andrew Donnelly and Rachael Harris; inspired Shaw Communications' The Snailskis in Canada. Condom Man 2003–present  
Consumer Cellular Jack and Connie 2011–present retired couple who travel across the country in a RV
Cookie Crisp cereal Cookie Jarvis 1977–1985  
Cookie Crisp cereal Cookie Crook 1981–1997  
Cookie Crisp cereal Cookie Cop 1985–1997  
Cookie Crisp cereal Chip the Dog 1991–2005  
Cookie Crisp cereal Chip the Wolf 2005–present  
Cool Whip dessert topping Sarah Tucker 1960s played by Marge Redmond
Coors Light beer Coors Light Twins played by Diane and Elaine Klimaszewski
Coppertone sun-care products The Coppertone Girl 1944–present  
Corn Flakes cereal Cornelius the rooster   originally voiced by Dallas McKennon, voiced in 1960s by Andy Devine 
Count Chocula cereal Count Alfred Chocula 1971–present  
Cracked Sylvester P. Smythe
Cracker Jack Sailor Jack and his dog, Bingo 1918–present  
Crazy Eddie Dr Jerry 1972-1989 Performed by DJ Jerry Carroll
Cream of Wheat hot cereal Rastus the Cook[citation needed] 1890–present believed to be from a photograph of Frank L. White, a Chicago chef who reportedly was paid five dollars to pose in a chef's hat and jacket.
Crest toothpaste Arthur Goodwin, pharmacist 1970s played by Arthur O'Connell
Crows Crows Candy Mascot 1910s–present Crow who has a fetish for top hats and canes
Dell computers Steven Jackson 2000–2003 known for quotes like "Dude, you got a Dell"; played by Benjamin Curtis
Diet Coke Diet Coke hunk 1990s played by Lucky Vanous
DirecTV "Alternative" Rob Lowe 2014–present Rob Lowe in dual roles
DirecTV Hannah Davis and her talking horse 2015–present model Hannah Davis pitching DirecTV on a beach accompanied by a talking horse who brags about himself ("The Horse's Mouth" as alluded by Davis)
DirecTV "Alternative" NFL players 2015–present part of NFL Sunday Ticket campaign, with NFL players in dual roles similar to Lowe's
DirecTV The Settlers 2016–present pioneering family who refuses to switch from cable
Discover Card Peggy 2009–present actually, "Peggy" is a bearded guy with a foreign accent (Romanian) who works at "USA Prime Credit," a sham credit company located in a unknown frozen location who preys on its customers trying to get information on their credit cards. Played by Romanian-American actor Tudor Petrut.
Dish Network The Hopper family 2012–present Boston-area family pronounces it "Hoppa."
Ditech Ned the Banker 2002–2006 played by Ron Michaelson; shouts the catch phrase "Lost another loan to Ditech!" Now the mascot for CashCall Mortgage
Domino's Pizza The Noid 1980s–1990s voiced by Pons Maar
Doublemint chewing gum Doublemint Twins    
Dos Equis The Most Interesting Man in the World 2006–present Played by Jonathan Goldsmith from 2006–2016; replaced by Augustin Legrand in 2016
Dreyfus investments Major, the Dreyfus lion debuted 1960s  
Dunkin' Donuts Fred the baker 1981–1997 known for quote "Time to make the donuts"; played by Michael Vale
Duracell batteries The Puttermans 1990s  
Dutch Boy Paint The Dutch boy 1907–present  
Electricity generation Reddy Kilowatt 1926–present used by up to 300 investor-owned utilities world-wide from 1926, although use declined in the 1970s and few remain. Voiced by Walter Tetley in two short films.
Elmer's Products Elmer the Bull 1940s-present originally the mate for Elsie the Cow of Borden's dairy products.
Energizer batteries Jacko late-1980s known for catchphrase "Oi!"; played by Australian footballer Mark 'Jacko' Jackson
Energizer batteries Energizer Bunny 1989–present  
Esso/Exxon The Esso tiger/the Exxon tiger debuted 1964 See ExxonMobil website  
Esurance Erin Esurance 2004–2011 animated spy
Eveready batteries Eveready "9 lives" cat debuted c. 1920s–1930s  
Fanta (US only) Fantanas 2002–present fictional spokesmodels; sings musical catchphrase "Don'cha Wanna, Wanta Fanta!" Five incarnations since its debut, latter revived in 2017 as dance ensemble with one male member.
Federal Express Mr. Spleen, fast-talking executive 1982 played by John Moschitta, Jr.
Florida Citrus Commission Florida Orange Bird 1970s created by Walt Disney Productions
Flying "A" service stations Axelrod the dog 1960s  
Ford auto The Ford dog debuted 1952  
Franken Berry cereal Franken Berry 1971–present  
Frank's Red Hot Sauce Ethel the cook 2011–present elderly woman who uses the catchphrase "I Put That S*** on Everything!" in front of the people who taste her food after basting it with the sauce. The FCR Band
Victorious Secrets
2006–2010, 2012–present (former) 2010–present (latter) The lead singer in the FreeCreditReport (FCR) Band was played by French-Canadian actor-singer Eric Violette. Violette's singing voice was lip-synced by another singer because of Violette's thick Francophone accent. In 2010 the group Victorious Secrets won a contest to replace the faux band in a new series of ads. In 2012 the faux band returned in a new series of ads.
French Toast Crunch cereal Wendell the baker 1995–late 1990s
Frito-Lay snacks Frito Bandito 1960s voiced by Mel Blanc
Frito-Lay snacks The Frito Spokesbag 2012–present
Fruit Stripe chewing gum Yipes, the Fruit Stripe Zebra 1962–present  
Gadgets Sammy Sands 1983-1991 Sammy Sands was an animatronic piano player at Gadgets, a high-scale FEC
GEICO the Geico gecko 1999–present voiced by Kelsey Grammer, Dave Kelly, Richard Steven Horvitz, Jake Wood, and others
GEICO the GEICO Cavemen 2004–present played by Jeff Daniel Phillips, Ben Weber, John Lehr, and Ben Wilson
GEICO Maxwell, The GEICO pig 2010–present
General Mills Betty Crocker 1921–present  
Gerber baby products The Gerber baby 1927–present sketched by Dorothy Hope Smith, depicts four-month-old neighbor Ann Turner
Gillette Blue Blade razors Sharpie the parrot 1952–1960  
Gold Dust Washing Powder The Gold Dust Twins 1880s–1940s  
Golden Corral The Quisenberrys 2015
Good & Plenty candy Choo-Choo Charlie 1950–1960s  
Gorton's of Gloucester Fish products Gorton's Fisherman 1964–present
Granny Goose snacks Granny Goose     
Green Giant vegetables Jolly Green Giant 1928–present originally voiced by Herschel Bernardi; has been done recently by Len Carlson
Green Giant vegetables Little Green Sprout    
Greyhound Lines The running Greyhound 1937–present also used a live greyhound in TV promotions.
Hamburger Helper The Helping Hand debuted 1977 voiced by Patrick Coyle
Hamm's Beer Hamm's Beer bear debuted 1952  
Harbor Gasoline Harbie The Seal
Hardee's restaurants The Hardee's Star debuted 1997  
The Hartford insurance the Hartford Elk debuted 1974  
Hawaiian Punch Punchy (the Hawaiian Punch Guy), and Oaf/Opie debuted 1961  
Holiday Inn John Holiday 1950s-1980s Mascot was Paul Revere-like character
Honda Mr. Opportunity 2004–2011[5]  
Honda Strawberry Shortcake 2014 CGI doll version of the character
Honey Nut Cheerios cereal Buzz the bee   originally voiced by Arnold Stang
Hostess Brands King Ding Dong / King Don associated with chocolate snack cakes sold as Ding Dongs or King Dons
Hotpoint home appliances Happy Hotpoint debuted 1955 played by Mary Tyler Moore
Howard Johnson's Restaurants Simple Simon & The Pieman 1930s-1970s Created by John Alcott
Howard Johnson's Motor Lodges Simple Simon & The Lamplighter 1950s-1970s
Hubba Bubba bubble gum The Hubba-Bubba Gum Fighter debuted 1979  
ICEE frozen drinks ICEE Polar Bear    
Ipana toothpaste Bucky Beaver 1957–1959 voiced by Jimmie Dodd
Isuzu auto Joe Isuzu 1986–1990 played by David Leisure
Italian Swiss Colony wine Little old winemaker 1960s played by Ludwig Stössel, voiced by Jim Backus
Jack in the Box restaurants Jack, the ping-pong-ball-headed man 1994–present  
Jax Beer Elephant and Bartender late-1950s and early-1960s voiced by Mike Nichols and Elaine May
Jell-O gelatin Chinese baby debuted 1959 voiced by Allen Swift
Jelly Belly jelly beans Mr. Jelly Belly 1996–present  
Jollibee Jollibee 1980–present
Jolly Rancher Fruit Gang 2015–present  
Keds shoes Kedso the Clown    
Keds shoes Kolonel Keds    
Keds shoes Kaptain Keds and Kedzam    
Keebler snacks Ernie Keebler and the Keebler elves 1968–present Ernie voiced by Parley Baer for many years
Kellogg's Apple Jacks cereal Cinnamon & Apple mid-2000s–present
Kellogg's Froot Loops cereal Toucan Sam 1952–present voiced by Mel Blanc, Paul Frees, Maurice LaMarche
Kellogg's Froot Loops cereal Puey, Susey, Louis 1994–present Toucan Sam's nephews
Kellogg's Frosted Flakes cereal Tony the Tiger 1951 voiced by Dal McKennon, Thurl Ravenscroft, Lee Marshall and now Tex Brashear
Kellogg's Honey Smacks cereal Cliffy the Clown 1953–1956
Kellogg's Honey Smacks cereal Smaxey the Seal 1957–1961
Kellogg's Honey Smacks cereal Quick Draw McGraw 1961–1965
Kellogg's Honey Smacks cereal The Smackin' Bandit 1965 half-mule half-kangaroo who kissed everyone in sight
Kellogg's Honey Smacks cereal The Smackin' Brothers 1966–early-1970s two boys dressed in boxing shorts and boxing gloves
Kellogg's Honey Smacks cereal Indian Chief early-1970s
Kellogg's Honey Smacks cereal Dig 'Em Frog 1972–1986, 1987–present originally voiced by Howard Morris
Kellogg's Honey Smacks cereal Love Smack's 1982 heart shaped dog who hugged children
Kellogg's Honey Smacks cereal Wally the Bear 1986–1987
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts Milton the Toaster 1970s–1980s voiced by William Schallert
Kellogg's Raisin Bran cereal Sunny the sun 1966–present originally voiced by Daws Butler
Kellogg's Rice Krispies cereal Snap, Crackle and Pop 1928–present  
Kellogg's Sugar Pops cereal Sugar Pops Pete 1950s  
Keystone Light beer Keith Stone 2009–present  
KFC restaurants Colonel Sanders   Colonel Harland Sanders founded Kentucky Fried Chicken and eventually became its mascot; a later cartoon version was voiced by Randy Quaid.
Kia Soul Hip-Hop Hamsters 2010–present lip-synchs to Black Sheep's 1992 single "The Choice Is Yours." The Hamsters later updated their style to coincide with the Soul's added features.
Kia Forte The HotBot 2013–present played by Miss USA 2011 Alyssa Campanella
Kia Optima Morpheus 2014–present actor Laurence Fishburne reprising his character from The Matrix
Kid Cuisine meals K.C. Penguin    
Kleenex table napkins Manners the butler 1957–1950s played by Richard Cutting
Kool cigarettes Willie the Kool penguin debuted 1930s has a wife named Millie
Kool-Aid drink mixes Kool-Aid Man 1975–present  
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Cheesasaurus Rex    
Kraft Singles cheese Dairy Fairy debuted 1980s  
Lee Jeans Buddy Lee doll 1998–present based on the doll who debuted in 1921
Life cereal Little Mikey, the freckled-face kid 1972–1981 played by John Gilchrist
Little Caesars pizza Little Caesar    
Lucky Charms cereal Lucky the Leprechaun 1964–present originally voiced by Arthur Anderson
M&M's candy Red and Yellow M&M's characters 1960s–present originally voiced by Don Messick and Stan Freberg now voiced by Billy West and J.K. Simmons, respectively
M&M's candy Blue and Green M&M's characters 1996–present (Blue), 1997–present (Green) Blue originally voiced by Phil Hartman now Rob Pruitt; Green voiced by Cree Summer 
M&M's candy Orange M&M's character 1998–present voiced by Eric Kricberger
M&M's candy Brown M&M's character 2010–present voiced by Vanessa Williams
Mad magazine Alfred E. Neuman 1954–present  
Major Magic's All Star Pizza Revue Major Magic 1985–1997
Malektronic Rocketman 2014–present  
Malt-O-Meal cereal Cool Blue and Li'l Oaty 1998–present  
Marlboro cigarettes the Marlboro Man debuted 1954 Wayne McLaren died 1992 Lung cancer
David McLean, died 1995 Lung cancer
Dick Hammer, died 1998 Lung cancer
Eric Lawson died 2014 COPD
Mattel toys Matty Mattel and Sisterbelle 1959–1962  
Maypo Marky Maypo 1956–present created by Storyboard, Inc. (John Hubley)
Maytag home appliances Ol' Lonely, the  Maytag repairman debuted 1967 played by Jesse White (1967–1988), Gordon Jump (1988–2003), Hardy Rawls (2003–present)
The McClatchy Company Scoopy, Gabby and TeeVee, The McClatchy Bees 1943–present created by Walt Disney Productions; Scoopy is the mascot for the Sacramento Bee, Modesto Bee and Fresno Bee newspapers; Gabby was the radio mascot for McClatchy's former radio stations and TeeVee was the television mascots of now CBS O&O KOVR-TV/Sacramento and Nexstar Media Group's NBC affiliate KMJ-TV (now KSEE-TV)/Fresno.
McDonald's restaurants Speedee 1948-1962 Original Mascot
McDonald's restaurants Ronald McDonald 1959–present originally played in Washington, D.C. by Willard Scott
McDonald's restaurants Hamburglar 1971–2003 criminal type who stole hamburgers every chance he had. Originally voiced by Howard Morris, later by Charlie Adlder and Carl W. Wolfe
McDonald's restaurants Grimace 1971–2003 purple character originally stole milkshakes, part of a larger population of Grimaces
McDonald's restaurants Captain Crook 1970–1985
McDonald's restaurants Mayor McCheese 1971–1985 incompetent mayor of McDonaldland
McDonald's restaurants The Professor 1971–1985 scientist who served as McDonaldland's inventor and researcher
McDonald's restaurants Officer Big Mac 1971–1985 Chief of Police of McDonaldland
McDonald's restaurants Fry Kids 1972–1996 originally known as Gobblins then Fry Guys, finally Fry Kids as Fry Girls were added. Differently colored shaggy ball like creatures with long legs but no arms, looked like pom-pon's with eyes and legs
McDonald's restaurants The Hamburger Patch 1973–1985 anthropomorphized hamburgers that grew on plants and were picked for consumption by Ronald McDonald and the Hamburglar
McDonald's restaurants Trash Cans 1970s twin garbage cans that were used to encourage people to throw garbage out in correct areas
McDonald's restaurants Birdie the Early Bird 1980–2003 yellow bird with pink jumpsuit and flight cap and scarf
McDonald's restaurants The Happy Meal Gang 1984–late 2000s hamburger, french fries, regular sized drink, McNugget Buddies ( chicken nuggets added 1989) and Happy Meal Box (added 2004)
McDonald's restaurants Uncle O'Grimacey 1977–1990s Grimace's green Irish Uncle who visited every St. Patrick's Day
McDonald's restaurants CosMc 1980s–1999 alien who sporadically appeared to trade items for McDonald's food
McDonald's restaurants Bernice 1992–mid-1990s strange creature who showed up in McDonaldland occasionally
McDonald's restaurants Vulture 1980s–1990s unnamed vulture who appeared in several multi-commercial segments
McDonald's restaurants Sundae 1999–2000s Ronald McDonald's dog
McDonald's restaurants Iam Hungary 1998–2001 floating, fast green fuzzball with orange arms and monsterous face
McDonald's restaurants Griddler 2003 character who stole McGriddles from the main characters
McDonald's restaurants Mike the Microphone 1980s one time character who guarded door and ran studio in McDonaldland Magical Radio Station
McDonald's restaurants Dr. Berlin Fries 2010s human Frenchman with English accent, obsessed with french fries
McDonald's restaurants Admiral Frownie 2010s replacement character of Grimace, similar to Grimace except he is dark brown to resemble Dark Chocolate Brownie
McDonald's restaurants Mac Tonight 1986–1997 played by Doug Jones
McKee Foods Little Debbie 1960s-present brand of snack cakes; character based on founder's 4 year-old granddaughter.
Meadow Gold Dairies of Hawaii Lani Moo 1949–present name was selected in a contest sponsored by its predecessor Dairymen's Association 
Meadow Gold Dairies of Hawaii The Izard of Pog; Poglodyte 1971–present mascots for Meadow Gold Hawaii's POG drinks
Meow Mix cat food Meow Mix Cat 1972–present  
Merrill Lynch Merrill the bull    
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Leo the Lion 1924–present based on the Goldwyn Company mascot, 1917–24
Michelin Bibendum 1894–present Also known as the Michelin Man
Micro Machines The Micro Machines Man Performed by John Moschitta Jr.
Miller Lite beer The Miller Lite Beer Refs 2004–present  
Mobil The Mobil Pegasus 1911–present  
Morton Salt The Morton Salt Girl 1914–present  
Mr. Clean cleaning products Mr. Clean 1958–present first live-action Mr. Clean played by House Peters, Jr.
Mrs. Butterworth's syrup Mrs. Butterworth talking syrup bottle
MTM Enterprises Mimsie the Cat 1970–1998  
National Crime Prevention Council McGruff the Crime Dog 1978–present  
National Federation of Coffee Growers (Colombia) Juan Valdez 1959–present played by José F. Duval (1959–1969), Carlos Sánchez (1969–2006), Carlos Castañeda (2006–present)
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vince and Larry, the crash test dummies 1985–1999 voiced by Jack Burns and Lorenzo Music, respectively
NBC NBC Peacock 1956–1975, 1979–present first appeared in 1956, debuted as animated logo in 1957
Nestlé Quik Farfel the Dog 1953–1965 played by ventriloquist Jimmy Nelson
Nestlé Quik/NesQuik The Quik Bunny/NesQuik Bunny 1973–present voiced by Barry Gordon
Nevada Air Quality Management Division Dusty the Dusthole 2003–present   known for catchphrase "Don't Be a Dusthole!"; played by Alan Burd
The New Yorker Eustace Tilley 1925–present First drawn by Rea Irvin
Nike athletic shoe Li'l Penny debuted 1996 voiced by Chris Rock, based on basketball's Penny Hardaway
9Lives cat food Morris the Cat 1968–present voiced by John Erwin
OfficeMax the Rubberband Man 2004–2005 played by Eddie Steeples
Old Milwaukee beer The Swedish Bikini Team 1991  
Old Spice aftershave the Old Spice sailor 1970s–1980s played by John Bennett Perry
Old Spice body wash The Man Your Man Could Smell Like 2010–present played by Isaiah Mustafa
Orbit chewing gum Vanessa 2002–present played by Vanessa Branch
Owens Corning Fiberglass Insulation The Pink Panther
Palmolive dish detergent Madge the manicurist 1966–1992 played by Jan Miner
Pampers diapers Pampers pampa    
Partnership for a Drug-Free America Patsy 2008 not-so-informed housewife/mother in the "Don't Be A Patsy" commercials. Played by Pam Cook
Pep Boys auto parts stores Manny, Moe, and Jack   caricatures based on founders Emanuel "Manny" Rosenfeld, Maurice L. "Moe" Strauss, and W. Graham "Jack" Jackson Sock Puppet   originally performed by Michael Ian Black; now mascot for auto loan company Bar None
Philadelphia Cream Cheese The Angels 1999–present originated in Canada in 1994, although TV spots were produced in US; played in various ads by Linda Kash, Kelly Hu and Krista Sutton
Piels beer Bert and Harry, the Piels brothers 1955–1960 voiced by Bob Elliott (Harry) and Ray Goulding (Bert)
Pillsbury Poppin' Fresh, the Pillsbury Doughboy 1965–present voiced first by Paul Frees, currently by JoBe Cerny
Pine-Sol cleaning detergent The Pine Sol Lady   played by Diane Amos
Planters snacks Mr. Peanut 1916–present  
Popsicle ice pops Popsicle Pete 1940s–1995  
Post Cereals' Honeycomb cereal The Crazy Craving debuted 1990s  
Post Cereals' Golden Crisp cereal Sugar Bear 1949–present voiced by Sterling Holloway, Gerry Matthews
Pringles Julius Pringles 1967–present  
Progressive auto insurance Flo 2008–present actress Stephanie Courtney
Progressive auto insurance Flobot 2012–present robot version of Flo, who is jealous of her "replacement"
Progressive auto insurance The Progressive Insurance Box 2013–present talkative box who brags about "his" fame from the commercials featuring Flo
Qantas Airlines Qantas koala debuted 1967 voiced by Howard Morris
Quaker Oats The Quaker Oats man 1877–present  
Quaker Quake cereal Quake 1965–1970s created by Jay Ward Productions, voiced by William Conrad
Quaker Quisp cereal Quisp 1965–1970s voiced by Daws Butler
Quizno's restaurants Spongmonkey 2003–2004 characters originated on an internet blog
Quizno's restaurants Baby Bob 2005–present Baby Bob character originated on an internet blog, and had a short-lived CBS show; currently voiced by Ken Hudson Campbell
Raid insecticides The Raid bugs 1956–present  
RCA Nipper, the curious dog 1900–present  
RCA Chipper debuted 1991 puppy version of Nipper
Real California Cheese Happy Cows debuted 1990s product website  
Red White & Blue Beer Harmon R. Whittle 1980s  
Robert Hall clothing stores Robert Hall birds 1950s  
Rossy stores Perrôt 2011–present  
Savarin coffee El Exigente 1960s–1970s played by Carlos Montalbán
Schlitz Malt Liquor Schlitz Malt Liquor bull    
ScotTowels Aunt Bluebelle 1970s voiced by Mae Questel
Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner The Scrubbing Bubbles originally voiced by Paul Winchell
Serta mattresses Serta Counting Sheep   animated by Aardman Animations
7UP soft drink Freshup Freddie 1950s created by Walt Disney Productions
7UP soft drink The UnDeer early 1970s Christmas mascot - 7UP issued a promotional hand puppet of the character; voiced by Paul Frees
7UP soft drink Cool Spot 1987–1995  
Showbiz Pizza The Rock-afire Explosion 1980–1993
Sinclair Oil Corporation Dino the Dinosaur 1930–1969, 1976–present In 1932 Apatosaurus became the company trademark after a 1930 ad campaign associated dinosaurs with Mesozoic Era origins of Sinclair's Pennsylvania petroleum.[6] 
Six Flags theme parks Mr. Six 2004–2005, 2009–present dances to Vengaboys' "We Like to Party"
Snapple The Snapple Lady 1990–1994, 1996–2008 played by Wendy Kaufman, who also worked for Snapple
Snuggle fabric softener Snuggle Bear   designed by Kermit Love, voiced by Corinne Orr
Sony Randy the Transistor Radio 1963 used for a promotional booklet
Sprite soft drink Miles Thirst 2004–present  
StarKist Tuna Charlie the Tuna debuted 1961 voiced by Herschel Bernardi
Starbucks coffee The Starbucks melusine    
Subway restaurants The Subway Shadow 2000 hand shadow voiced by Gilbert Gottfried
Subway restaurants Peter Griffin 2005 Peter from FOX's Family Guy was used in an ad for Subway
Subway restaurants Jared 2000-2015 Real name Jared Fogle
Sun-Maid raisins The Sun-Maid Raisin Girl    
Taco Bell restaurants The Taco Bell chihuahua 1997–2000 voiced by Carlos Alazraqui; portrayed by a chihuahua named Gidget
Taco John's restaurants Whiplash the Cowboy Monkey 2004–present Capuchin monkey wearing a sombrero and poncho 
Tampax Tampons Tampax Mother Nature 2008–present dresses conservatively and arrives to give women who might be reaching their period a "gift" (a red box), only to be turned down by her intended targets. Played by Catherine Lloyd Burns
Target Stores Spot the dog        
Taster's Choice instant coffee Taster's Choice couple debuted 1990 played by Anthony Head and Sharon Maughan
TD Bank TD[7] 2000s Replaced the Commerce Bank's "Mr. C" after the merger
Toilet Duck toilet cleaner Toilet Duck mid-1990s animatronic, helmet wearing duck head sticking out of a small tank. Typically strolls into the bathroom saying "Quack, quaaack!"
Tootsie Roll Pops Mr. Owl 1970–present voiced by Paul Winchell
Tootsie Roll Pops Mr. Turtle
Tootsie Rolls Captain Tootsie    
Toyota Jan 2010–present played by Laurel Coppock
Toyota Highlander Muppets 2014–present sings "No Time For Boring"
Toys "R" Us stores Geoffrey the giraffe 1960s–2018 Animatronic Geoffrey voiced by Jim Hanks
Travelocity The roaming garden gnome debuted 2003  
TriStar Pictures the TriStar Pegasus 1984–present  
Trix cereal Trix rabbit 1959–present originally voiced by Mort Marshall; lately has been done by Russell Horton
Trojan condoms Trojan Man    
Twinkies snacks Twinkie the Kid    
Ty-D-Bol toilet cleaners The Ty-D-Bol Man   played by Mark Matheisen, Fred Miltonberg, Larry Sprinkle
Uncle Ben's rice Uncle Ben 1946–present purportedly named after a Texas rice grower
United States Forest Service Smokey Bear 1944–present the original was found clinging to a charred tree limb as a cub following a forest fire
United States Forest Service Woodsy Owl 1970–present voiced by Frank Welker
United States Post Office Department/United States Postal Service Mr. ZIP 1960s–1970s  
Verizon The Verizon Wireless Test Man 2004–2011 played by Paul Marcarelli; famous for the quote "Can you hear me now?  Good." In 2016 Marcarelli became the new spokesman for rival Sprint and "dissed" Verizon in new ads, saying "Can You Hear THAT!"
Viking Carpets Erik The Viking Made by International Fiberglass
Vlasic Pickles The Vlasic stork debuted 1970s  
Volkswagen GTI Miss Helga debuted 2006  
Wendy's Folksy Version of Dave Thomas 1989-2002
Wendy's Wendy 1969–present named after Wendy Thomas
Wendy's Where's The Beef Lady 1984 Portrayed by actress Clara Peller

Other notable characters and their brands[edit]

  • Ajax Pixies – Ajax Cleanser
  • Anderson Soup Twins – Anderson Soup
  • Aunt Jemima – Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix & Syrup
  • Betty Crocker – Betty Crocker Baking Products
  • Boo Berry – General Mills' Boo Berry Cereal
  • Brawny Lumberjack – Brawny Paper Towels
  • Brother Dominick – Xerox
  • Budweiser Horses – Budweiser Beer
  • Buster Brown & Tige The dog) – Buster Brown Shoes
  • Buzz Bee – General Mill’s Honey Nut Cheerios
  • California Raisins – California Raisins Advisory Board
  • Campbell’s Soup Kids – Campbell’s Soup
  • Cap’n Crunch – Quaker Oats Cap’n Crunch Cereal
  • Cheerio Kid – General Mill’s Cheerios
  • Chef Boyardee – Chef Boyardee Canned Pasta
  • Chicken of the Sea Mermaid – Chicken of the Sea Tuna
  • Chuck E. Cheese – Chuck E. Cheese Pizza (formerly Pizza Time Theater)
  • Colonel Sanders – Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurants
  • Cool Spot – 7-Up Soft Drinks
  • Coppertone Girl – Coppertone Sunscreen
  • Cornelius The Rooster – Kellogg’s Corn Flakes
  • Count Chocula – General Mills' Count Chocula Cereal
  • Culligan Lady – Culligan Water Softener
  • Dig ‘Em The Frog – Kellogg’s Sugar Smacks Cereal (renamed Honey Smacks)
  • Dutch Boy – Dutch Boy Paint
  • Elsie the CowBorden Dairy Company
  • Energizer Bunny – Eveready Energizer Batteries
  • Exxon Tiger – Exxon Gasoline
  • Faygo Kid – Faygo Pop/Soda
  • Foster Farm Chickens – Foster Farms Chicken
  • Frankey Berry – General Mills' Franken Berry Cereal
  • Fruit of The Loom Guys – Fruit of The Loom Underwear/Sleepwear
  • Geoffrey the Giraffe – Toys R Us
  • Gerber Baby – Gerber Baby Food
  • Goodyear Blimp – Goodyear Tire Company
  • Gorton Fisherman – Gorton Seafood Company
  • Granny Goose – Granny Goose Potato Chips
  • Great Root Bear – A & W Root Beer & Restaurants
  • Hamm’s Bear – Hamm's Beer
  • Helping Hand – Betty Crocker’s Hamburger Helper
  • Honeycomb Kid – Post
  • Hy Finn – Standard Oil of California
  • Indian Maiden – Land-O-Lake Butter/Dairy Products
  • Jack – Jack-In-The-Box Restaurants
  • Jeff – Burger Chef Restaurants
  • Jello-O Baby – Jell-O
  • Joe Camel – Camel Brand Cigarettes
  • John H. Goodwill – Goodwill
  • Jolly Green Giant – Green Giant Vegetables
  • Josephine The Plumber – Comet Cleanser
  • Juan Valdez – National Federation of Coffee Growers
  • Kedso The Clown – Keds Brand Sneakers
  • Keebler Elves (Ernie The Elf) – Keebler Foods (Crackers)
  • Kenner Gooney Bird – Kenner’s Toy Company
  • Klondike The Polar Bear – Klondike Ice Cream Bar
  • Kool Aid Man – Kool-Aid Drink Mix
  • Kool Penguin – Kool Cigarettes
  • Little Caesar – Little Caesar Pizza
  • Little Foster – Foster’s Freeze Restaurants
  • Little Mikey (the Freckly-faced Kid) – Life Cereal
  • Little Miss Sunbeam – Sunbeam Bread
  • Lucky The Leprechaun – General Mill’s Lucky Charms Cereal
  • Madge The Manicurist – Palmolive Dish Washing Detergent
  • Marky Maypo – Maypo Cereal
  • Marlboro Man – Marlboro Cigarettes
  • Marvelous Magical Burger King (the older cartoonish mascot – 2 versions) – Burger King Restaurants
  • Maytag Man – Maytag Appliances
  • Michelin Man (aka Bibendum) – Michelin Tires
  • Mickey Mouse – Walt Disney Company
  • Miss Chiquita – Chiquita Bananas
  • Morris The Cat – 9 Lives Cat Food
  • Mother Nature – Chiffon Margarine
  • Mr. Bluelight – K-Mart Stores
  • Mr. Bubble – Mr. Bubble Bubble Bath
  • Mr. Goodwin – Crest Toothpaste
  • Mr. George Whipple – Charmin Toilet Paper
  • Mr. Meow – Meow Mix Cat Food
  • Mr. Owl – Tootsie Rolls & Tootsie Pops
  • Mr. Peanut – Planters Peanuts
  • Mr. Potato head and Mrs. Potato head – Lays
  • Mrs. Butterworth – Mrs. Butterworth Pancake Syrup
  • Mrs. Olson – Folgers Coffee
  • Nipper The Dog (fox terrier) – RCA Victor Company
  • Orville Redenbacher – Orville Redenbacher Gourmet Popcorn
  • Oscar Mayer Bologny Kid – Oscar Mayer Bologny
  • Polar Bear – Icee
  • Poppin’ Fresh The Pillsbury Doughboy – Pillsbury Rolls/Products
  • Popsicle Pete – Popsicle Frozen Pops
  • Punchy – Hawaiian Punch Drink Mix
  • Quaker Oats Man – Quaker Oats Cereal
  • Quiky The Bunny – Nestle’s Quik (later changed to Nesquik) Chocolate Mix
  • Quisp – Quisp Cereal
  • Reddy Kilowatt
  • Rosie The Waitress – Bounty Paper Towels
  • Sailor Jack & Bingo – Cracker Jacks
  • Sambo & Jolly Tiger – Sambo’s Restaurants
  • Scrubbing Bubbles – Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner
  • Sleepy Bear — Travelodge Motels
  • Slush Puppie – Slush Puppie
  • Snap, Crackle & Pop – Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Cereal
  • Speedy – Alka Seltzer
  • Stay Puft Marshmallow Man – Stay Puft Marshmallow Company (actually a fictitious mascot from the movie Ghostbusters)
  • Sugar Bear – Post Super Sugar Crisp (renamed Golden Crisps)
  • Sun-Maid Raisins Girl – Sun-Maid Raisins
  • Sunny – Kellogg’s Raisin Bran Cereal
  • Sonny The Cuckoo Bird – General Mill’s Cocoa Puffs Cereal
  • Sugar Pops Pete The Prairie Dog – Kellogg’s Sugar Pops Cereal (renamed Corn Pops)
  • Talking T-Shirt – Adidas
  • The Noid – Domino’s Pizza
  • Tony The Tiger – Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes Cereal
  • Toucan Sam – Kellogg’s Froot Loops Cereal
  • Trix Rabbit – General Mill’s Trix Cereal
  • Tropic-Ana – Tropicana
  • The "Tu Tu Tu's" – TheCab (Honolulu, Hawaii)
  • Twinkie The Kid – Hostess Twinkies
  • Ty-D-Bol Man – Ty-D-Bol Toilet Cleaner
  • Umbrella Girl – Morton Salt
  • Uncle Ben – Uncle Ben’s Converted Rice
  • Vlasic Stork – Vlasic Pickles
  • W.C. Fritos – Frito Lay Corn Chips
  • White Knight – Ajax Laundry Detergent
  • Yipes The Zebra – Fruit Stripe Gum

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