List of American films of 1922

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A list of American films released in 1922.


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
According to Hoyle W.S. Van Dyke David Butler, Helen Ferguson Western [1]
Across the Continent Phil Rosen Wallace Reid, Mary MacLaren
The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe Robert F. Hill Harry Myers, Noble Johnson Adventure Film serial now lost
Anna Ascends Victor Fleming Alice Brady, Robert Ellis Romance
The Bachelor Daddy Alfred E. Green Thomas Meighan, Leatrice Joy Comedy
Back Home and Broke Alfred E. Green Thomas Meighan, Lila Lee Comedy
The Bearcat Edward Sedgwick Hoot Gibson Western
The Beautiful and Damned William A. Seiter Marie Prevost, Kenneth Harlan Drama
Beyond the Rocks Sam Wood Gloria Swanson, Rudolph Valentino Drama
The Blacksmith Buster Keaton Buster Keaton Comedy
A Blind Bargain Wallace Worsley Lon Chaney, Raymond McKee Horror
Blood and Sand Fred Niblo Rudolph Valentino, Nita Naldi, Lila Lee Drama
The Bonded Woman Phil Rosen Betty Compson, John Bowers Drama
The Boss of Camp Four W.S. Van Dyke Buck Jones, Fritzi Brunette Western [2]
Boy Crazy William A. Seiter Doris May, Fred Gamble Romantic comedy [3]
Broadway Rose Robert Z. Leonard Mae Murray, Monte Blue Drama
Catch My Smoke William Beaudine Tom Mix, Lillian Rich, Claude Payton Western
Clarence William C. deMille Wallace Reid, Agnes Ayres Comedy drama
Conquering the Woman King Vidor Florence Vidor Drama
Cops Edward F. Cline, Buster Keaton Buster Keaton Comedy
Daydreams Buster Keaton Buster Keaton Comedy
Don't Get Personal Clarence G. Badger Marie Prevost, George Nichols Romantic comedy [4]
Dr. Jack Fred C. Newmeyer Harold Lloyd Comedy
Dusk to Dawn King Vidor Florence Vidor Drama
East Is West Sidney Franklin Constance Talmadge, Edmund Burns Drama
The Electric House Buster Keaton Buster Keaton Comedy
Fair Lady Kenneth Webb Betty Blythe, Thurston Hall Drama
Fascination Robert Z. Leonard Mae Murray, Creighton Hale Drama
Flesh and Blood Irving Cummings Lon Chaney, Edith Roberts
Foolish Wives Erich von Stroheim Erich von Stroheim Drama Most expensive film made to this year.
The Frozen North Buster Keaton Buster Keaton
The Galloping Kid Nat Ross Hoot Gibson Western
Gay and Devilish William A. Seiter Doris May, Cullen Landis Romantic comedy [5]
The Ghost Breaker Alfred E. Green Wallace Reid, Lila Lee Comedy
Grandma's Boy Fred C. Newmeyer Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis Comedy
Headin' West William James Craft Hoot Gibson Western
Her Own Money Joseph Henabery Warner Baxter and Ethel Clayton Comedy
Heroes of the Street William Beaudine Wesley Barry, Marie Prevost, Jack Mulhall Crime comedy
If I Were Queen Wesley Ruggles Ethel Clayton, Warner Baxter Romance
The Lane that Had No Turning Victor Fleming Agnes Ayres, Theodore Kosloff Drama
The Loaded Door Harry A. Pollard Hoot Gibson Western
The Lone Hand B. Reeves Eason Hoot Gibson, Marjorie Daw Western
Lorna Doone Maurice Tourneur Madge Bellamy, John Bowers Period drama
The Man Who Saw Tomorrow Alfred E. Green Thomas Meighan, Theodore Roberts, Leatrice Joy Drama
Man Under Cover Tod Browning Herbert Rawlinson, George Hernandez Crime
Manslaughter Cecil B. DeMille Leatrice Joy, Thomas Meighan Drama
The Men of Zanzibar Rowland V. Lee William Russell, Ruth Renick Mystery [6]
Mixed Faces Rowland V. Lee William Russell, Renee Adoree, De Witt Jennings Comedy [7]
Moran of the Lady Letty George Melford Dorothy Dalton, Charles Brinley Adventure
More to Be Pitied Than Scorned Edward LeSaint J. Frank Glendon, Rosemary Theby, Philo McCullough, Gordon Griffith
Mud and Sand Gilbert Pratt Stan Laurel Comedy
My Boy Victor Heerman, Albert Austin Jackie Coogan
My Wife's Relations Buster Keaton Buster Keaton
Nanook of the North Robert J. Flaherty Allakariallak, Nyla Cunayou Documentary Insight into the Inuit
Nero J. Gordon Edwards Jacques Grétillat, Sandro Salvini Historical Co-production with Italy
Nice People William C. deMille Wallace Reid, Bebe Daniels Drama
Oliver Twist Frank Lloyd Jackie Coogan Drama
One Exciting Night D. W. Griffith Carol Dempster, Henry Hull
Our Leading Citizen Alfred E. Green Thomas Meighan, Lois Wilson Comedy
The Paleface Edward F. Cline, Buster Keaton Buster Keaton Comedy Western
Pawned Irvin Willat Tom Moore, Edith Roberts Drama Selznick
Pay Day Charlie Chaplin Charlie Chaplin, Phyllis Allen, Mack Swain Comedy
Peacock Alley Robert Z. Leonard Mae Murray, Monte Blue, Edmund Lowe Drama
Peg o' My Heart King Vidor Laurette Taylor, Mahlon Hamilton Drama
Perils of the Yukon Jay Marchant. J. P. McGowan, Perry N. Vekroff William Desmond, Laura La Plante Adventure
The Primitive Lover Sidney Franklin Constance Talmadge, Harrison Ford Drama
The Prisoner of Zenda Rex Ingram Lewis Stone Swashbuckler
Quincy Adams Sawyer Clarence G. Badger John Bowers, Blanche Sweet, Lon Chaney Comedy drama
Real Adventure King Vidor Florence Vidor Drama
Red Hot Romance Victor Fleming Basil Sydney, May Collins Comedy
Rent Free Howard Higgin Wallace Reid, Lila Lee Comedy
Ridin' Wild Nat Ross Hoot Gibson Western
Robin Hood Allan Dwan Douglas Fairbanks Swashbuckler
Rose o' the Sea Fred Niblo Anita Stewart, Thomas Holding Drama
Saturday Night Cecil B. DeMille Leatrice Joy, Conrad Nagel
The Seventh Day Henry King Richard Barthelmess, Frank Losee Drama [9]
A Self-Made Man Rowland V. Lee William Russell, Renee Adoree Comedy drama [10]
Shadows Tom Forman Lon Chaney, Marguerite De La Motte Melodrama
Sherlock Holmes Albert Parker John Barrymore, Roland Young Mystery
Smilin' Through Sidney Franklin Norma Talmadge, Wyndham Standing and Harrison Ford Romantic Drama
Sonny Henry King Richard Barthelmess, Margaret Seddon Drama [11]
Special Delivery Fatty Arbuckle Fatty Arbuckle Comedy
A Stage Romance Herbert Brenon William Farnum, Peggy Shaw Historical Fox Film
Step on It! Jack Conway Hoot Gibson Western
Tess of the Storm Country John S. Robertson Mary Pickford
The Timber Queen Fred Jackman Ruth Roland, Bruce Gordon Action Film serial
The Toll of the Sea Chester M. Franklin Anna May Wong, Kenneth Harlan
Trifling Women Rex Ingram Barbara La Marr, Ramon Novarro Drama
Trimmed Harry A. Pollard Hoot Gibson Western
Turn to the Right Rex Ingram Alice Terry, Jack Mulhall Comedy drama
Under Two Flags Tod Browning Priscilla Dean, James Kirkwood Drama
The Understudy William A. Seiter Doris May, Wallace MacDonald Comedy [12]
Up and at 'Em William A. Seiter Doris May, Hallam Cooley Romantic comedy
The Village Blacksmith John Ford Will Walling, Virginia True Boardman Drama
Watch Your Step William Beaudine Cullen Landis, Patsy Ruth Miller, Bert Woodruff, George C. Pearce Comedy
What's Wrong with the Women? Roy William Neill Wilton Lackaye, Constance Bennett Drama
When Knighthood Was in Flower Robert G. Vignola Marion Davies, Forrest Stanley Romance Drama Based on a novel
When Love Comes William A. Seiter Helen Jerome Eddy, Harrison Ford Drama [13]
Wild Honey Wesley Ruggles Priscilla Dean, Noah Beery, Sr. Adventure
The Wise Kid Tod Browning Gladys Walton, David Butler Comedy Lost film
White Eagle Fred Jackman Ruth Roland Western Film serial
Wildness of Youth Ivan Abramson Virginia Pearson, Harry T. Morey Drama
The Woman He Married Fred Niblo Anita Stewart, Darrell Foss Drama
The World's Champion Phil Rosen Wallace Reid, Lois Wilson Sports drama
The Young Rajah Phil Rosen Rudolph Valentino, Fanny Midgley Adventure

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