List of American films of 1929

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Following is a list of American films released in 1929.

The Broadway Melody won the Academy Award for Outstanding Picture at the 2nd Academy Awards, presented on April 3, 1930.


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Alibi Roland West Chester Morris, Mae Busch Crime
Applause Rouben Mamoulian Helen Morgan Musical
The Awful Truth Marshall Neilan Ina Claire, Henry Daniell Comedy
Behind That Curtain Irving Cummings Warner Baxter Comedy, Mystery
Berth Marks Lewis R. Foster Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Paulette Goddard Comedy
Betrayal Lewis Milestone Emil Jannings, Esther Ralston, Gary Cooper Drama
Big Business James W. Horne, Leo McCarey Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy Comedy
Border Romance Richard Thorpe Armida, Don Terry, Marjorie Kane Romantic western
The Bridge of San Luis Rey Charles Brabin Lili Damita, Ernest Torrence
Broadway Pál Fejös Glenn Tryon, Evelyn Brent
The Broadway Melody Harry Beaumont Charles King, Anita Page, Bessie Love. Musical comedy
Bulldog Drummond F. Richard Jones Ronald Colman, Claud Allister, Lawrence Grant, Montagu Love Mystery
The Canary Murder Case Malcolm St. Clair William Powell, Louise Brooks, Jean Arthur Mystery
The Carnival Man George Abbott Walter Huston Drama
Chasing Through Europe David Butler, Alfred L. Werker Sue Carol, Nick Stuart Romance
Children of the Ritz John Francis Dillon Dorothy Mackaill, Jack Mulhall Drama
The Cocoanuts Robert Florey, Joseph Santley Marx Brothers Musical comedy
Coquette Sam Taylor Mary Pickford, Johnny Mack Brown, Matt Moore Drama
The Cock-Eyed World Raoul Walsh Victor McLaglen, Edmund Lowe, Lili Damita Musical comedy
Dance Hall Melville W. Brown Olive Borden, Arthur Lake Musical
The Dance of Life John Cromwell, A. Edward Sutherland Hal Skelly, Nancy Carroll, Dorothy Revier Musical comedy Technicolor sequences
Dangerous Curves Lothar Mendes Clara Bow, Richard Arlen, Kay Francis Romantic comedy
The Delightful Rogue Lynn Shores, Leslie Pearce Rod La Rocque, Rita La Roy Romantic comedy
Desert Nights William Nigh John Gilbert, Ernest Torrence Drama
The Desert Song Roy del Ruth John Boles, Carlotta King Operetta
Devil-May-Care Sidney Franklin Ramón Novarro, Dorothy Jordan Musical
Disraeli Alfred E. Green George Arliss Drama
Dynamite Cecil B. DeMille Conrad Nagel, Kay Johnson Drama
Eternal Love Ernst Lubitsch John Barrymore, Camilla Horn
Evangeline Edwin Carewe Dolores del Río, Roland Drew Drama
Fancy Baggage John G. Adolfi Audrey Ferris, Myrna Loy Drama
The Far Call Allan Dwan Charles Morton, Leila Hyams, Warner Baxter Adventure Lost film
The Flying Fleet George W. Hill Ramon Navarro, Ralph Graves, Anita Page Romantic drama
Footlights and Fools William A. Seiter Colleen Moore, Raymond Hackett, Fredric March Musical comedy
The Four Feathers Merian C. Cooper Richard Arlen, Fay Wray, Clive Brook War
Fox Movietone Follies of 1929 David Butler Sue Carol, Dixie Lee Musical
Frozen Justice Allan Dwan Lenore Ulric, Robert Frazer, Louis Wolheim Adventure
Fugitives William Beaudine Madge Bellamy, Don Terry Drama
The Gamblers Michael Curtiz H.B. Warner, Lois Wilson Drama
Glad Rag Doll Michael Curtiz Dolores Costello, Ralph Graves Drama
Glorifying the American Girl Millard Webb Mary Eaton, Dan Healy Musical
Gold Diggers of Broadway Roy Del Ruth Nancy Welford, Conway Tearle Musical comedy
The Great Gabbo James Cruze Erich von Stroheim, Betty Compson Musical comedy
Half Marriage William J. Cowen Olive Borden, Morgan Farley Drama
Hallelujah! King Vidor Daniel L. Haynes, Nina Mae McKinney Drama
Hard to Get William Beaudine Dorothy Mackaill, Charles Delaney Comedy
Hardboiled Rose F. Harmon Weight Myrna Loy, William Collier, Jr. Drama
Hearts in Dixie Paul H. Sloan Clarence Muse, Stepin Fetchit Musical comedy
Hearts in Exile Michael Curtiz Dolores Costello, Grant Withers Romance
Her Private Life Alexander Korda Billie Dove, Walter Pidgeon Drama
His First Command Musical Drama Technicolor sequences
The Girl from Woolworth's William Beaudine Alice White, Gladden James Romance
His Glorious Night Lionel Barrymore John Gilbert, Catherine Dale Owen Romance
The Hole in the Wall Robert Florey Claudette Colbert, Edward G. Robinson Crime
The Hollywood Revue of 1929
Hot for Paris Raoul Walsh Victor McLaglen, Fifi D'Orsay Musical
In Old Arizona Irving Cummings Warner Baxter, Edmund Lowe Western
The Iron Mask Allan Dwan Douglas Fairbanks, Belle Bennett Adventure
The Jazz Age Lynn Shores Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Marceline Day Drama
Jazz Heaven Melville W. Brown Sally O'Neil, Johnny Mack Brown Comedy
The Kiss Jacques Feyder Greta Garbo, Conrad Nagel Drama
The Lady Lies Hobart Henley Walter Huston, Claudette Colbert Romantic comedy
Lady of the Pavements D.W Griffith Lupe Vélez, William Boyd Comedy
The Letter Jean de Limur Jeanne Eagels, Reginald Owen Drama
The Locked Door George Fitzmaurice Rod LaRocque, Barbara Stanwyck, William "Stage" Boyd Drama
Love and the Devil Alexander Korda Milton Sills, María Corda Drama
The Love Parade Ernst Lubitsch Maurice Chevalier, Jeanette MacDonald Musical comedy
The Love Racket William A. Seiter Dorothy Mackaill, Sidney Blackmer Crime drama
Lucky Star Frank Borzage Janet Gaynor, Charles Farrell Romantic drama
Madame X Lionel Barrymore Ruth Chatterton, Lewis Stone Drama
Madonna of Avenue A Michael Curtiz Dolores Costello, Grant Withers, Louise Dresser Drama
Married in Hollywood Marcel Silver J. Harold Murray, Norma Terris Musical
The Mysterious Dr. Fu Manchu Rowland V. Lee Warner Oland, Jean Arthur Detective
The Mysterious Island Lucien Hubbard Lionel Barrymore, Jacqueline Gadsden Fantasy
Navy Blues Clarence Brown William Haines, Anita Page Romance
New York Nights Lewis Milestone Norma Talmadge, Gilbert Roland Crime
Night Parade Malcolm St. Clair Aileen Pringle, Hugh Trevor, Dorothy Gulliver Drama
The One Woman Idea Berthold Viertel Rod La Rocque, Marceline Day Romance
On with the Show Alan Crosland Joe E. Brown, Betty Compson Musical comedy
Paris Clarence G. Badger Irene Bordoni, Jack Buchanan Musical comedy
Pointed Heels A. Edward Sutherland William Powell, Fay Wray Musical
Prisoners William A. Seiter Corinne Griffith, Ian Keith Drama
Queen Kelly Erich von Stroheim Gloria Swanson, Walter Byron
Redskin Victor Schertzinger Richard Dix, Julie Carter Drama
Red Hot Rhythm Leo McCarey Alan Hale, Kathryn Crawford Musical comedy
The Rescue Herbert Brenon Ronald Colman, Lili Damita
Rio Rita Luther Reed Bebe Daniels, Bert Wheeler, Robert Woolsey Musical comedy
The River Frank Borzage Charles Farrell, Mary Duncan
Sally John Francis Dillon Marilyn Miller, Alexander Gray Musical comedy
The Saturday Night Kid A. Edward Sutherland Clara Bow, Jean Arthur Romantic comedy
Scarlet Seas John Francis Dillon Richard Barthelmess, Betty Compson, Loretta Young Adventure Warner Bros.
Show Boat Harry A. Pollard Laura La Plante, Joseph Schildkraut
The Show of Shows John G. Adolfi John Barrymore, Loretta Young, Richard Barthelmess Musical revue
Side Street Malcolm St. Clair Owen Moore, Emma Dunn Crime drama
Sin Town J. Gordon Cooper, William K. Howard Elinor Fair, Ivan Lebedeff Western
A Single Man Harry Beaumont Lew Cody, Marceline Day Comedy
The Single Standard John S. Robertson Greta Garbo, Nils Asther, Johnny Mack Brown Romance drama
The Skeleton Dance Walt Disney Animated short
Smilin' Guns Henry MacRae Hoot Gibson, Blanche Mehaffey Western
Smiling Irish Eyes William A. Seiter Colleen Moore, James Hall Drama
South Sea Rose Allan Dwan Lenore Ulric, Charles Bickford Comedy drama
Spite Marriage Buster Keaton
The Squall Alexander Korda Richard Tucker, Alice Joyce Drama
St. Louis Blues Bessie Smith
Street Girl Wesley Ruggles Betty Compson, John Harron Drama
Sunny Side Up David Butler Janet Gaynor, Marjorie White Musical comedy Technicolor sequences
Syncopation Bert Glennon Barbara Bennett, Bobby Watson Musical comedy
Synthetic Sin William A. Seiter Colleen Moore, Antonio Moreno Comedy
Synthetic Wife William A. Seiter Colleen Moore, Antonio Moreno Comedy [1]
The Taming of the Shrew Sam Taylor Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks
Tanned Legs Arthur Lake, June Clyde, Dorothy Revier Musical comedy
This Thing Called Love Paul L. Stein Edmund Lowe, Constance Bennett Romance Musical
Thunder William Nigh Lon Chaney, Phyllis Haver Melodrama
Thunderbolt Josef von Sternberg George Bancroft, Fay Wray, Richard Arlen Crime
Tide of Empire Allan Dwan Renee Adoree, Tom Keene Western
Trent's Last Case Howard Hawks Raymond Griffith, Marceline Day Detective
The Trespasser Edmund Goulding Gloria Swanson, Robert Ames
Two Sisters Scott Pembroke Viola Dana, Rex Lease, Claire Du Brey Action, Adventure, Crime
Under the Southern Cross Lew Collins Patiti Warbrick, Witarina Mitchell Drama With New Zealand (also known as The Devil's Pit)
The Vagabond Lover Neil Marshall Rudy Vallée, Sally Blane, Marie Dressler Musical comedy
The Virginian Victor Fleming Gary Cooper, Walter Huston Western
The Very Idea Richard Rosson Frank Craven, Hugh Trevor, Sally Blane Comedy
Wall Street Roy William Neill Ralph Ince, Aileen Pringle Drama
Wedding Rings William Beaudine H.B. Warner, Lois Wilson Drama
Welcome Danger Clyde Bruckman, Malcolm St. Clair Harold Lloyd Comedy Lloyd's first talkie
Where East is East Tod Browning Lon Chaney, Lupe Vélez Adventure
Why Be Good? William A. Seiter Colleen Moore, Neil Hamilton Comedy
Wild Orchids Sidney Franklin Greta Garbo, Lewis Stone, Nils Asther Drama
The Wolf Song Victor Fleming Gary Cooper, Lupe Vélez Comedy
Words and Music James Tinling Lois Moran, Helen Twelvetrees Musical comedy


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