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This is a list of American comics, by publishing company.

Abstract Studios

AC Comics

Antarctic Press

Arcana Studios

Archie Comics

Ape Entertainment

Basement Comics

Cellar Door Publishing

Charlton Comics

DC Comics

Dark Horse

Devil's Due

Dumbbell Press Max Rep in the Age of Astrotitans

EC Comics

Eclipse Comics

Evil Ink Comics

Evil Twin Comics

Fantagraphics Books

Fenickx Productions LLC

First Comics

Flat World Knowledge

Gilberton Publications

Harris Comics

Harvey Comics

Hermes Press

IDW Publishing

Image Comics

Jester Press

Laizen Comics

Manuscript Press

Marvel Comics

New England Comics

Oni Press

Outland Pictures

Pacific Comics

Poison Press

Red Giant Entertainment

  • Amped by Bryan Augustyn
  • Arena: Earth
  • Banzai Girl
  • The Blood Conspiracy
  • Buzzboy
  • Catie & Josephine
  • Crow Scare
  • Dante
  • Drowtales
  • Duel Identity
  • Exposure
  • The First Daughter
  • God Mode
  • Greylore
  • Jade Warriors
  • Journey To Magika
  • Kat
  • Katrina
  • Last Blood
  • Legends of the Stargrazers
  • Lizzie
  • Medusa's Daughter
  • Midnight Piano
  • Modern Magic
  • Monster Isle by Larry Hama
  • Mrs. Hero
  • Pandora's Blogs
  • Porcelain
  • The P.S.I.C.E.T. Identity
  • Roboy Red
  • Scandals
  • Shadow Children
  • Sherwood
  • Shockwave Darkside
  • Sore Thumbs
  • Supernovas
  • Teen Angel
  • Tesla
  • Thundersaurs
  • TotallyTina
  • Warlords of Oz
  • Wayward Sons
  • Wayward Sons: Legends

Renegade Comics

Shanda Fantasy Arts

Slave Labor Comics

Top Cow Productions

Valiant Comics


Virgin Comics



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