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A list of American feature films released in 1933.
Cavalcade won Best Picture at the Academy Awards.


Title Director Featured cast Genre Note
42nd Street Lloyd Bacon Dick Powell, Ruby Keeler, Ginger Rogers Musical
Ace of Aces J. Walter Ruben Richard Dix, Ralph Bellamy, Elizabeth Allan Drama, War
Adorable William Dieterle Janet Gaynor, Henri Garat, C. Aubrey Smith Musical
Aggie Appleby, Maker of Men Mark Sandrich Charles Farrell, Wynne Gibson, ZaSu Pitts Comedy
Alice in Wonderland Norman Z. McLeod Charlotte Henry, Edward Everett Horton, W. C. Fields Fantasy
Ann Vickers John Cromwell Irene Dunne, Walter Huston, Edna May Oliver Drama
The Avenger Edwin L. Marin Ralph Forbes, Adrienne Ames, Arthur Vinton Drama, Crime
Baby Face Alfred E. Green Barbara Stanwyck, George Brent, Donald Cook Drama
The Barbarian Sam Wood Myrna Loy, Ramon Novarro, Edward Arnold Adventure
Beauty for Sale Richard Boleslawski Madge Evans, Otto Kruger, Alice Brady Drama
Bed of Roses Gregory La Cava Constance Bennett, Joel McCrea, Franklin Pangborn Drama
A Bedtime Story Norman Taurog Maurice Chevalier, Edward Everett Horton, Helen Twelvetrees Musical
Below the Sea Albert S. Rogell Ralph Bellamy, Fay Wray, Frederick Vodeding Drama
Berkeley Square Frank Lloyd Leslie Howard, Heather Angel, Valerie Taylor Fantasy
The Big Chance Albert Herman John Darrow, Mickey Rooney, Natalie Moorhead Drama, Crime
The Bitter Tea of General Yen Frank Capra Barbara Stanwyck, Nils Asther, Toshia Mori Drama, War
Black Beauty Phil Rosen Esther Ralston, Alexander Kirkland, Hale Hamilton Drama
Blood Money Rowland Brown George Bancroft, Judith Anderson, Frances Dee Drama, Crime
Bombshell Victor Fleming Jean Harlow, Lee Tracy, Franchot Tone Comedy, Drama
The Bowery Raoul Walsh Wallace Beery, George Raft, Jackie Cooper Comedy, Drama
Broken Dreams Robert G. Vignola Randolph Scott, Martha Sleeper, Joseph Cawthorn Drama
Bureau of Missing Persons Roy Del Ruth Bette Davis, Pat O'Brien, Glenda Farrell Drama
By Appointment Only Frank R. Strayer Aileen Pringle, Lew Cody, Edward Morgan Drama
By Candlelight James Whale Elissa Landi, Paul Lukas
Captured! Roy Del Ruth Leslie Howard, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Margaret Lindsay Drama, War
Cavalcade Frank Lloyd Clive Brook, Diana Wynyard, Beryl Mercer Drama, War
Central Airport William A. Wellman Richard Barthelmess, James Murray, Sally Eilers Drama
Chance at Heaven William A. Seiter Ginger Rogers, Joel McCrea, Marian Nixon Drama
Charlie Chan's Greatest Case Hamilton MacFadden Warner Oland, Heather Angel Mystery
Cocktail Hour Roy Mack Randolph Scott, Bebe Daniels Drama, Romance
The Cohens and Kellys in Trouble George Stevens Charles Murray, Andy Devine, Maureen O'Sullivan Comedy
College Coach William A. Wellman Dick Powell, Ann Dvorak, Pat O'Brien Drama
The Constant Woman Victor Schertzinger Conrad Nagel, Leila Hyams, Claire Windsor Drama, Romance
Corruption Charles E. Roberts Preston Foster, Tully Marshall, Evalyn Knapp Drama, Crime
Counsellor at Law William Wyler John Barrymore, Bebe Daniels Drama
The Crime of the Century William Beaudine Jean Hersholt, Wynne Gibson, Frances Dee Drama, Mystery
Damaged Lives Edgar G. Ulmer Lyman Williams, Diane Sinclair, Jason Robards, Sr. Drama
Dancing Lady Robert Z. Leonard Joan Crawford, Clark Gable, Fred Astaire Comedy, Musical
Daring Daughters Christy Cabanne Marian Marsh, Kenneth Thomson, Bert Roach Comedy, Drama
Day of Reckoning Charles Brabin Richard Dix, Una Merkel, Stuart Erwin Drama
Deadwood Pass J. P. McGowan Tom Tyler, Lafe McKee, Slim Whitaker Western
Deluge Felix E. Feist Peggy Shannon, Sidney Blackmer Science fiction
Design for Living Ernst Lubitsch Fredric March, Gary Cooper, Miriam Hopkins Comedy, Romance
Destination Unknown Tay Garnett Pat O'Brien, Ralph Bellamy, Alan Hale Drama
The Devil's Brother Hal Roach Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Thelma Todd Comedy
The Devil's in Love William Dieterle Loretta Young, Victor Jory, Vivienne Osborne Drama, Romance
Dinner at Eight George Cukor John Barrymore, Wallace Beery, Jean Harlow Comedy, Drama
Diplomaniacs William A. Seiter Bert Wheeler, Robert Woolsey, Marjorie White Comedy
Doctor Bull John Ford Will Rogers, Marian Nixon, Vera Allen Comedy
Dora's Dunking Doughnuts Harry Edwards Andy Clyde, Shirley Temple Comedy
Double Harness John Cromwell Ann Harding, William Powell Comedy drama
Duck Soup Leo McCarey Groucho Marx, Chico Marx, Margaret Dumont Comedy
The Eagle and the Hawk Stuart Walker Fredric March, Cary Grant, Carole Lombard Drama, War
Elmer, the Great Mervyn LeRoy Joe E. Brown, Patricia Ellis Comedy
Emergency Call Edward L. Cahn William Boyd, Wynne Gibson, Betty Furness Drama
The Emperor Jones Dudley Murphy Paul Robeson, Frank H. Wilson, Dudley Digges Drama
Employees' Entrance Roy Del Ruth Loretta Young, Warren William, Wallace Ford Drama
Eskimo W.S. Van Dyke Ray Mala, Lulu Wong Adventure
Ex-Lady Robert Florey Bette Davis, Gene Raymond, Claire Dodd Comedy
Face in the Sky Harry Lachman Spencer Tracy, Marian Nixon, Stuart Erwin Comedy, Musical
Fargo Express Alan James Ken Maynard, Helen Mack, Paul Fix Western
Fast Workers Tod Browning John Gilbert, Robert Armstrong, Mae Clarke Drama
Female Michael Curtiz Ruth Chatterton, George Brent, Lois Wilson Comedy, Drama
Flying Down to Rio Thornton Freeland Dolores del Río, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers Musical
Footlight Parade Lloyd Bacon James Cagney, Joan Blondell, Ruby Keeler Comedy, Musical
From Hell to Heaven Erle C. Kenton Carole Lombard, Jack Oakie, Adrienne Ames Drama
Gabriel Over the White House Gregory La Cava Walter Huston, Franchot Tone, Karen Morley Comedy, Fantasy
Gambling Ship Max Marcin Cary Grant, Jack La Rue, Benita Hume Comedy, Drama
Girl Missing Robert Florey Glenda Farrell, Mary Brian, Ben Lyon Drama, Mystery
Girl Without a Room Ralph Murphy Charles Ruggles, Marguerite Churchill Comedy
Going Hollywood Raoul Walsh Bing Crosby, Marion Davies, Ned Sparks Comedy, Musical
Gold Diggers of 1933 Mervyn LeRoy Warren Williams, Ginger Rogers, Aline MacMahon Musical
Goodbye Again Michael Curtiz Warren William, Joan Blondell, Genevieve Tobin Comedy
Grand Slam William Dieterle Loretta Young, Paul Lukas, Frank McHugh Comedy, Romance
Hallelujah, I'm a Bum Lewis Milestone Al Jolson, Madge Evans, Frank Morgan Musical
Hard to Handle Mervyn LeRoy James Cagney, Mary Brian, Allen Jenkins Comedy
Hell Below Jack Conway Robert Montgomery, Walter Huston, Jimmy Durante Drama, War
Hello, Everybody! William A. Seiter Kate Smith, Randolph Scott Musical
Her Bodyguard William Beaudine Edmund Lowe, Wynne Gibson Comedy
Her First Mate William Wyler Slim Summerville, ZaSu Pitts, Una Merkel Comedy
Heroes for Sale William A. Wellman Richard Barthelmess, Aline MacMahon, Loretta Young Drama
High Gear Leigh Jason James Murray, Joan Marsh, Theodore von Eltz Adventure, Drama
His Double Life Arthur Hopkins Roland Young, Lillian Gish, Montagu Love Comedy, Drama
His Private Secretary Phil Whitman John Wayne, Evalyn Knapp, Reginald Barlow Comedy
Hold Your Man Sam Wood Clark Gable, Jean Harlow, Stuart Erwin Comedy, Drama
The House on 56th Street Robert Florey Kay Francis, Ricardo Cortez, Margaret Lindsay Drama
I Am Suzanne Rowland V. Lee Lilian Harvey, Gene Raymond, Leslie Banks Romance
I Cover the Waterfront James Cruze Claudette Colbert, Ben Lyon, Ernest Torrence Drama
I Loved a Woman Alfred E. Green Edward G. Robinson, Kay Francis, Genevieve Tobin Drama
I Loved You Wednesday Henry King
William Cameron Menzies
Warner Baxter, Elissa Landi Comedy
I'm No Angel Wesley Ruggles Mae West, Cary Grant, Edward Arnold Comedy, Musical
India Speaks Walter Futter Narrated by Richard Halliburton Documentary
International House A. Edward Sutherland W. C. Fields, Stuart Erwin, George Burns Comedy
The Intruder Albert Ray Lila Lee, Monte Blue, William B. Davidson Mystery, Drama
The Invisible Man James Whale Claude Rains, Gloria Stuart, Henry Travers Science fiction, Horror
It's Great to Be Alive Alfred L. Werker Edna May Oliver, Gloria Stuart, Raul Roulien Comedy
Jennie Gerhardt Marion Gering Sylvia Sidney, Mary Astor, Edward Arnold Drama
Jungle Bride Albert H. Kelley Anita Page, Charles Starrett, Kenneth Thomson Drama, Adventure
The Kennel Murder Case Michael Curtiz William Powell, Mary Astor, Eugene Pallette Mystery
The Keyhole Michael Curtiz Kay Francis, George Brent, Glenda Farrell Comedy drama
King Kong Merian C. Cooper, Ernest B. Schoedsack Fay Wray, Robert Armstrong, Bruce Cabot Drama, Adventure, Horror
King of the Jungle Max Marcin Buster Crabbe, Frances Dee, Irving Pichel Adventure, Drama
Ladies They Talk About William Keighley Barbara Stanwyck, Preston Foster Prison drama
Lady for a Day Frank Capra Warren William, May Robson, Guy Kibbee Comedy
Lady Killer Roy Del Ruth James Cagney, Margaret Lindsay, Mae Clarke Comedy, Crime
Lilly Turner William A. Wellman Ruth Chatterton, Frank McHugh, Robert Barrat Drama
The Little Giant Roy Del Ruth Edward G. Robinson, Mary Astor, Russell Hopton Comedy, Crime
Little Women George Cukor Katharine Hepburn, Joan Bennett, Paul Lukas Drama
Looking Forward Clarence Brown Lionel Barrymore, Lewis Stone, Benita Hume Drama
Lot in Sodom James Sibley Watson Friedrich Haak
Luxury Liner Lothar Mendes George Brent, Zita Johann Drama
The Mad Game Irving Cummings Spencer Tracy, Claire Trevor, J. Carrol Naish Drama
Made on Broadway Harry Beaumont Robert Montgomery, Madge Evans, Sally Eilers Comedy, Drama
The Man from Monterey Mack V. Wright John Wayne, Ruth Hall, Lafe McKee Western
Man of the Forest Henry Hathaway Randolph Scott, Verna Hillie, Noah Beery Western
Man's Castle Frank Borzage Spencer Tracy, Loretta Young Drama, Romance
Mary Stevens, M.D. Lloyd Bacon Kay Francis, Lyle Talbot, Glenda Farrell Drama
The Mayor of Hell Archie Mayo James Cagney, Allen Jenkins, Dudley Digges Drama, Crime
Melody Cruise Mark Sandrich June Brewster, Shirley Chambers Romantic comedy
Men Must Fight Edgar Selwyn Diana Wynyard, Lewis Stone, Phillips Holmes Drama, War
Midnight Club Alexander Hall George Raft, Clive Brook, Alison Skipworth Drama, Crime
Midnight Mary William A. Wellman Loretta Young, Franchot Tone Drama
The Midnight Patrol Lloyd French Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy Comedy
The Mind Reader Roy Del Ruth Warren William, Constance Cummings Drama
The Monkey's Paw Ernest B. Schoedsack Ivan F. Simpson, C. Aubrey Smith Horror
Moonlight and Pretzels Karl Freund William Frawley, Mary Brian Drama
Morning Glory Lowell Sherman Katharine Hepburn, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Drama
Murders in the Zoo A. Edward Sutherland Charlie Ruggles, Lionel Atwill, Kathleen Burke Horror
My Lips Betray John G. Blystone Lilian Harvey, John Boles Musical comedy
My Weakness David Butler Lilian Harvey, Lew Ayres Musical
Mystery of the Wax Museum Michael Curtiz Lionel Atwill, Fay Wray, Glenda Farrell Horror
Narcotic Dwain Esper Harry Cording, Joan Dix Drama
The Narrow Corner Alfred E. Green Douglas Fairbanks, Patricia Ellis, Ralph Bellamy Drama [1]
Night Flight Clarence Brown Lionel Barrymore, John Barrymore, Clark Gable Drama
Night of Terror Benjamin Stoloff Bela Lugosi, Sally Blane Horror
No Other Woman J. Walter Ruben Irene Dunne, Charles Bickford Romance
Oliver Twist William J. Cowen Irving Pichel, Dickie Moore Drama
One Sunday Afternoon Stephen Roberts Gary Cooper, Fay Wray Romantic comedy
Only Yesterday John M. Stahl Margaret Sullavan, John Boles Drama
Our Betters George Cukor Constance Bennett, Anita Louise Comedy
Parachute Jumper Alfred E. Green Bette Davis, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Drama
Parole Girl Edward F. Cline Mae Clarke, Ralph Bellamy Romance
Peg o' My Heart Robert Z. Leonard Marion Davies, Onslow Stevens
Penthouse W. S. Van Dyke Warner Baxter, Myrna Loy Crime
Pick-Up Marion Goring Sylvia Sidney, George Raft Drama
Picture Snatcher Lloyd Bacon James Cagney, Ralph Bellamy Drama
Pilgrimage John Ford Henrietta Crosman, Norman Foster Drama
The Power and the Glory William K. Howard Spencer Tracy, Colleen Moore Drama
Private Detective 62 Michael Curtiz William Powell, Margaret Lindsay Mystery
Private Jones Russell Mack Lee Tracy, Gloria Stuart Comedy
The Prizefighter and the Lady W.S. VanDyke Myrna Loy, Walter Huston, Max Baer Comedy
Professional Sweetheart William A. Seiter Ginger Rogers, Norman Foster, ZaSu Pitts Romantic comedy
Queen Christina Rouben Mamoulian Greta Garbo, John Gilbert Drama
Rafter Romance William A. Seiter Ginger Rogers, Norman Foster, George Sidney Romantic comedy
Reunion in Vienna Sidney Franklin John Barrymore, Diana Wynyard Romance
Robbers' Roost David Howard, Louis King George O'Brien, Maureen O'Sullivan Western Fox
Roman Scandals Frank Tuttle Eddie Cantor, Ruth Etting, Gloria Stuart Musical
The Secret of Madame Blanche
Secret of the Blue Room Kurt Neumann Lionel Atwill, Gloria Stuart Mystery
Secrets Frank Borzage Mary Pickford, Leslie Howard Western
Sensation Hunters Charles Vidor Arline Judge, Preston Foster Drama
She Done Him Wrong Lowell Sherman Mae West, Cary Grant, Gilbert Roland Romantic comedy
She Had to Say Yes Busby Berkeley Loretta Young, Lyle Talbot Drama
A Shriek in the Night Albert Ray Ginger Rogers, Lyle Talbot Mystery
The Silk Express Ray Enright Neil Hamilton, Sheila Terry Drama
The Silver Cord John Cromwell Irene Dunne, Joel McCrea Drama
So This Is Africa Edward F. Cline Bert Wheeler, Robert Woolsey, Raquel Torres Comedy
The Solitaire Man Jack Conway Herbert Marshall, Mary Boland Drama
Son of a Sailor Lloyd Bacon Joe E. Brown, Jean Muir, Frank McHugh Comedy [2]
The Son of Kong Ernest B. Schoedsack Robert Armstrong, Helen Mack Adventure
The Song of Songs Rouben Mamoulian Marlene Dietrich, Brian Aherne Romance
Sons of the Desert William A. Seiter Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy Comedy
State Fair Henry King Janet Gaynor, Will Rogers Comedy drama
The Story of Temple Drake Stephen Roberts Miriam Hopkins, Jack La Rue Drama
The Stranger's Return King Vidor Miriam Hopkins, Franchot Tone Drama
A Study in Scarlet Edwin L. Marin Reginald Owen, Anna May Wong Drama
Sunset Pass Henry Hathaway Randolph Scott, Tom Keene Western
Supernatural Victor Halperin Carole Lombard, Alan Dinehart Horror
Sweepings John Cromwell Lionel Barrymore, Gloria Stuart Drama
The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi Edwin L. Marin Mary Carlisle, Buster Crabbe Comedy drama
This Day and Age Cecil B. DeMille Charles Bickford, Richard Cromwell Drama
This Is America Gilbert Seldes and Frederic Ullman Jr., Alois Havrilla (narrator) Documentary [3]
Three-Cornered Moon Elliot Nugent Claudette Colbert, Richard Arlen Comedy
Three Little Pigs Burt Gillett Pinto Colvig, Billy Bletcher Animated
The Thundering Herd Henry Hathaway Randolph Scott, Judith Allen, Buster Crabbe Western
Tillie and Gus Francis Martin W. C. Fields, Alison Skipworth Comedy
To the Last Man Henry Hathaway Randolph Scott, Esther Ralston Western
Today We Live Howard Hawks Joan Crawford, Gary Cooper, Roland Young Romance, Drama
Tonight Is Ours Stuart Walker Claudette Colbert, Fredric March Romance
Too Much Harmony A. Edward Sutherland Bing Crosby, Jack Oakie Musical comedy
Topaze Harry d'Abbadie d'Arrast John Barrymore, Myrna Loy Drama
Torch Singer Alexander Hall Claudette Colbert, Ricardo Cortez Musical, Romance
Tugboat Annie Mervyn LeRoy Marie Dressler, Wallace Beery, Maureen O'Sullivan Romantic comedy
Turn Back the Clock Edgar Selwin Lee Tracy, Mae Clarke Drama
Under the Tonto Rim Henry Hathaway Stuart Erwin, Fred Kohler Comedy Western
Unknown Valley Lambert Hillyer Buck Jones, Cecilia Parker Western
The Vampire Bat Frank R. Stayer Fay Wray, Lionel Atwill, Melvyn Douglas Horror
Voltaire John G. Adolfi George Arliss, Doris Kenyon Biography
When Ladies Meet Harry Beaumont Ann Harding, Myrna Loy, Robert Montgomery Drama
When Strangers Marry Clarence G. Badger Jack Holt, Lillian Bond Drama [4]
The White Sister Victor Fleming Helen Hayes, Clark Gable Drama
Wild Boys of the Road William Wellman Frankie Darro, Dorothy Coonan Drama
The Woman Accused Paul Sloane Cary Grant, Nancy Carroll Drama
The Woman I Stole Irving Cummings Jack Holt, Fay Wray Adventure
The Women in His Life George B. Seitz Otto Kruger, Una Merkel Crime
The Working Man John G. Adolfi George Arliss, Bette Davis Comedy
The World Changes Mervyn LeRoy Paul Muni, Aline MacMahon, Mary Astor Drama
Zoo in Budapest Rowland V. Lee Loretta Young, Gene Raymond Drama

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