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Consuelo Vanderbilt, member of the Vanderbilt family and Duchess of Marlborough

This is a list of some American socialites, from before the Gilded Age to the end of the 20th century, who married into the European nobility, peerage or royalty. The titles in this list are all mentioned or translated into English.

Before 1865[edit]

From 1865 to 1965[edit]

After the beginning of the Reconstruction Era and the Gilded Age (at the end of the American Civil War on 9 May 1865):

After 1965[edit]

After the end of the practice of granting hereditary peerages in the UK (with the Baron Margadale) on 1 January 1965:

Other American heiresses[edit]

Amanda Hearst, great-granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst
Cindy McCain, wife of presidential nominee John McCain and heiress of Hensley & Co. company

These are some other major American heiresses, living and past:

Fictional American heiresses[edit]

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