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A package of brick cheese

This is a list of cheeses typical of the United States. Types of cheese are included; brand names are only included if they apply to a distinct variety of cheese. Many additional European-type cheeses are also made in the United States, such as Brie, Cheddar, Gouda, mozzarella and provolone. Also, many local dairies throughout the country produce artisan cheeses and other more localized flavors. (The term "American cheese" is also sometimes misunderstood outside the United States to refer to processed cheese products.) Many American cheese varieties are related to European cheeses, with slightly different recipes, and with European-sounding names, such as Swiss cheese, which is not normally found or produced in Switzerland. Almost half of the cheese produced in the United States comes from Wisconsin and California.[1]

American cream cheeses[edit]

Bergenost cheese

American soft cheeses[edit]

American hard cheeses[edit]

American blue cheeses[edit]

Processed cheeses[edit]

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