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Frances Work, great-grandmother of Diana, Princess of Wales
Consuelo Vanderbilt, member of Vanderbilt family and Duchess of Marlborough

This is a list of some American socialites, from the Gilded Age to the end of the 20th century, who married into the European nobility, peerage and royalty :

The titles of this list are all mentioned or translated into English

Beginning of the Reconstruction Era and the Gilded Age (at the End of the American Civil War) on 9 May 1865

End of the practice of granting hereditary peerages in the UK (with the Baron Margadale) on 1 January 1965

These are some other major American heiresses, living and past:

Amanda Hearst, great-granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst
Cindy McCain, wife of presidential nominee John McCain and heiress of Hensley & Co. company

Fictional American heiresses[edit]

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