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Americans of English descent

This is a list of notable Americans of English descent, including both original immigrants who obtained American citizenship and their American descendants.

To be included in this list, the person must have a Wikipedia article showing they are English American or must have references showing they are English American and are notable.


Visual artists[edit]

Assassins, outlaws and criminals[edit]



Directors, producers[edit]

Descendants of Mayflower passengers[edit]




Authors and writers[edit]


Entrepreneurs, executives[edit]

First Ladies of the United States[edit]

(in order by their husband's presidency)

Governors of states[edit]

Historical figures[edit]

Mormon pioneers[edit]





Political figures[edit]

American pornographic film actors[edit]

Presidents of the United States[edit]

A number of the Presidents of the United States have English ancestry.[58] The extent of English ancestry varies in the presidents with earlier presidents being predominantly of colonial English Yankee stock. Later US Presidents ancestry can often be traced to ancestors from multiple nations in Europe, including England.

George Washington (English)
1st President 1789-97 (great-grandfather, John Washington from Purleigh, Essex, England)[59][60]
John Adams (English)
2nd President 1797–1801 (great-great-grandfather, Henry Adams, born 1583, Barton St David, Somerset, England, immigrated to Boston, Massachusetts)[61][62]
Thomas Jefferson (Welsh and Scotch-English)
3rd President 1801–1809 (maternal English ancestry from William Randolph)
James Madison (English)
4th President 1809-17[63]
John Quincy Adams (English)
6th President 1825-29 (Henry Adams born 1583 Barton St David, Somerset, England)[61][62]
William Harrison (English)
9th President 1841–1841[64]
John Tyler (English)
10th President 1841–1845[65]
Zachary Taylor (English)
12th President 1849-50
Millard Fillmore (English)
13th President 1850–1853[66]
Franklin Pierce (English)
14th President 1853–1857[67]
Abraham Lincoln (English)
16th President 1861-65 (Samuel Lincoln baptised 1622 in Hingham, Norfolk, England, died in Hingham, Massachusetts).[68][69]
Andrew Johnson (Scotch-Irish and English)
17th President 1865–1869[70]
Ulysses S. Grant (Scotch-Irish, English and Scottish)
18th President 1869-77
Rutherford Hayes (English)
19th President 1877–1881[71]
James A. Garfield (English and French)
20th President 1881-81[72]
Chester A. Arthur (Scotch-Irish and English)
21st President 1881-85
Grover Cleveland (Scotch-Irish and English)
22nd and 24th President 1885-89, 1893–97
Benjamin Harrison (Scotch-Irish and English)
23rd President 1889-93
William McKinley (Scotch-Irish and English)
25th President 1897-1901
Theodore Roosevelt (Scotch-Irish, Dutch, Scotch, English and French)
26th President 1901–1909[73]
William Taft (Scotch-Irish and English)
27th President 1909–1913[74]
Woodrow Wilson (Scotch-Irish and English)
28th President 1913–1921 (Wilson's mother Janet was born in Carlisle)
Warren G. Harding (Scotch-Irish and English)
29th President 1921-23
Calvin Coolidge (English)
30th President 1923–1929[75]
Franklin D. Roosevelt (Dutch, French and English)
32nd President 1933-45
Harry S Truman (Scotch-Irish, English and German)
33rd President 1945-53 (English and Irish descent)
Lyndon B. Johnson (English)
36th President 1963-69
Richard Nixon (Scotch-Irish, Irish, English and German)
37th President 1969-74 (English and Irish descent)
Gerald Ford (English)
38th President 1974-77
Jimmy Carter (Scotch-Irish and English)
39th President 1977-81 (Thomas Carter, Sr. emigrated from England to Isle of Wight County, Virginia)[76]
Ronald Reagan (Scotch-Irish, Irish, English & Scottish)
40th President 1981–1989[77]
George H. W. Bush (Scotch-Irish and English)
41st President 1989-93
Bill Clinton (Scotch-Irish and English)
42nd President 1993-2001
George W. Bush (Scotch-Irish and English)
43rd President 2001–2009 (Reynold Bush from Messing, Essex, England emigrated in 1631 to Cambridge, Massachusetts)[78]
Barack Obama (Luo, English and Irish)
44th President 2009–present (his mother Ann Dunham's heritage is mostly English and Irish)[79]

Religious figures[edit]

Members of the United States House of Representatives[edit]

Scientists, researchers[edit]



United States Supreme Court justices[edit]

Vice Presidents of the United States[edit]



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